BLOOD FLOWER SUPERMOON ECLIPSE in 5 Degrees of Sagittarius coming in HOT on May 26th,  it will be visible in the PNW this moon will take on a blood orange hue & if you’ve never watched a Blood Moon Eclipse, it is really worth staying up for,  the Eclipse will start at 1:47am for us in the West & total eclipse will be at 4AM &  I am sure we won’t be able to sleep this night anyways.

This Lunar Eclipse Portal really began on the Taurus New Moon May 11th & it will increase in Energy with the Intensity reaching it’s PEAK on the Supermoon of May 26th & then it will begin to waning, but this Lunar Eclipse portal will still be affecting us until June 9th the last day of this Lunar Cycle, it’s like a BELL CURVE of intensity that begins on May 11th & ends on June 9th, just in time for a Solar Eclipse happening on June 10th in Gemini which gives us another full month Solar Eclipse Portal that will complete on July 8th, so we are soaking in some intense energy for awhile now, remember to make time for SELF CARE during this Season, healers heal thyself! 

Lunar Eclipses are about COMPLETION, Endings & letting go rather than starting something new….

This Eclipse I’d like to Let go of FEAR collectively! 

This Eclipse will be felt most by Sagittarius & GEMINI & anywhere in your chart where you have 5 Degree planetary aspects…Sagittarius is a very Optimistic Energy, so you may be feeling more hopeful for the Future finally & this is a good time to tap into your DEEP FAITH, to change your Inner Stories & Beliefs to support your goals & create the life you want… 

This is a good time to purge any old stories you tell yourself that just aren’t true for you anymore, maybe they were your parents limiting beliefs, maybe they go all the way back to your ancestor’s scarcity beliefs or fears, take some time to find anything you’ve told yourself that isn’t serving you well or that you believe that may be limiting your reality, if you’ve had disappointments in the past, write it ALL down & let that shit go…

Start telling yourself a new story about what you want to manifest, find your true purpose, get into your own Dharma, find your purpose, your passion, what are you really here to do? Change your Self Talk, speak to yourself as the most loving, divine mother would & then find your own TRUTH now, forge your OWN way Forward, perhaps DREAM UP A NEW DREAM,  give yourself some time ALONE to find your way this month & figure out, “What is the meaning of your one precious life?

This is also an incredible opportunity for healing & processing any past Traumas, healing old WOUNDS, family patterns, even ancestral wounds,  doing some ENERGY CLEARING, Space Clearing, clearing out old clutter, a good time to do some deep spring cleaning of not only your home, also clearing your Body & SOUL this cycle, too…

My Energy Clearing partner gave me the biggest gift, she asked me what was the worst day of your life that you would like to have Energetically Cleared?!?! Ask yourself “what was the worst day of your life & why?” 

And Can you clear the energy of that day?!
If you can’t clear it yourself,  find a healer, therapist or Reiki Master who can help you clear it, we have great resources in our Bend Health Guide online directory.

On May 13th we had an Intense Geomagnetic storm triggered by the biggest SUN SPOT since 1989, many people felt this storm’s effects in the form Crazy Dreams, even Past life memories showing up in dreams, some of you may have even had physical symptoms of Headaches, Ears Ringing, Teeth clenching, Excessive Thirst, night sweats, Vertigo, joint pains and other mystery symptoms, so if you were feeling OFF your game this MAY, overwhelmed or exhausted, let me know in the comments if you felt any weird sensations this cycle, I’d love to know your experience…

Remember in the Taurus New Moon report, I said it was the most potent energy of this year for PLANTING SEEDS

I planted seeds for a community garden outside my fence on the street behind my house w/ this Taurus New Moon energy, I have red clover popping up, Milkweed for Butterflies, some native trees, strawberries, raspberries, corn & Sunflowers & I had an interesting experience while gardening b/c we live on a residential street where the speed limit is just 25 MPH but people will often drive Much Faster, speed racing, even though there is a park & elementary school down the street with small children playing & crossing this street, drivers don’t seem to care, UNLESS there is someone WATCHING, I noticed that people would fly around the corner & then if they saw me gardening & WATCHING them drive, they would immediately SLOW Down….This is such an interesting concept that when people feel “Autonomous” in their car & no one is watching they might go triple the speed limit or drive reckless, but as soon as someone is WATCHING Them or “bearing witness” they slow way down, follow the speed limit &  behave better….This Sagittarius Supermoon is bringing in A Whole New World that we are co-creating & a new reality as we re-emerge into our world again & we may need to co-create all new ways of being & bearing witness to things that are not okay can be so powerful! We have seen so much power in the simple act of BEARING WITNESS in this last year & just taking out your phone & filming hate crimes, violence or any bad behavior like Arson you might see…I’ve been really afraid for Arson with this moon & we’re already seeing it in the Palisades, that’s a tragic, senseless crime…We are all bearing witness to tragedies occurring globally right now in the CHAOS that is our world at the moment. 

This ties in so well with the SABIAN Symbol for this Supermoon Sagittarius at a very late 5 degrees, so I’ll read the 6th degree for where we are headed with this moon…

Sabian Symbol is a game of cricket, development of skill in group situations testing collective goals. Society is built on an interplay by groups of people united by an aim. Individuals are assigned a role to play, RULES must be obeyed. Games teach fairness, cooperation, group consciousness and social  responsibility. An individual’s WILL must be subservient to collective cultural patterns is emphasized in a game, this ties in to vaccinations so much.. Games or group rituals are used to EDUCATE or develop group-consciousness and an individual sense of responsibility to the group & the world at large.  This refers to the importance of developing GROUP SOLIDARITY.

As we are moving into this Aquarian Age, we will see the importance of working together in a COMMUNITY  to Co-Create the kind of world we want to live in & sometimes that means following rules just like you would if you were playing a board game…but whose Rules WILL we be following?! As everyone seems to be on Competing TEAMS right now, everything is so devisive. As our world grows larger, we have to find ways of being that can work well for everyone & we may need to Co-Create new Rules for this GAME of Cricket, even….

Total Lunar Eclipses are always about Letting something Go &  You might feel a strong URGE to make HUGE Changes w/ the energy of this Eclipse, but try not to make any rash decisions to MOVE, QUIT YOUR JOB OR BREAK UP, just let the feelings come up, but don’t ACT on it b/c this Supermoon will illuminate so much for us & you may change your MIND AGAIN & AGAIN & then once more b/c if you know any Sagittarius or Geminis, then you know just how Impulsive & INDECISIVE they can be & this Eclipse is happening on this Axis of Sagittarius & Gemini….

If you make a big change under this impulse….

You may wish you hadn’t thrown it all away so quickly b/c now you’ve got to try to get back what you just lost when you were under an impulse of this CRAZY Supermoon Eclipse Energy, so try NOT to say it, this is never easy for Sagittarius, I know! 

TRY not to throw it all away, as much as you want to & if you still want to make that drastic change in a week & leave the job, relationship or home….well then, still don’t do it then either b/c Mercury is going Retrograde!!!

Don’t feel like you have to make any change b/c changes are gonna come with this energy anyways… I know so many people going through intense changes that they didn’t even choose right now, having to move, getting divorced or losing their jobs/businesses…

Maybe these things are going away to make room for something EVEN BETTER?! 

This is a good time to release anything that doesn’t serve you, let go, shed some things, but don’t burn it all down under this fiery influence, just feel the feelings, do a Lunar ritual to release whatever is blocking you from moving forward, but it’s not time to move forward, unless you are being forced to make a move, like if you lost your home.

The most powerful Changes you can make this Eclipse can be more about your INNER BELIEF SYSTEMS because we are having some HUGE ENERGETIC DOWNLOADS right now asking us to TRANSCEND our old limiting ways & rise above petty 3rd dimensional problems into a HIGHER LOVE that is the 5th Dimension, finding solutions that can work for everyone… WIN WIN situations.

Look for Synchronicities happening at this time to guide you in these new directions…Situations might change in an Instant or you might be questioning your work, your relationships, where you live…

You may feel the need to venture down new Pathways or maybe you find yourself at a CROSSROADS, this is a good time to investigate new possiblilites but just CONSIDER it for awhile before you make any drastic change you can’t undo.

 this is not a time to sign any contracts or making firm commitments just yet….you might have some Fears to overcome to enter these new realms & it’s not the best time to really commit to anything…unless you absolutely have to & then be ready for revisions later on…

I love Einstein’s Quote for this Eclipse:
“You can’t solve a problem from the same CONSCIOUSNESS that created it! You must learn to see the world anew!” 

This time requires a deep desire to change & the faith & courage to overcome your fears, the change must BEGIN WITHIN! I am watching some Butterflies in a cocoon right now, we are hatching at home & though their Chrysalis is hardened, there is a lot of movement happening within as they struggle to break free, but they must wait until their Transformation is Complete, no matter how much they want to break out & fly, it’s just not time yet….

Last time we had this Axis was March 2011-March 2012, think about what themes were you going through then?  You may be coming back to a similar crossroads in your life now….

There is some “darker energies” around this Eclipse not to fear it, but this is one moon I will not be putting my crystals out or making Moon Water out of….We’ve got a Poseidon & Zeus opposition which gives aggression, clashing, Warring energy & a strong Chiron in Aries, the Wounded Warrior bringing up our most painful issues that need to be healed & processed & a relentless Neptune in Pisces conjunct Warrior Pallas Athena in Pisces that’s causing a lot of confusion & fighting about what’s right & wrong & honestly it seems like no one knows for sure… Plus,  an intense Hades aspects that brings a lot of fear & anxiety about what is going on in our world, plus we are still being influenced by Saturn Squaring Uranus in the Boxing Ring all year, getting closer to their fists flying on june 14th, can we say CONFLICTS?!?!?! 


can this Moon Cycle just be over soon, there’s just A LOT GOING ON…I am an optimist at heart, but it’s also good to be aware of these intense energies that might be dragging you down, depending where all this is showing up in your chart & what might be triggered for you right now…take it easy, give yourself plenty of Space & REST, take your Vitamins & above all, do not engage the crazy!!! 

Let’s get back to the GOOD NEWS...

Jupiter who just entered Pisces is SQUARING both the Sun & this Supermoon, EXPANDING the TRANSFORMATIVE effects of the Eclipse, Jupiter in Pisces is like the OCEAN, it’s LIMITLESS, UNLIMITED POTENTIAL & this is an AUSPICIOUS Aspect especially for SAGITARIUS as Jupiter is your planetary ruler & this will Shine Bright like a LUCKY STAR for all the Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces & for whatever house your Pisces is in, in your chart, Jupiter will be LIGHTING it UP this Supermoon with OPPORTUNITIES for GROWTH & Attainment of your DESIRES,  if you don’t know which house Pisces resides in your chart, you can always get your chart read to find out, I will post a link to my website where I do Astrology Charts below.

JUPITER shines his hopeful, exuberant light on this Eclipse, like a candle in the dark,  Jupiter can EXPAND our Positive Beliefs & Raise our Energetic Frequency & give us the High Vibrations to change our Life in such a good way & it can happen in AN INSTANT, if you’re feeling LUCKY, you can have Instant Manifestations…As I have said before, Jupiter is like the KING & when he comes in strong like this, you can ask the KING for what you want & you might just GET IT!!!  Anything you desire is possible with this aspect, so you might as well WISH for everything you ever wanted, like a Xmas list to Santa & see what you get, this is a good time To at least TRY!!! IF at first you don’t succeed, Try, Try AGAIN & again!!! Never Give Up b/c a Sagittarius Archer will just keep shooting arrows until finally the TARGET is reached!!! 

Know what your target is & shoot as many arrows as it takes to get it.

in Ayurvedic Astrology this Full Moon Eclipse relates to the Goddess Chandi & sacred fires are lit in her honor in INDIA…where they have suffered so much loss this year.

Chandi is the primeval ENERGY off both Creation & Destruction of our UNIVERSE… She is portrayed with 18 ARMs all of them holding a different weapon to fight off evil, negative entities & protect her devotees. She is called upon for protection & immunity, something we can all use this year &  you can ward off evil eyes, curses & banish any negativity by having a fire ceremony in her name on this particular FULL MOON Night. Write on pieces of paper anything you want to get rid of in your life, let go of or anything that is preventing you from moving forward & throw the pieces of paper into the flames & watch them dissolve. 

 When you clear all negativity & blocks through a fire ritual on this night, you will make room to receive all it is you do desire, including love, health, prosperity & happiness. 

Remember to honor your elders & ancestors with this fire ceremony, too as this is a powerful time to offer prayers to those who may have passed. 

Some other aspects affecting us during this Eclipse Portal…..

Just before this Eclipse, SATURN goes RETROGRADE in Aquaurius on May 23rd, which will definitely lend to those COMMUNITY RULES of engagement….There will be some Karmic Reckoning that comes of this Retrograde….hmmm who could deserve Karmic Reckoning at this time? We shall watch the news & find out I guess! Saturn is the Ruler of LAWS & Obedience & the LORD of KARMA, so we may see some people who have escaped justice before, being brought to trial now as Saturn Retrogrades or Returns to the scene of the CRIMES to deliver punishments. 

Saturn in Aquarius could also affect RELATIONSHIPS, so perhaps a past LOVE of your LIFE returns for good or even a Past Life Lover surfaces, you might meet someone who you swear you’ve known before, lots of Deja Vu sensations as we may be revisiting old life lessons & old karmic lessons…A sensation of retracing our steps, a karmic Do_OVER, a second chance to get things right with someone….There can also be a lot of PAST LIFE DREAMS coming in right now, where your soul is healing old wounds from past lives through dreams.

and then we have a Mystical  Mercury & Venus in Gemini CONJUNCTION MAY 28TH When Mercury who rules the MIND conjuncts Venus who rules the Heart, we have an opportunity here for TRUE Heart Mind Coherence, this can bring Inspiration, TRUE CONNECTION in Love Relationships, maybe an old love or soulmate returns to you, this is a good time for writing LOVE Poems or Love songs,

It’s also a time when we will be able to Meditate, be in the NOW, feeling wholeness, if only for one day, I only wish this aspect was lasting longer because it will be a momentary reprieve from all the Eclipse INTENSITY we have felt all month, so if you can take that Day OFF, maybe add an extra day to your Memorial Day weekend &  spend it with someone you LOVE, go to the BEACH or just be in nature or in your garden & just sit with this magnificent energy for a moment, tap into your own desires & what you want to create, a wonderful day to do some Scripting of the Dream Life you’d like to create next!!! 

And then….. we have

Mercury Retrograde May 29th through JUNE 22nd in it’s own sign of GEMINI is going to cause some COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWNS,  just surrender to this process, try not to sign any contracts if you can, which is a funny time b/c I know so many people are buying houses this Summer, don’t forego that house INSPECTION during this Mercury Retrograde!!! 

In my next New Moon Forecast for June 10th New Moon, we will also have our Annual Solar Eclipse in GEMINI &  I will also be talking about that EPIC SATURN URANUS SQUARE coming up on June 14th & how that will impact us, so make sure to subscribe to be find out about even more intense aspects to come this Season! 



There may be a sudden turn of events or unexpected change forcing you into a completely new direction suddenly…

The birth of aNY new venture, new path or relationship is an entry into the unknown. New things seem to be rushing upon you, and confusion can easily take over. However, CHAOS is a powerful force when you harness it properly, so don’t rush things now. Do not let events overwhelm you. As you take the first step, stay calm and ready to persevere. Ask for guidance and support from your elders, Teachers & Ancestors.

Challenges lie ahead, but they are challenges you can handle. Gain strength, find courage. Keep going despite difficulties and you will find the success that you desire.

A key challenge at this time is to maintain clarity. Avoid lunging at solutions. Do not start a new project or relationship before thinking it through, take BABY Steps for now… Make yourself wait until a good course of action becomes crystal clear. A careless step in the beginning can cause events to get out of control later or take you completely off course. And be sure to enlist the advice of experienced people who have walked the path before you…

A New World is Emerging…

Set Intentions, watch what happens, be FLEXIBLE!!!! 

Like a seed who aspires to SPROUT, you must first BREAKTHROUGH the heavy soils that hold you down…

What is HOLDING you BACK?!?! 

I wish you a Magical Eclipse Healing breaking through…

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I will do an Energy Clearing now for you ALL, may you release whatever is holding you back this moon!!!