Be the light. Don’t engage with crazy this moon. This month started off intense w/ Scorpio New Moon shifting us in new directions.

All those planets that were retrograde started slowly moving us forward again. It feels like the landscape has changed.  We’re in Kansas anymore…

I’ve personally been purging more this month. This is  always a sign of a  changes to come. I wonder if any of you are feeling this urge to purge, too? 

Now we have a highly charged, partial lunar eclipse in Taurus on 11/19/2021. A fascinating astrological aspect of this Full Moon Taurus Eclipse is how it started on the New Moon Scorpio. First there was the Moon Conjunct Mars opposing Uranus in Taurus.  Now at the Full Moon, the moon is joining  Uranus in Taurus opposing Mars in Scorpio. This reminds me of a group of 3 friends. Two friends are in a tug of war conflict with each other. Mars in Scorpio is that Warrior Friend who has an out of control temper, can act rashly, even violently without thinking. This is a dangerous friend. Uranus in Taurus is an equally volatile friend who can shock you with sudden, unexpected actions.  The Moon is the friend who is a peacekeeping Mediator in the situation. First the moon talks to MARS in Scorpio to  shine a light. It tries to uncover what it going on. Then the moon goes all the way around the chart over to Uranus in Taurus.  It sees if Uranus can let go of it’s side of the tug of war.   Full Moons are all about Letting Go, Releasing. 

This moon is shining a light on a tense situation. It feels like a “WAR” aspect to me.  China is building up their arsenal right now.  I don’t want to go into fear.  We don’t know what this opposition is really about because it’s all a little bit blurred by this partial Lunar Eclipse.  We’re not  getting the full story from either side right now. The best thing you can do is practice NEUTRALITY.  Don’t take SIDES in any given situation.  Be like the moon.  Listen to both sides. Remain as NEUTRAL as you can.

Do not ENGAGE with CRAZY

We are only beginning to delve into this MYSTERIOUS Situation that will continue to REVEAL itself all through 2022 . We’re beginning this New Path w/ Moon’s Nodes entering TAURUS / Scorpio AXIS. I talked about last time in the Scorpio New Moon report.  Go back and watch that, if you want to learn all about this AXIS that will rule over 2022. This causes major Transformations, Deaths, Endings (Scorpio). Then by May, there will be a REBIRTH. I am already feeling this influence.  So many people crossing over suddenly, even pets, I/ve been sending so many Bridge Of Lightsfor so many clients, students & friends alike. HUG your LOVED Ones this Season, folks. There will also be more ending relationships or friendships. You may feel you are outgrowing some relationships or like old clothes. They just don’t fit you anymore or maybe you just need to take a break…

Mercury Square Jupiter next day on 11/20/21 When your MIND makes a promise your BODY can’t keep, we can tend to overextend ourselves now b/c Jupiter is so OPTIMISTIC & Mercury wants to do it all!!! There will be high hopes for the future vibes. This is a good time to make plans for 2022 while you have a positive outlook. Don’t forget all those pesky little details, like balancing your Checkbook  & even Energetic Accounting.  You have an urge to take on too much. Don’t promise too much to others, don’t overextend yourself.

Iching 36  Darkening of the Light, perfect for Eclipse

There is that time after Sunset, when darkness takes over.  You may be feeling a little lost.

When you find yourself in a dark cave, it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. 

You may feel anxious in this shift into the dark places, but know that this too will pass. Take this time out to rest now. This can be an internally very creative time. All things are conceived in dark places from the conception of a child to the germination of a seed.  Accept this part of the process & don’t try to struggle against the dark. Powerful changes are occurring within, nourish yourself to support this process of becoming.

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