Manifesting with Moon Cycles

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Jocelyn Cooper WON for this Aries Full Moon!

Aries Full Moon brings A LOT of Energy to complete anything you’ve been working on, but it can be so much energy, you may need to EXERCISE, go for a walk, run or do some Kick Boxing to get all that energy out so it isn’t expressed as ANGER….

MOON is always opposed SUN at the Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries opposite Sun in Libra who is still hanging around w/ MARS which is Aries ruling planet, interesting opposition of Aries to it’s own ruling planet can have an “out of sorts” feeling this Full Moon as if we are opposing ourselves, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy…Mercury will go direct at 10 of Libra on October 17th & will catch up to join Mars & the Sun soon.

Aries / Libra Axis is about Aries the SELF, what I want opposing Libra, which is about RELATIONSHIPS & how to negotiate, collaborate & relate with others. Aries represents WAR ruled by Mars & Libra is the sign of PEACE, so this is our choice with this axis, do we want to FIGHT or do we want Peace?

Aries is the 1st Sign of the Zodiac & it is about new beginnings, I think Aries seem like they’re new here, young soulsm they remind me of our Kitten, who has SOOO much youthful ENERGY but she doesn’t know what to do with it & sometimes she gets herself in trouble because of it….

Aries are extremely AMBITIOUS but they can be selfish, wanting what’s best for themselves & Aries are very Go, GO inspector gadget, always in a rush to get to the finish line, it’s like we are in a RACE but there can be time constraints w/ this moon making you feel like you can’t make things happen fast enough & you will never get it all done & the days ARE getting shorter! On the other hand, Libra is old soul, wise, very giving, what is best for the whole community, whole world even, Libra is ever so patient, it’s like the tortoise & the hare story, so it seems like this Axis is playing out in Congress with our Economic issues, we need more collective agreements & less selfish behavior. 

Mars & ARIES want to get ahead, beat out our competition, make money & Libra wantstime off,  relaxation, selfcare,  find a BALANCE between how much you are DOING & how much you are just BEING, it’s Yin & Yang, Aries is hot tempered YANG Energy & Libra is Calming Yin energy 

Both of these energies are available to us this Full Moon, find a way to balance them.Allow yourself time OFF this Full Moon to just BE, to do nothing, stare into space, Meditate, Stretch, t take a bath, be in Nature,  be in Silence…. 

Remember in April when we had the Aries New Moon, I talked about doing “I AM that I AM” exercises to step into being what you desire, like “I am Abundant that I am,” or “I am a warrior of LOVE that I am” it’s nice if you can do this in the mirror, looking yourself in the eyes &  basically just insert whatever you want to become in & state I am that thing that I am” I was also talking about how Manifesting with the Moon works in that Aries report, I’ll link to it, if you missed it, if you set an intention at the New Moon Aries it will generally take about 6 months for that intention to come into fruition because it takes about a 6 months cycle to go from Aries New Moon to Aries Full Moon…. Well it’s fun b/c on the April New Moon, I was planting seeds of intentions for my Fall Health Guide, hoping to manifest the best 8 Health Providers to Feature & now it is the Aries Full Moon & I am holding in my Hands the Fall Health Guide with those 8 beautiful Fall Features that I had hoped for on that Aries New Moon & it can be really powerful to keep a Moon Cycle Journal where you write all your New Moon Intentions in one place & then at the corresponding Full Moons 6 months later, you can see if you manifested the things you were hoping for at that New Moon. I am amazed to see the things I set in intention will manifest by the corresponding FULL Moon!!! 

True for ALL the signs, if you just set seeds of intention on the October Libra moon, look for those to come into Being in April 2022 or if you plant seeds of intention for next months Scorpio New Moon, those will manifest by MAY 2022, so try to think ahead to what you want to CALL in & give it TIME….

So many people these days want instant manifestation, as if New Moon intentions were like placing orders on Amazon, it’s not gonna come within a week, it has a growth cycle, it has to germinate, sprout, grow, then eventually your intention will bear fruit but always give it the full 6 Month Lunar Cycle to come into being!!! 

I love this cryptic Sabian Symbol for this full moon in Aries, BLOWN INWARD BY WIND, THE CURTAINS OF AN OPEN WINDOW TAKE THE SHAPE OF ACORNUCOPIA.

Representing Openness to the influx of spiritual energies. Abundance heightened into Physical fruition is shown in a more spiritual level. The wind (spirit) blows through the “open mind”-window and brings into the home, a promise of more-than-enough material potency. As the  curtains are blown inward, at a time of a more internal season, the individual consciousness represented by the house is receiving a more concentrated influx of spiritual energies, enabling this consciousness to extend the scope of its awareness and creative expression. Inner growth requires an open mind & one able to provide a container for a spiritual harvest. The cornucopian shape is MOLDED BY TRANSPERSONAL FORCES blown in from a higher place. Love it!

I’m recording this during NAVARATRI the nine nights of the HINDU Goddesses Begins & this will flavor this whole LUNAR CYCLE, giving us a theme of DIVINE FEMININE EMPOWERMENT & I love to celebrate three main GODDESSES at this time by chanting their names, lighting a candle in their honor & it can be as simple as giving yourself a PEDICURE b/c the FEET are SACRED to the Hindu Goddess & the Feet are worshipped & adorned with singing bells as a way to praise the Divine Goddess in us all!!!

This festival of the Goddess is separated into 3 NIGHTs for each of the 3 Goddesses & then there are even more goddesses if you really want to learn & delve deeper, but the main ones are

DURGA who is Shakti energy in the form of a DESTROYER, the goddess of Destruction who will destroy all things in our path that are not serving us & remove anything in our way to enlightenment. She is also a powerful PROTECTOR goddess that will keep us SAFE during these troubling times, as well. Lakshmi the Goddess of WEALTH grants us GIFTS of Prosperity, it’s more than just money it’s also love, health & vital creative energy. Lakshmi is like a Hummingbird, she is attracted to the sweet pollen, so you will want to make sure you are being sweet these 3 days to attract her into your home, keep your words sweet like honey, to receive her blessings.

SARASWATI the last 3 nights is the Goddess of TRUTH & VIRTUE who can also remove any limitations that are EGO based, so that you can come into your True, Righteous Empowerment & take your rightful place in life                   

This Full MOON is CONJUNCT ERIS the Goddess Planet of DISCHORD, tempers can fly on this Full Moon & even bring violence, anger & rage.  Eris is the sister to Aries, she is right at home in this Warrior Aries Sign b/c She is a Warrior goddess of the battlefield with an insatiable desire for bloodshed. Ater all the other gods would withdraw from battles, Eris would remain, rejoicing in the slaughter & suffering, she reminds me of Sekhmet from the Lionsgate reading. She is one of the many Divine Feminine Powerhouses rising up to destroy an old paradigm & she will do it through CHAOS, Rebellion, Revolution….We are seeing women really standing up against male dominated authority, power figures, like in SPORTS, Gymnastics & Soccer right now. It is a Beautiful Destruction happening w/ Eris, Moon & Chiron all coming together in ARIES, something is being destroyed so healing can occur, this MOON is  illuminating our WOUNDS that need to be healed, you may have unexpected injuries come up this month, the body’s way of forcing you to REST more & bring your attention back to healing your body in some way. where there is pain, suffering, death, there is also healing, rebirth & the OPEN WOUND is the place where the LIGHT can enter YOU.

Personal is Political, we are wounded & needing healing, just as our Country & our Earth is wounded & needing healing & there will be greater AWARENESS of this need for Healing now.

Sun, Moon & Mars are ALL Squaring Pluto that will be an exact Square on 10/21st but we will be feeling it on the Full Moon, close enough,  Pluto has just gone direct & is now in it’s strong Transformational power in the boxing ring with MARS the planet of War & Pluto the planet of Nuclear Energy Plutonium, this is not a Moon to go to War with anyone, do not engage in arguments with anyone right now, it could turn violent, AVOID all CONFLICTS as much as possible this Full Moon & let’s hope our leaders do the same as this is a WAR Aspect!

This is also a potent Pluto Return for United States that only happens every 200 Years, so most of us will never experience a Pluto Return, unless you live to be over 200 years old, maybe YODA had a Pluto Return, maybe that was when he had to go into hiding?

United States is having it’s PLUTO Return & this is a state of Deconstructing it’s ways, hopefully leading to a BETTER WAY. This Transformation reminds me of a Butterfly that has to completely change it’s shape, even becoming liquified before reforming itself, the butterfly is such a PLUTO symbol, we don’t know what we will become on the other side of this cocoon of transformation but I have faith that it has got to be better, that there will be some kind of golden resolution to all the struggles we are facing this Season, we just can’t even envision it yet b/c it is all  UNKNOWN, Pluto is the planet of the UNDERGROUND MYSTERIES, too & I can’t help but think of Inanna the Goddess of War & her descent into the Underworld where she tries to conquer her sister, Ereshkigal who is the Queen of the Underworld….Just as Inanna had so much strife in her story, there is so much strife with this Pluto Square.

This is a spooky, scary, Square of CONFLICTS but just like any bad situation, it can be helpful to look for What is the GIFT that we can glean from this situation happening to us? There is ALWAYS a GIFT in the lesson….For instance, one time I had a conflict with an awful landlord, but the GIFT from that situation is that it motivated me to become a HOMEOWNER & I so value owning a home, maybe if I had never had this awful landlord, I would still be renting & I would never have bought a home….

So whatever arises out of these intense, malefic aspects, even if it seems like a STRUGGLE in the moment, maybe there will be a Gift hidden within it, too.

After this Full Moon on Hallows Eve, 10/30 we will have an INTENSE SUN in Scorpio Square to Saturn in Aquarius both fixed signs & once again, this is conflict where neither side is going to budge & this would be an awful day to negotiate or mediate, there are no solutions on this day there can be tough karmic lessons here about how to COMPROMISE, but it won’t come easy & more intense pressure coming at those fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquaurius, still under that pressure, remember this is how DIAMONDS are made, hopefully we will SHINE in 2022 b/c of all these pressure cooking Squares we have had to deal with in 2021, the best thing you can do if you are a fixed sign is just Go Within, work on yourself, heal thyself, it all begins within, don’t worry about what hot mess is going on in the outer world, just worry about your own Energetic Frequency, protect your Energy, turn off the news, turn off Social Media, get into your Heart Space, listen to uplifting music & be with your people who make you HAPPIEST right now, this is the best way to weather these STORMS that are coming this Season & I hate to say it, but there will be fierce stormy vibes in our world all the way through that Eclipse Portal through December, it just seems to keep getting more & more intense! 

PLUTO, SATURN, JUPITER & MERCURY are all DIRECT now, even if they are moving slowly at least we are going forward now.

9 Star Ki 6 Metal Star in a 6 Metal Year, our mind is on our MONEY & Money is on our mind until November 6th. I just saw something online about our very first official United States Coin from 1787, that said, “We Are One” & it had interlocking circles & then on the backside it said “Mind Your Business!” & maybe we need to reprint those original coins!!! We could use this wisdom today, to remember we are a UNITED States, We Are One… There is 2 sides to every coin though.

I_ching I drew, no surprise is 38 Opposition

FIRE and WATER will extinguish each other in their interactions, they remain apart in the image of Opposition. Fire burns upward while Water flows downward so all connection is lost. Opposition shows a situation where people are not seeing events from the same perspective. Mutual alienation reveals how an impasse can stop union & cause estrangement. When diverging interests make a situation seem stagnant or futile, remember that there are always creative possibilities inherent in polarities. yin and yang symbolizes opposite forces like day & night, fundamental to life itself. As this symbol of the Tao illustrates, the yin and the yang each have the seed of the other residing within them. Try to find a seed of common ground or compassion with your enemies at this time.

I will offer a free distance energy clearing to anyone who comments their need for one below b/c I know this might be a tough month for some of us…hang in there, I promise 2022 is going to get so much better as we will all be heading to our HOME Stars in the 9 Star Ki & I will talk more about that as it gets closer…I am peaking ahead in the story & this is just the “conflict” portion of the book or movie & then of course there will be a RESOLUTION coming & a HAPPY Ending coming, too b/c that is how ALL good stories are written, right?!
I think February 2022 is when we will get that truly happy outcome finally!!!