Get ready for the most OPTIMISTIC, LUCKIEST MOON we have all YEAR!!! Thank GODDESS, I can go back to people calling me POLLYANNA instead of Chicken Little b/c this is going to be the best day of our whole year!

This is an ASTROLOGICAL BLUE MOON, meaning we have 2 FULL MOONS in the same sign of AQUARIUS back to back, not to be confused w/ 2 full moons in one Month…
When the moon stays in the same sign for 2 FULL MOONS, the 2nd Full Moon is at a later degree, therefore more potent, you could say this Blue Moon is TURBO charged & of course Aquarius ruled by Uranus rules over time, I swear things are really SPEEDING UP NOW, you can Manifest so much quicker & you can have QUANTUM Leaps forward as the Energy on our planet is clearly increasing, too.

A BLUE MOON will lift the VEIL so that you can SEE more clearly what is really going on, secrets can be exposed at this time, there will also be an increase in COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS as this is ruled by AQUARIUS, too.

SO What makes this Moon so LUCKY?
let’s get our Lottery Tickets for this one, Libby!
My friend & I play, but only when the STARS ALIGN for it, this is one moon I would GAMBLE ON b/c you simply can’t LOSE w/the Moon Shining on JUPITER going retrograde in Aquarius, planets can be more powerful going retrograde & Jupiter is that KING willing to grant your every wish & this is the moon to ASK the Universe

for what you want really & truly & this is a great time to

START something new either a relationship or a business or a side hustle, investments, purchase a home or land.
Or just go to an INDIAN CASINO & have fun!

This is a good time to TRAVEL finally, NOW I would fly anywhere under this moon, pack your bags & just GO on an Adventure!!! Even with 5 planets retrograde this moon conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius is like a GREEN LIGHT, you are free to roam around now!

Of course this MOON is going to be extra specially lucky for AQUARIUS but really ALL Fixed Signs will BENEFIT because it’s like that pressure valve has been released on all of us fixed signs finally & if you are a fixed sign, taurus, leo, scorpio, aquarius, maybe you’ve just been working SO HARD these past months, raise my hand, I KNOW I HAVE been!!! Now, all that hard work is PAYING OFF & we will REAP REWARDS & this moon could finally be our big

I just want to SING Etta James “AT LAST!!!”

the only issue with this extremely fortunate aspect is that you can definitely have Opportunity Overload!!! Too many good Jobs coming in all at once, 3 people you are absolutely IN LOVE with & you may have to make some hard choices between TOO MANY Great OPTIONS, like you’re eating at the restaurant of your dreams & you want EVERYTHING on the MENU!!!

Remember to order Dessert though, you deserve it, take a moment out this month to ENJOY the fruits of your LABOR, you’ve earned it!!!

If you have been paying attention to the Energy, you most likely took advantage of that increase in Energy around the Lionsgate to set big intentions & this is what I truly LOVE about Astrology when you pay attention to the STARS, you know when to STRIKE when the iron is HOT!

So many people don’t pay attention to these subtle ENERGETIC CUES coming from the UNIVERSE, they don’t ALIGN with the Opportunity & then they get frustrated, this is why having your CHART done can be so VALUABLE, so you know when it’s time to MAKE A MOVE, IN YOUR CAREER, YOUR PLACE OF LIVING or YOUR RELATIONSHIPS.

I have been receiving INCREDIBLY Positive feedback from so many charts I have done this year, clients say that I really SAW who they are & what they were going through, often more so than friends & family do! Then, my readings give them a CLEAR PATH AHEAD & so many of my clients are MANIFESTING MORE of what they want out of life from my Distance Reiki & Energy Clearings that come with their chart readings, they are having PROFOUND Shifts in both their Love Lives & their Financial Well Being! I LOVE Astrology combined with distance Reiki & Energy clearing for creating these powerful transformations!

Then combined with my Real Estate License, if your chart says, it’s time to GO, to make that big MOVE, to get outta town, I can even help you sell your house, too, as I am helping a few people transition to new locations through Astrocartography as well, your Chart can actually predict where in the world you should be living & I know I used Astrocartography to move from Seattle, Washington to Bend, Oregon which so aligned with my North Node…..

I am personally so excited for this Full Moon as it is in

EXACT DEGREE of my Aquarius North Node at 29

degrees of Aquarius, which is all about my Soul’s Mission to serve the COMMUNITY, it is why I moved to Bend, an

AQUARIUS town to start the Bend Health Guide, a community of Healthy Friends.
YES, I will be FEELING it as the moon intensifies it’s energy right on my North Node like a Laser Beam & this is the joy of knowing your chart, you can see these transits coming & prepare for them & harness that ENERGY!

& here is the Sabian Symbol for this 29 Degrees of


A BUTTERFLY EMERGING FROM A CHRYSALIS. KEYNOTE: The capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.

A BUTTERFLY in a process of metamorphosis.
A complete renewal of all the implications of being alive as a human individual will do. A radical change is needed. This change is individual and mental, and it should be seen against the background of humanity as a whole. What is revealed is the potential ability of every human being to participate in a higher realm of evolution AFTER his or her emergence from a critical state of transition. In spiritual terms, this implies an “Initiation,” entering a higher realm of conscious existence and joining a sacred Company.

Your North Node is all about your SOUL”s Great big Mission in life & generally it really kicks in your 40’s when you have your North Node RETURN & that means the stars return to the same degree of you North Node, I had my North Node right when I moved to Bend & it’s funny b/c I started my new Massage Business which I

named KIMIMI which means BUTTERFLY & this was before I had looked up the Sabian Symbol for my North Node Return as being a butterfly in Metamorphosis but I knew I wanted to help people TRANSFORM their lives through Reiki.
Which aligns so well with the 9 Star Ki as now we enter the 8 Star EARTH Mountain Month, which is a time of going inward like a caterpillar in it’s cocoon, we will probably see less outward activity & more hibernating, maybe we are all just so tired from this crazy Summer! It’s time take a COLLECTIVE NAP

Venus in Libra trine Saturn in Aquarius brings LESSONS in LOVE usually with a Soul Mate or maybe you meet someone new who feels so familiar, remember Saturn is still RETROGRADE with NEPTUNE RETROGRADE, we are meeting up with lots of PAST LIFE FRIENDS & LOVERS,

like a twin flame romance that shows up out of nowhere, you could meet this love of your life in the grocery store under this influence, it would have such a FATED feeling to it.
Venus in Libra is all about finding that BALANCE & Saturn in Aquarius is about your responsibility to the community, we might finally have people wanting to do what’s right, to come together, to finally start to AGREE on some things & follow the rules, wear their masks where they need to, there is less rebellion & more cooperation with this aspect as we go into another surge, it’s like we know the drill, just get in line, do what you got to do until this too shall pass.

Mars trine Uranus brings AMBITION to Create CHANGES in your work or courage to start your own Business. This is a risk taking aspect that ordinarily could be dangerous but with so many positive aspects, this time you CAN take the RISK & SUCCEED & Prosper, Go For IT, quit your job, do what you love, go on that adventure, the universe has your back now, you will be supported, the money will come your way in ways that will surprise you when you least expected it!

Chiron in Aries is also Retrograde this month meaning those of us born between 1969 through 1976 who had our powerful Chiron in Aries RETURN, causing us to process our deepest wounds & traumas, now Chiron is remembering he forgot to mention that one WOUND & he’s going back for it, there is so much to say here & maybe it’s just b/c I Am having this transit myself, but I did a Whole Separate Video on Chiron in Aries & I will link to it at the End of this Video for you!

Astrology pop Quiz, what planets are retrograde again? Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, Chiron
I will try to get my Guide FINISHED before Mercury Retrograde September 27th & people wonder why I am such a stickler for deadlines, it’s really just my deep seated fears around printing & shipping during Mercury Retrograde, might have to wait for October for this Fall issue!

The only dark shadow over this magnificent Blue Moon is that pesky PLUTO in Capricorn SQUARE ERIS in ARIES happening on August 27th & at it’s best this can lead to a COLLECTIVE AWAKENING that we have got to change our ways, you know in case the pandemic, heat waves, fires, tornadoes and severe draughts weren’t enough to WAKE US UP, Pluto & ERIS are teaming up to make sure we can’t

sleep through this one & hopefully it will lead to POSITIVE CHANGES to come in our world? but when you have the destructive powers of PLUTO in that pressure cooker SQUARE with ERIS the Goddess of Dischord, Chaos & Mayhem, well there’s a day to just hide under the covers or in a YURT that’s where I’ll be!

ICHING is 55 FENG which means WIND & this is the symbol for PROSPERITY just as FENG SHUI means Winds of Harmony, wherein Feng, WIND meets Shui, Harmony, all is correct, aligned, everything is in order now, the stars are aligning for GREAT FORTUNE.

There is nothing to worry about because the King shall provide everything & there is that Jupiter King symbol showing up in the I-Ching, the KING will PROVIDE, so be it that you ASK for what you need, what you want!

This is a time to be like the SUN at Mid-Day.
Our path ahead is lit by the SUN it is easy to find the right way to go now as the road ahead is finally clear!
Abundance comes into full flower when a group is UNIFIED towards the same GOAL.
Whether this relates to a Nation coming together, a Sports Team unified in a GOAL to WIN, a Business strategizing for a BOOMING Success or a two lovers forming a powerful union that is greater than either would be alone, the message here is really to MAKE HAY while the SUN SHINES, this is the time to work hard & make your fortune, as luck will shine upon you, the time for rest will come later on when the seasons shift.

This is time of great visions & tremendous energy to manifest that is increased when 2 or more come together to work in UNITY. This is good time to form alliances, partnerships & communities of like minded folk working together for a common goal. Let destiny guide your course like the WIND be open to changing direction like a seasoned sailor knows, you must let the WIND guide your navigation, then you will end up exactly where you are meant to be, in the right place at the right time, doing things when the ENERGY Supports it, instead of forcing things to happen, you can let it flow like the river that always gets where it needs to be going despite the twists and turns along the way.

During a period of abundance, it is skillful to show benevolence and to share the fruits of one’s good fortune, just like a coming together in POTLATCH as the Native Americans do, some who have a larger harvest this year will share with those less fortunate to assure that someday when their harvest is not so great, others will share with them.

If your Harvest is great this season, share with those less fortunate & if you have little, then be open to RECEIVING from others willing to HELP you OUT.

Wishing you a magical TRANSFORMATION this Moon!

Pendulum Energy Clearing