I have to start this January 2nd New Moon in Capricorn at 12 degrees with the famous Quote for CHAOS, Where Great Dreams Begin… Before a great vision can become reality there may be difficulty. Before a person begins a great endeavor, they may encounter chaos.

So as we set our Course of DIRECTION for 2022 in this is Cardinal Earth Sign of Capricorn, we can be just like a sailor setting off with a clear destination in mind,  we can get out our Maps, to PLAN our Journey, It’s best to set a line from point A to Point B, where are we now & where do we want to BE by the end of this year, but then as we set sail these WILD WINDS may take us in different directions than we had planned, this year requires more patience & persistence with our process than ever before. 

I study both Western Astrology & Chinese 9 Star Ki Astrology & in my December report I said how this December would be a Window into what we will see in 2022 b/c in the 9 Star Ki we just had a 5 Soil Center Star Month & in 2022 the whole year will be ruled by this 5 Soil Center Star Month, which can sometimes be considered a Winds of Change Star or a Hurricane Star & sure enough we saw this with all the Tornados in Kentucky! 2022 will have more EARTH related happenings like this b/c we are moving into a strong EARTH STAR Year & we still have URANUS in TAURUS coming in stronger than ever with unexpected Earth Events as taurus is an Earth sign & add to that the Taurus / Scorpio AXIS symbolizing Earth & Water Events that will TRANSFORM our World combined with this 9 Star Ki MOIST Soil Star, I think the pendulum could swing from severe drought to flash flooding in 2022 as the Earth tries to bring BALANCE & Equilibrium where we currently have severe imbalances in nature, the Earth will always survive, the question is WILL We? 

The Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 12 degrees

An ILLUSTRATED LECTURE ON NATURAL SCIENCE REVEALS LITTLE-KNOWN ASPECTS OF LIFE recently being discovered, An ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover new laws underlying the complex process of nature. Scientists are on an intellectual search for new solutions and technology. I think in 2022 EARTH SCIENCES will come into FOCUS & take us in new directions with brand new DISCOVERIES that might just be out of this world, I can’t wait for that! 

So as you can see with all this CHAOS to come as our world is completely Transformed & Reborn in 2022, I do still think 2022 will be a GOOD Year of REBIRTH but you will want to write out your New Moon / New Year Intentions really well this year, with clear, concise, manageable goals & you may need to go back to your GOALS several times to see if you are still on course this year as these massive waves of change will be rocking our boats & taking us in all kinds of unexpected directions. It will be wise to keep returning to your center board, just as you would if you were sailing some rough seas,  remember your WHY, your PURPOSE & know your Trajectory Well as you may have to re-route your course to get there again & again & again this year. 

The first aspect that will take us off course in 2022 will be Mercury in Aquarius going RETROGRADE back to Mercury in Capricorn happening January 14-22, our first retrograde of the Year & I am going to do a whole separate Video about Mercury Retrograde b/c it is my #1 Question asked by everyone, so I will explain it in full detail in another video that will come out before this Retrograde make sure you hit the Subscribe & the bell notification so you see it! 

We already have Venus retrograde in Capricorn happening until January 29th that is really affecting our relationships & so many people are re-evaluating what they want in LOVE right now, if you are having relationship struggles or feeling unsure, just give it some time before you throw away your relationship, wait until February, you might feel differently then. This can be a transformative time to do relationship counseling, to figure out how to have your needs met better in your relationship or if you are single, you might want to some soul searching about what it is you really desire in love before you find your next partner, make a list of your relationship priorities. 

When I start a new year, I love to look at ALL the Aspects that will be most affecting me & then putting them in my Calendar so I can prepare for both the Obstacles & the Opportunities to come, I know what will be my most difficult days & what will be my Lucky Stars Aligning Days. This really helps me decide when to go full steam into a project & when to pull back my energy & take a rest.  This is the beauty of having a full Western Astrology Chart done in January to help you set your course for the year. There’s no sense trying to make something happen when the planets are against you, if you strike while the iron is hot & the planets are truly supporting your mission, you can ACHIEVE much more with less efforting!!! 

JUPITER ENTERS PISCES ON 12/28 where Jupiter will stay until May 10th 2022, Pisces was once Jupiter’s original ruling sign before it became Sagittarius in Astrology, so Jupiter is much more comfortable in its old home than it has been in Capricorn of Aquarius, finally our money outlook will feel Hopeful again!!!

Jupiter will conjunct Neptune this year on April 12th, 2022 bringing new, other worldly creativity to how we manifest & make our money that I am looking forward to! This is a time to truly manifest by raising your energetic vibration & ALLOWING things to come to you instead of feeling like you have to go out & just WORK SO HARD for everything, that was Jupiter in Capricorn, Aquarius, now we can truly dream up our life in creative ways instead of feeling like we have to “Figure it all out.” The old way was so HEAVY & now we are lightening up as we go into 2022, you can “Channel” ideas now & let Source work through you to manifest all you desire, instead of working so hard.. If we can focus on our energetic vibration instead of the piles of work we have, we can have a true AWAKENING in 2022 that will take us so much farther than all that Saturn Struggling, Hard Work & getting into your Heart Center & Feeling LOVE energy will actually bring you more Abundance in 2022 than all those hours of heavy lifting work you were doing in 2021. It’s a MAJOR SHIFT of consciousness, as if someone put something in your drink, you may feel a little out of body as you make this profound shift, I’ve noticed so many of my clients feeling “out of body” this month & that is normal as we are moving into these higher vibrations for 2022 it can feel like you are out of sorts, just go with it, ground yourself, get out in nature & breathe in this new way of being, it IS going to be a better way in the long run….

North Node has moved into that Taurus Scorpio Axis for 2022 & that is another Video I hope to make soon to let you know what ALL that means, but basically this is a cycle of Rebirth / Death / Transformation in 2 very powerful Fixed Signs, so wherever you have Taurus / Scorpio in your chart you will be feeling this ALL year with 4 Eclipses coming in 2022 in these signs. If you have Taurus or Scorpio North Node you will be on a Soul Assignment this year, where FATE will take you on a journey & it will most likely be out of your control, I think of North Node Returns like being stationed in the Military, you will be given a task you must complete & there is simply no getting out of this Soul Lesson, it is why you are here, to fulfill this duty! 

In 9 Star Ki 2022 will be a 5 Center SOIL Star I will be doing 9 Star Ki readings for 2022 soon & they will post here, make sure you subscribe & hit the bell notification so you get those. You can watch my whole report about what a 5 Soil Center Star Year means, but in the meantime, right now we are in a 4 WOOD Star Month until January 4th which is known as the TREE that bends in the WIND, like a Willow Tree, this will be a time to adapt to the changes happening around us & be like the LEAF on the wind, especially if you happen to be driving over these holidays. 

IChing for this New Moon Capricorn is

46: Pushing Upward This is a time for gradual advancement, represented by a SPROUT that pushes upward through the earth, by lifting heavy soil to grow towards the LIGHT. There may be Obstacles as this Sprout Pushes upward, such as rocks or weeds that block progress, but the key is to keep moving UPWARD towards the Sunlight. There could be a period of promotion and prosperity for you if you succeed in Sprouting forth.   A wise person, in harmony with fate, is sensitive to the energy of their surroundings but also determined to complete a task at hand. Make a sincere effort to apply a determined effort against the forces of inertia by bending around obstacles that arise, and good fortune will follow. Remain flexible as you continue to grow and advancee. Willpower and self-control are necessary to manage growth properly, but an inner passion & enthusiasm for life is what fuels the upward motion. Be like the TREE that draws power from its roots, stay grounded this month.