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In 2022 the North Node of our destiny, fate and karmic experience will be moving out of Sagittarius / Gemini &  into Taurus North Node &  Scorpio South Node.  Something is ENDING or DYING. We will be collectively going through an alchemical Transformation. Then something NEW is coming, there will be a glorious REBIRTH in 2022.  2022 is a  time of so much Fertility as we move closer to this Utopian GOLDEN AGE, this RENAISSANCE. North Node does not enter this Fixed Sign Taurus / Scorpio Axis until January 2022. We get a little taste of what it will be like as we have a Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on November 19th.  We are still in that GEMINI Sagittarius North Node Axis for the rest of 2021 & that will be really felt on Saturday December 4th when we have a Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, I will do Eclipse Readings. North Node is about your SOUL’s big Mission here on Earth.  It really comes into play in your late 40’s.  If you’re coming into that age get to know your North Node. Book a North Node reading to find out what tyou’re supposed to be doing with your life here on Earth. When I had my North Node Transit it felt like being in stationed in the Military. Your Soul MUST do this thing to complete your life purpose. Scorpio ruled by Pluto is all about the UNDERWORLD.  This season of Fall represents Persephone having to go down into the Underworld each year.  When she was there, she either followed Hades down there of her own accord or she was kidnapped by Hades, there’s different versions of this tale.  While she was down there, she ate one pomegranate seed… As the Lore go, because she ate the Pomegranate seed, she was forced into marriage to HADES.  Demeter objected & insisted she be allowed to spend at least half of the year on Earth, free from Hades & the darkness of the Underworld….

Taurus ruled by Venus is all about the earth. This could be seen as Demeter, Persephone’s mother who rules over the lands, seasons & crops.  In the Spring when Persephone returns to the upper world, Demeter, her mother rejoices in blooming flowers, but when Persephone goes back into the underworld, all the crops die, the trees are barren & the rains begin, a sign of Demeter showing her grief upon the Earth in tears that fall from the sky for months, there is darkness upon the earth to symbolize that Persephone is in her dark place, too…. 

Scorpio Taurus Axis represents our life cycle with this Scorpio Season we have Darkness, Death & my fave holiday Dias de los Muertos, where we celebrate our Ancestors & all those who have crossed over & I am thinking about doing an Ancestral Healing LIVE on Hallows Eve 10/30, comment if you want me to do that, my ancestors are asking for it… as everything around us dies off, you can’t help thinking about your own mortality, it’s such a SHADOW season to go within, into our own UNDERWORLD’s, SUBCONSIOUS Selves, now that the nights are so dark, I find I am DREAMING so much more, it’s a good time for Dream Journaling & connecting into your own inner power as the energy spirals INWARD…. I LOVE FALL.

Then Taurus the other end of this Axis is all about SPRING, May Day, we come out & the world is a celebration of flowers, hope REBIRTH, Taurus is all about FERTILITY, so think about it, if you are hoping to have a baby, you might want to set that intention on this NEW Moon because then it might manifest in MAY as we move into Taurus Season. This AXIS is the absolute BEST for FERTILITY because Taurus represents that birth, growth but Scorpio also represents SEX usually a necessary component for CONCEPTION….

Fertility can mean more than just having BABIES, if you’re an artist or Creative Type you know that every project is like a BIRTH, when I create each issue of the Bend Health Guide, it feels like a Birth to me, first there is CONCEPTION, Inspiration then I’m GERMINATING those ideas, collaborating, growing it & then the final pushes to Design & Print it & it comes out of the Shipping Truck on my driveway, that’s when it is CROWNING, hahahaha!

Remember last time I said, whatever seeds of intention you plant at a new moon will most likely come to MANIFEST on the Full Moon corresponding to the sign, for instance, this New Moon Scorpio, when you are dreaming up your intentions, know that it will be influenced by this powerful New Moon Taurus on May Day 05/01/2022 that MOON will wax into the Scorpio Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse happening on May 16th & talk about TRANSFORMATIONS to come next Spring!!!

Be very careful with what you wish for this NEW Moon because it is going to CHANGE your LIFE. Be sure to WRITE this one down in your New Moon Journal.  It will be especially FUN to see if these wishes come true! I can’t wait!!! 

This New Moon begins the Indian holy days of DIWALI & so this is a powerful time to call on MAHALAKSHMI, the Divine Mother Goddess of Creation.  She can grant your Love & ABUNDANCE especially during this Lunar Cycle.  I am doing a powerful Mahalakshmi Meditation to awaken your SHAKTI & ask for Lakshmi’s guidance in Co-Creating the life you want to live, Subscribe & Hit the Bell Notifications so you don’t miss this one. I have been singing Lakshmi’s Praises for years & she truly helps me to manifest the life I want to live in all the ways, she is truly remarkable when you reach out & ask for her help, she delivers in ABUNDANCE let me tell ya! New Moon Scorpio will WAX into the TAURUS FULL MOON on November 19th that is a LUNAR Eclipse & TAURUS is the BULL & the COW is SACRED in India & especially sacred to Mahalakshmi, so this is a good time to honor COWS, you can donate to a charity that supports Cows, in Bend we have HARMONY Farm Sanctuary, I will link to them below, if you donate money to Support a Cow during this Lakshmi Lunar Cycle that will become the Taurus Full Moon, you will reap so many Karmic Rewards!!! You can also give offerings of GHEE, Butter, Yogurt, Milk in an Altar to Lakshmi for this New Moon Scorpio & for the full 14 days leading up to that powerful Taurus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on 11/19, be sure to watch my ECLIPSE report, holy smokes, we’ve got some big, big stuff coming in this Season that you will want to be prepared for!!! This is what I LOVE about Astrology, it PREPARES you for the STORMS & lets you know when it’s a good time to move forward & when it’s a good time to put your RAIN Coat on, this is your Astrological Weather Report! 

This New Moon in Scorpio has MARS, Mercury & Vesta the planet of the HEARTH joining the Sun & Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus that has been ruling over unexpected EARTH events & we sure have had them, fires, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes & this moon highlights BIG Surprises &  STORMS, Uranus rules Lightning, we have Mars planet of War, Aggression, Fire opposite Uranus that rules Shock, Surprise, Unexpected Events, another frightening aspect to spook you this Halloween Season, this is the making of a Thriller Movie right here & whatever you do, if you find yourself in a scary movie, don’t RUN UPSTAIRS! 

Then there is the dwarf Planet SEDNA in Taurus also opposite this New Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury & Vesta too & this along with Uranus symbolizes a GREAT AWAKENING taking place, it is TIME to WAKE UP, to remember WHY you are really here, your truest SOUL LIFE PURPOSE, we were all born for THIS MOMENT in history, oooh chills  & if you know the INUIT Mythology about SEDNA, the Deep Sea Goddess who is the INUIT Creation Goddess, so many CREATION Goddesses showing up this month, the wise ones are coming in these days,  as the story goes SEDNA lived in the Coldest Northern Seas, where food is SCARCE & Sedna is prayed to for Food for Sustenance by Inuit people & they always Thank Sedna when they catch FISH & SEDNA also controls STORMS that come from the Sea & can be so severe they take lives, so she is seen as the CREATOR & the DESTROYER in ONE, so perfectly aligning with this Scorpio Taurus AXIS of Life & Death, she Giveth & she taketh Away…

The Myth of Sedna tells that Sedna was a fiercely Independent Woman for her time & she did not wish to Marry.  This upset her father who wanted her to be taken care.  He urged her to marry. He brought many suitors to her, each time she said NO.  Finally she found a handsome, dark man in a cape & hood who drew her in.  She followed him onto his boat & he took her way out to SEA. Then he pulled back his hood,  he was a RAVEN.  He brought her deep into the Sea to teach her healing ways of Spirit.  Her Father was worried when she left without a word.  He went out to Sea, far, far out.  He finally found her on a barren island.  Raven had gone fishing.  Her Father tried to bring her HOME but Raven came back & got so upset that he created a wicked Storm. Her Father almost died as his boat rocked in the windy Seas.  So finally, her Father said to Raven, take her, she’s yours. He threw SEDNA out to SEA. Sedna swam back to the Boat & tried to hold on.  Her Father pushed her hands off the rails.  The Ocean pulled her under.  She knew she could never go home again. She sank deep into the SEA. She continued to Swim down deeper, deeper into the Darkness until she dissolved. She became ONE with the SEA. This was a kind of an initiation. Now she becomes a shaman because she has been transformed.  She is deeply changed. We are also Transforming now, too. I hear so many people say things like they want to go back to how things were before.  We can’t go home again TOTO.  Our old world doesn’t really exist anymore, we are in an ever changing world now. We’ve been pushed off the boat & we can’t go back…

November 10th we have a Mercury Conjunct Mars Transit which will have your mind racing & it can be a good day for focused work, writing or arguing a case in court but there can be an aggressive or defensive potential to get into arguments, lose your temper or fly off the handle which would be such a waste of this very intelligent energy.  Better to use this energy in a mental match, like a heated Chess Match than a verbal fight, try to stay NEUTRAL as much as you can.  

On November 7th in 9 STAR KI we leave that Abundant 6 Metal Money Star we have been in & move into the 5 Soil Center Star.  This is seen as the EYE of the Hurricane Star, which could also indicate a lot of WINDS of CHANGE happening this November which also ties into the Ayurvedic VATA or WIND dosha that we are in, all of this WIND energy can lead to ANXIETY & restlessness so be sure to stay Grounded & eat warm, nourishing foods, like soups right now that help you stay CENTERED. This can be a good month to START Something NEW again, begin a new project, MAKE that DECISION FINALLY & anything that you begin now will have deep roots, success & longevity.


in the moonlight the boat floated among the Stars, bringing together 2 lovers that fate had set apart, for her love, he had become a distant planet, nobody knows how much he has sufffered…. this says that some loves are not fated to be fulfilled in this lifetime, but that love is still of boundless worth. Fate may frustrate your plans for now, but still hold true to what you have glimpsed & have hope… If you have been trying to make something happen & it hasn’t yet, know that your plans will be realized provided you are willing to work hard for them. Now is the time to look around for NEW chances for PROFITS, Friendships & ROMANCE, you are likely to form NEW Bonds soon that will change your life for the BETTER! 

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