Diving Deep this Scorpio Supermoon

Your Vision will become clearer only when you can look into your own Heart – Carl Jung

SUPERMOON SCORPIO 7 degrees on April 26th, Monday,

MOONDAY at 8:32 PM here in the PNW

I’ve gotta start this out by sharing a Quote from my hero Carl Jung that came to mind when I was reflecting on this SCORPIO SUPERMOON, being a Scorpio Myself, thought of this:

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams;
who looks inside, awakens.

This will be the most powerful, TRANSFORMATIVE Supermoon of 2021. This will be our last chance to really make a MOVE FORWARD on your VENTURES before all the Retrogrades of MAY Onward start taking us backwards once again…and the Summer Eclipses cause big changes & delays in progress, too… If you’ve been wanting to launch a Big Project, Publish your Book or Make a Move, do it NOW my friends, this is why I made sure our Spring Guides would be in Mailboxes by this Supermoon, I’m so grateful to have completed that major project, our largest mailing yet. If you can’t make it happen before this Moon, just give yourself a well needed BREAK & take some more time to rest & really review your next move & then try it again later this Fall…We’ve had a Lot of FIERY ARIES AMBITIOUS Energy this month lighting a fire under us to get things done, now the Sun is moving into Taurus on April 21st & we have this Watery Supermoon in Scorpio, when you put Earth & Water together, you get MUD, I personally am praying for Rain where I live, I’d love to see some MUD, yes the Sunny days are nice, but my garden would love to receive some RAIN now, I hope this shift to Earth & Water signs can bring some much needed moisture & I look forward to a break from the Hot, Yang get shit done Energy of

Aries, I look forward to a calmer Scorpio Taurus axis, says the Scorpio…
I URGE you to TAKE SOME TIME during this Scorpio Supermoon to GO WITHIN & TAP INTO what your HEART REALLY WANTS going forward….
Release all the “Shoulds” I like to say, Quit Shoulding on yourself, right?

When you find your TRUE LIFE PURPOSE you will come to the work without all those “Should be’s” you will come to the work with the DIVINE ENERGY of truly wanting to SERVE in some special way, that only YOU can do, so don’t compare yourself to others, just forge your OWN Path Forward this Moon…

This is how I feel about my newest VENTURE moving forward in Real Estate, I am so passionate about helping people buy & sell their homes in Bend & as I begin this journey, I am doing A LOT of INTERNAL WORK because it all BEGINS WITHIN,

So I am taking my Time,
I am setting up my INTENTIONS from my Heart’s Desire of who I really want to work with & exactly how I want to SERVE before I go forth & it is already Manifesting some incredible connections for the kinds of Sustainable, Healthy Homes I want to SELL, I didn’t just go rushing into this business, I have really spent the time with my Law Of Attraction Journal mapping out exactly what I want my business to look like & the kinds of homes I want to sell & promote… I am picky about where I want to give my precious ENERGY, my precious LIFE FORCE to.
So this Supermoon, Connect with your HEARTSPACELet your HEART Shine the light on your PATH Forward, TAP into your INNER KNOWING, Scorpio asks you to Dive Deeper WITHIN, take a Moon HIKE & just LISTEN TO A HIGHER WISDOM that is trying to come through & GUIDE YOU Forward.

this ties in so well with the Sabian Symbol from Dane Rudyar’s book:
The will to explore the hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes. This symbol essentially refers to Depth Psychology coming to terms with a collective Unconscious and all it contains. This type of depth-plunging adventure is basically different from the one symbolized by the gold rush, for it can take place within the individual. It is symbolically a quest for deeper “UNDERSTANDING” —

What lies under the surface of the Ocean waves of daily living. This quest may lead to great dangers. It demands a strong will and good breathing, a degree of spiritual strength. It usually challenges powers hidden in the depths of the unconscious. There can be Mental Health CRISIS at this Supermoon & I think we are already seeing this in the News w/the tragic Fed Ex shooting…

Go Deep this Moon, Find your own Great REALIZATIONs that are hidden in your own roots of consciousness, but also seek SUPPORT from friends & family when you need it because these WAVES are intense & sometimes we need a little help to keep from drowning in this energy!!!

There is a POWERFUL SUN URANUS CONJUNCTION IN TAURUS just after this Supermoon that is also joined closely by Venus, Mercury & Black Moon Lilith that is in Direct ALIGNMENT with the PNW going from that has me a little bit worried of an Earthquake of Tsunami along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, I hope I’m wrong about that, but I won’t be spending this moon on our Coastline,

but even if the earth isn’t shaking, Uranus likes to Shake things up & so we may have some CRAZY, Unexpected Events AMPLIFIED by the power of the Sun conjuncting Uranus who is in a SQUARE all year to Saturn, which will be coming exact again on June 24th, so all of this INTENSE URANIAN ENERGY indicates more protests, revolutionary changes & it can bring with it lots of fears & anxieties about our world which will only be amplified by the Intensity of Scorpio with this Supermoon.

and then Pluto digs in its heels stationing Retrograde at this Full Moon in Capricorn…causing even more HIDDEN TRAUMA to come to the surface, perhaps Pluto is going backwards to pull out some old SECRETS from last year, lots of old wounds will resurface to be Healed this month.. A time to take a deeper look at your life & see what is NOT working for you & how can you REPAIR it to go forward in a better, more effective way. You have plenty of time to look within as this PLUTO RETROGRADE LASTS A FULL 5 MONTHS…
This Pluto retrograde is not all bad though, on May 17th it will be in a positive aspect to the Sun that will give us the POWER to make Positive, Transformative Changes in our Life & Business, I am teaching a Reiki Abundance class the week of this aspect & this is a powerful time to change your Internal Stories about money so that you manifest better!

In May we will have Saturn & Mercury also going Retrograde & Jupiter going retrograde in June, it seems like April is the month to get as much as you can done before you can’t accomplish anything again!

Resistance is Futile now….

In 9 Star Ki Astrology April is a 3 Star Fast growing tree month in a 6 Metal Year, so we have had so much fast, outward moving ENERGY, we’ve finally been able to ACCOMPLISH THINGS but…. METAL cuts trees down, so even though we have lots of energy to get shit done this month, there can be some kind of animosity this month as well & we will have to watch our sharp tongues & tempers, especially since we just had that Aries Stellium, but now Sun, Mercury & Venus enters TAURUS & there is a renaissance of Beauty, ART & Sensuality as Venus loves to be at home in Taurus Earth sign, eating good food & just take some time to enjoy the fruits of your labor, just don’t OVERSPEND. On MAY 4th in 9 Star Ki we will enter a 2 EARTH Month which will be a CALMING INFLUENCE & EARTH Feeds METAL, so MAY is an EXCEPTIONAL month for MAKING $$$ & it can be done in a CALMER WAY, you don’t have to work so hard for the Money in May, you can just get grounded & receive it, you can learn to ALLOW IT…

and at the same time

Mars in Cancer softens our tempers, but also our ambitions so we slow down, but it does make getting work done at HOME better & this is a great time for HOME RENOVATIONS & REAL ESTATE, I can’t wait!

IChing 11 T’ai or Benevolence, Harmony,

This is a time of momentary PEACE after an Ending, something is OVER & yet something new is coming or has not yet Begun, the best you can do is be STILL,

& as Hamilton said: Wait for It, wait for it…
Earth is seen Above & the Sky is Below in this Hexagram, so there may be Confusion & Chaos at this time, UNCERTAINTY
but if you accept this JUXTAPOSITION, there can be blessings to come,
our World IS CHANGING & we must learn to ride the waves of change, the ENERGY is HIGH NOW like the tides being pulled by this Powerful Supermoon, the PROSPECTS for SUCCESS IS ALSO HIGH if you can tap into the Energy of this Moon & Connect with this VITAL FORCE to use it to Propel You Forward, the WAY is OPEN NOW! There is a WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY that is only open for a short minute, take a chance, follow your HEART’s PATH, prepare for major changes ahead! This is also a powerful time for drawing in Like Minded People to create COMMUNITIES that can PROSPER Together, perhaps Co-housing, living in harmony. You cannot do it all alone, you will need to enlist the help of others, this is a great month to HIRE those who can take your business to the next level.

Being free of desires, you will discover 
 that the empire is at peace of its own accord.

Keep a green bough in your heart,
& the singing bird will come.