2022 We will enter the 5 Center Soil Star Year in the 9 Star Ki & we will all be going HOME to our own Stars! Find your STAR in the chart below:FF

On the New Moon of Tuesday, February 1st 2022 will be the Chinese New Year & this is when the 9 Star Ki will move into our new stars for the year in NINE STAR KI, Chinese Astrology & we will collectively move into a 5 SOIL Center Star Year. This 5 Star year is so beautifully illustrated with the Chinese Symbol for CHAOS that says this is where GREAT DREAMS BEGIN…Before a Great VISION becomes a REALITY, there may be difficulty. Before a person begins a great Endeavor, they may encounter CHAOS.

This is different than the Animal Zodiac where 2022 will be a Tiger Year & that is a fun system, 9 Star Ki Astrology is different…

Nine Star Ki is a Chinese Astrology based on a Five Elements system used in Traditional Chinese Medicine like Acupuncture and the Bagua of Feng Shui used to read the energy of your HOME.  This is a nature based tradition, where we are born into certain elements and each year we travel through other elements within this 5 elements star. Your home also has a 9 Star Ki that will directly affect your health, wealth and love life. You can find your 9 Star Ki with the Chart in this Video & I will also link it to my 9 Star Ki BLOG at Kimimihealingarts.com, link below, that has a 9 star ki CHART in it. Because this is based on a LUNAR New Year, it begins on the first New Moon of a new year, this year it will be on the Aquarius New Moon of February 1st, the date is always fluctuating from year to year based on the MOON. So it s best to calculate from Feb. 1st generally of any year, if you are right on the cusp, say you were born late January through early February,  you may want to find out exactly what day Chinese New Years was on the year you were born online to be sure. 

Chinese New Years is a time to prepare to have a Good New Year by cleaning your house, paying off all debts, cutting your hair, and buying new clothes, especially new red underwear. It’s an auspicious time to hang prayer flags to bring good luck. You can burn candles & incense in your home to honor your ancestors and purify your home from negativity. It’s nice to gather with family & friends for a special meal on this day.

2022 is a 5 Center Soil Star Year

In 2022,  we leave the 6 Metal Star of 2021 &  move into this 5 SOILCenter Star year collectively, when you have 9 Numbers, you can see that the 5th number is the Center & so we will all be finding our CENTER this year,  we will ALL go HOME again, to our OWN Stars, our OWN Elements & we have not been home to our own Stars in over 8 years. So we might finally start to feel like ourselves again. Now, we can root down into our own Elements, get grounded & be in our own power…

I see 2022 as a time of REBIRTH for ourselves & for our world because we have this moist soil Star year, this is like the earliest Spring Time when the farmer tills the well composted soil & it is dark & lush & so ready for us to plant our seeds. There is so much POTENTIAL in this 2022 year to grow something new.  Whatever is planted in this dark, rich soil will grow deep roots & be everlasting.  So if you start a new business or new relationship if has this everlasting potential. This is especially true for those of you who are 5 Center Stars but we can all grow something new in 2022, this can be a time to take a new direction, to try a new way of doing things, to grow a new variety in your garden of life. 

Earth’s Soil will come into focus this year, how we care for it, how we protect it, FARMING & Growing Organic food will be in focus, more people will be growing foods in their own yards. We will see lots of Earth, Soil related happenings like LANDSLIDES, Earthquakes and I am hoping the drought situation gets better because this is a MOIST Soil Star, may the fields  become moist again, let’s all hope for that!!! 

5 Soil Star also relates to Karma,  as you sow, so shall you reap…. Justice and Consequences will finally be served to those who have wronged our world in any way in 2022…  We will see so many important court cases played out this year, even the most mighty and powerful will have to pay for their wrongdoings. 

On the positive end, if you are Kind and Do Good things, you will reap rewards faster this year, your hard work will pay off quicker in a 5 Year!

5 Center Star Year is like an EQUINOX time, we are perfectly balanced now between darkness & light, Yin & Yang, Activity & Rest & like a brilliant Chess Player, we rest in the moment carefully considering WHERE to place our next Chess Piece, take time out to “re-evaluate” your place in the world, where have you been & where are you going, a time to Balance your Books, take stock of your situation, where are you spending your energy & is it paying off? Figure out ways to work smarter not harder, just as the Farmer is constantly considering which crops are yielding the best results, sometimes we have to take time out to re-evaluate our situation. 

This could be a CROSSROADS year and the decisions that we make this year will have far-reaching consequences, so consider your directions wisely! 

The Center Star holds enormous ENERGY & when you have this much energy, you can really “Yang” out, as if you’ve had too much coffee, you might overheated, too much fiery energy can cause more “ANGER” in our world, combined with a lot of MARS aspect coming in 2022 in Western Astrology, there is a real potential for WAR & fiery, even violent debates. 

When you feel your own Temper rise this year, try taking a Meta Moment, even if you are in an argument with someone you can just give yourself a moment, close your eyes, take a deep belly breath, maybe lift your shoulders up to your ears & then let them drop, take as long as you need until you feel calm. I have been in an argument with a hostile person & I have done this & it is the funniest thing just to see their response to me taking a moment, it actually calms them down, too or maybe it just confuses them, but the oxygen to your brain really helps you figure out how to handle the situation, if only everyone would do this when they are upset!!! 

The five year is seen as a Hurricane in some texts and just as Brandi Carlile sings, “you can dance in a Hurricane, but only if you’re in the EYE.” This Center Star asks to FIND our CENTER, go to the EYE of the STORM,  when the whole world is in a turbulent whirlwind around us, we must root down into our own element & remain as CENTERED as we can be. We will collectively come into our POWER in this Center Star year, there is a saying, the Storm that you thought would BREAK You, might just be the Storm that Makes you, if you’ve ever been in a challenging experience, you know that you usually come out of it with a newfound power. 

This is a good year for Centering activities like Meditation, Grounding Exercises, I am going to put out a Grounding Meditation soon for this chaotic year, Yoga, Nature Therapy, Tai Chi and remember wherever you are & whatever is happening around you, your BREATH is always available to you, so just BREATHE this year!!! 

By the end of this year, we might all be feeling like that cat hanging on a branch with the poster that says “Hang in there!” It will be an exciting year & an EXHAUSTING Year for us all, so Hang in there, Find your Center, 

there is great potential for GROWTH here in the Center Star!

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 I_Ching for 2022 3 BIRTH PANGS Difficulty in the Beginning

In the beginning of a new venture, relationship, moving to a new home or just going in a New Direction is a step into an UNKNOWN WORLD of Discovery… New ways of being in this new world may cause confusion. This Rebirth, NEW Energy is a powerful force when you remained center in your intentions, you can harness the Chaos. Do not let this years events overwhelm you. BAs you take the first step to begin to move forward once more, stay calm and ready to persevere. Do not start a new project or relationship before thinking it through because anything you begin this year will be long lasting, even mistakes made now can last years…. Even a small, careless direction in the beginning can cause you to get off course later on. Be sure to get the advice of wise mentors before you take your first step in any direction this year.