HOW TO HEAL with VENUS this Cancer Full Moon

I love CANCER Full Moon energy, this Divine Mother Goddess Energy reminds me of LAKSHMI, the Hindu Goddess who is so GIVING, she is the ultimate provider for everything we need, if you need anything you can ask Lakshmi at this moon & this is a good Moon to NURTURE ourselves, to be our own best Mothers, our own Provider, to give to ourselves, to eat nourishing foods, get the REST we need, take good care of yourself this moon, do your Selfcare, what do you do to truly PAMPER yourself? How do you truly LOVE yourself?
I am recording this on January 8th as VENUS moving Retrograde in Capricorn will be Conjunct the SUN in Capricorn, this is a magical transit that expands our HEART Center, our capacity for LOVE, this is such an optimistic time to experience all the BEAUTY that surrounds you & look at life through rose colored glasses especially since Venus was also SEXTILE to Neptune this week as well, this is a good week for RELATIONSHIPS whether you’re starting a new love affair, rekindling an old flame or bringing the passion back to your existing relationship, this is the week to let LOVE RULE your life, follow your HEART, do what you LOVE, put passion back into your life in all the ways you can imagine, there is hope in the air, a hope for Spring as flowers think about budding…. Then after VENUS connects with the SUN to shine her LOVE VIBES even brighter for us all, she will continue to move on her Retrograde Journey to go INTO THE UNDERWORLD, where she will become INVISIBLE as she hides from sight for us on Earth & Venus stays invisible until she re-emerges as Morning Star on January 17th at this FULL MOON CANCER right before we have the North Nodes moving into that Taurus / Scorpio Axis & Taurus is ruled by VENUS….

VENUS has a looong 584 day CYCLE where she travels from evening star, where she was for most of 2021, from MAY 2021 until she went Retrograde in Capricorn this Winter then she goes invisible in this UNDERWORLD & she Re-Emerges as Morning Star & VENUS is only Retrograde about 7% of that entire time, so this Venus Retrograde we are in right now is pretty rare & if you have Venus Retrograde in your chart, that is a rare aspect, I have it…

This Venus Retrograde going into her INVISIBLE, Underworld is a time of Divine Feminine Energy that is brewing under the surface, it’s getting ready to be ready to RISE UP, this is a time when our “Feminine Nature”, even if you’re a man, you have a Feminine Side & a Masculine side, YIN & YANG, so our more receptive, feminine side just needs TIME to be ALONE to PROCESS, to figure things out, to HEAL oneself in deeply internal ways, you may find yourself feeling more SENSITIVE to external noise at this time, you might just want to put your AIRPODs in & tune out the world,. You may be more sensitive to people around you. Especially, if you have any toxic people in your life, you may be feeling Highly Sensitive. You may be more introverted during this time, try to carve out more alone time, more SPACE to be in your own energy, even if it’s just taking a long, luxurious soak in a BATH TUB, for a few days….

This can also be a time for a deep DIVE journey of Forgiveness in your relationships & your family patterns…This would be an ideal time to do Family constellations group work, which is this powerfultranspersonal Psychology approach using a group to co-create past traumas from your upbringing. Family constellation experiences brings up universal themes within families that need to be addressed, brought to light & healed, It’s almost hard to explain this modality, I watched a wonderful Family Constellations example on GOOP’s netflix tv show Sex, Love & Goop show, it can really benefit your current relationships to HEAL your FAMILY’s past dynamics, check it out & if you happen to know of anyone who does Family Constellation work in the PNW I’d love to know, I’d love to try this healing modality, I’ve seen it done in person, but never experienced it myself, this would be a great time to try it!

This incredible VENUS underworld time also reminds me of the book “The RED TENT” If you haven’t read it, it is a powerhouse novel of Women Healers from biblical times, a Feminist Re-envisioning of a time when women may have seemeed disempowered but they had their own ways of finding Empowerment within their female tribes, the red tent is where you go when you are bleeding on your period, it was a healing time, a respite from their day to day duties. I had to pull out my Red Tent book as I was reflecting on VENUS in her Underworld….

In the red tent the truth is known. In the red tent, where days pass like a gentle stream, as the gift of Innana courses through us, cleansing the body of last month’s death, preparing the body for a new months life, women give thanks- for repose and restoration, for the knowledge that life comes from between our legs, and that life costs us this blood’.

This Invisible Venus time is kind of like Venus is on her period, she is just too powerful to be seen now, she must be hiding in her red tent…
So VENUS is going INWARD as the Moon is waxing, VENUS needs her time & space alone, to be UNSEEN, to do her Deep Dive into her subconscious, to heal her traumas, to heal the traumas of our WORLD & it’s just like they story of INANNA, who is deeply connected to VENUS, who also went into the UNDERWORLD, the myth says it was to conquer her Sister, Ereshkigal but those who study INANNA’s deeper intentions say it was to heal her relationship with her sister Ereshkigal to FORGIVE HER for her wrongdoings towards INANNA, if you know the story INANNA goes through a terrible ordeal with the 7 Judges of the Underworld & they strike Inanna dead, but then ENKI rescues Inanna & brings her back to life & she RISES UP & comes out of the Underworld, which is symbolized as VENUS Re- emerging as Morning Star, Inanna & Venus both are transformed & Reborn, stronger for their whole ordeal. This is the PATH of VENUS in her CYCLE First she is that shining Evening Star, close to the HEAVENS, dancing with the moon, adored by all night sky viewers then Venus goes Retrograde, appearing to be moving backwards, getting smaller & further from our sight until she becomes completely INVISIBLE as she takes that DEEP DIVE into the Underworld where she encounters a HEALING CRISIS with her Family & then she will Re-Emerge even brighter & stronger as MORNING STAR!

We are all undergoing this Transformation alongside VENUS right now, we are going into our own kind of UNDERWORLD, going INWARD, so many people are ISOLATED & ALONE at this time, maybe even in Quarantine, maybe you are feeling a NEED for more TIME & SPACE ALONE to process, to HEAL, to explore your inner landscapes & this is aligning so nicely with the North Nodes moving into Taurus / Scorpio Axis the very next day on 01/18 almost aligning exactly with the moment that VENUS rises as Morning Star, we will be entering that TAURUS Scorpio Axis that will be ruling our world this year. Scorpio is Death, Transformation,

Journeying to the UNDERWORLD & then rising from the Ashes as the PHOENIX, Taurus ruled by Venus is the Earth RE-BIRTHING itself every Spring where flowers bloom from dead grass meadows once more, there is HOPE that SPRING will return again & again & again, that the EARTH will continue to be reborn stronger like INanna emerging from Tragedy, pain & death.

PLUTO is also nearby Venus at 26 degrees of Capricorn conjuncting the Sun which increases our PERSONAL POWER, our ability to stand up for our wants & needs, especially in a relationship, but also to be Selffless, to transcend our own personal needs for the fulfillment of a greater good… Pluto rules Scorpio, Pluto also rules TRANSFORMATION, all I can say is LET THE GAMES BEGIN…. What are we going to Transform in our WORLD in 2022?!?! This is about our SOUL’s EVOLUTION & the EVOLUTION of our WORLD, it’s the deep SOUL Work we all came here to do at this time on Earth, this is the PERSONAL is POLITICAL, our experiences are being transformed just as the structures of our entire world around us are being transformed in this year….This is a time to get in your Highest Vibrational Alignment with what you want to see in the world going forward, be the Change you want to see, it can be as simple as growing a flower garden, even little actions now to improve our world will make a difference to come.

it’s going to be a BIG Year & with VENUS, Pluto, URANUS, Saturn & MARs all coming in so strong for all of 2022, we will see the EARTH CHANGING, too (TAURUS)

Get a bowl of popcorn & let the 2022 MOVIE begin because it’s going to be an EPIC Mythical Story, like Lord of the Rings, what will happen next in this SAGA we’re living in?!?! We will all be TRANSFORMED in ways we cannot even COMPREHEND right now.
I watched the video about Google Searches for 2021 & one of the main searches was “How to HEAL…” as a Healer of 23 years, I can say for myself, I have never, ever had so many clients seeking my services for REIKI, Massage, Energy Healings as I did in 2021… This call to DEEP INNER HEALING will continue on in 2022, even more… Everyone is trying to find their CENTER, their BALANCE, their Equilibrium b/c we have all been thrown off course with all the chaos & confusion of these past 2 years & I know everyone’s ? for me is, “does the Astrology say when it will get BETTER?” we want to get BETTER, we want to go back to NORMAL, we want our future to finally look brighter…. When we first had that Saturn Pluto Conjunction, I knew it was about to get CRAZY in ways we could not even comprehend & then the Pandemic broke out & many were asking me, “When will it be over?!?” Hoping I would say next week or something & at that time, my intuition said 2023
I’m still sticking to that prediction, too…
2023 it might start to turn around for our world, my son says there will be a RENAISSANCE after this is over & I hope he is right… I don’t think we’re there yet this year though, we will still be in some CHAOS for 2022 & in

some ways things may get even worse before it turns around to get back in the right direction sadly…
All we can do is focus on ourselves & our own HEALING, our own SELFCARE, our own COPING STRATEGIES & these are the strong points of CANCER, who is represented as the most compassionate, loving MOTHER who truly cares for her children, we must care for ourselves now in the way a most loving mother would, eating nourishing foods, drinking water, growing your own organic garden, exercise, massage, acupuncture, let it begin with Healing thyself Healers!!! If you know any Cancers you know they are exceptional at SELF CARE & they always get their REST, eat well, drink water, make time for long walks in nature, exercise, do breathwork & Cancers do their best to put their own health first & foremost. So at this Cancer Full Moon, put your HEALTH FIRST before you do your WORK, your taxes, before you care for others, HEAL YOURSELF, make your HEALING a PRIORITY in 2022….
We’ve seen how important it is to keep HEALTHY in this Pandemic time, what will you do to HONOR your BODY in 2022? Put it in your JOURNAL or write it on a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, drink more lemon water & less alcohol, whatever it is, schedule your PHYSICAL, your Massage, your dentist appointment
But your dentist appointment might just get canceled anyways b/c….

MERCURY RETROGRADE begins January 14th at 10 Degrees of Aquarius & will travel backwards to 24 degrees of Capricorn before stationing direct on February 3rd, so I am trying to get my Videos done & Uploaded well before all that starts b/c even now in the shadow, there’s been some technology issues showing up…If you know about Mercury Retrograde, you know this can be a time of DELAYS, Obstacles & communication breakdowns, in AQUARIUS the sign of how we RELATE to each other, oy vey, we can really have some interesting times ahead in how we relate to others out in the world & aren’t we already feeling this?

If you want to know more about Mercury Retrograde, this is the #1 ??? I get from people when I say I am an Astrologer “What is mercury retrograde all about again?” I am going to record a separate video devoted to Mercury Retrograde to explain it all, so I don’t have to go into so much detail every time it come arounds, 4 times every year…. It’s not as if you should NOT do anything during Mercury Retrograde, we have to live our lives, it will just explain how to ride out this tricky energy in the best ways. Every Mercury Retrograde has it’s own special sauce, it’s own flavor depending what sign it is in, where it’s going & how it gets along with other planets. This Retrograde begins in Aquarius, which has to do with the COMMUNITY & how we interact in Society, our Social Responsibilites & Mercury will be CONJUNCT SATURN in Aquarius, Saturn is Rules, Regulations & Restrictions relating in Aquarius to how our Communities operate, which we are seeing even more of now as Covid cases are rising again & there’s so much CONTROL coming in around all of that & Mercury will also be SQUARE URANUS, which may cause “Rebellion” around the restrictions but also creating big CHANGES in how things will be in our future daily routines, how we will interact in our Communities, could this be an indicator of the METAVERSE coming soon to a VR Headset near you or what? That Mercury Square Uranus will become EXACT on February 24th, I will talk more about it in my next report, so hit Subscribe & the bell notification to find out what EXCITING NEWS Mercury Square Uranus will bring us!!!!

9 Star Ki Astrology for those of you who follow, we have moved out of the 4 Bamboo Tree into the 3 Blooming TREE Star where we will be until February 03rd this will give us a burst of energy to accomplish more at work and set new goals for the year, a good time to start a new exercise regime.

After there has been a time of stress or tension, there must come a time of release, like the freshness in the air after a Thunderstorm. The barometric pressure has released with the rains & now the air is clear, there is a feeling of new opportunity & optimism. A rain of forgiveness can wash relationships clean after conflict or arguments.

Newfound clarity of purpose and renewal follows healing of old wounds, but care must be taken to avoid accidentally reopening these wounds by moving too quickly. Following a resolution of a difficult situation, your first priority is to return to normal conditions as quickly as possible. Breathe a sigh of relief. Make a clean sweep of past mistakes. Forgive, forget, and move on to see if your fortunes improve.

I leave you with One last quote from the Red Tent this Cancer Full Moon & I will give a distance energy clearing

for all of you who watches this…

Fear not, the time is coming
Fear not, your bones are strong Fear not, help is nearby
Fear not, the earth is beneath you Fear not, we have water and salt Fear not, little mother
Fear not, mother of us all