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February 16th 8:56 am 27 Degrees of LEO


LEO rules the HEART, BLOOD Circulation, blood pressure & the Aorta, perfect Valentine’s Day Full Moon..

So Much LOVE & Passion with this SEXY MOON.

This LEO Full Moon is a culmination of that Desire you held on August 9th 2021. What were you trying for then, can you remember what you wanted to manifest last Summer? Did it come into fruition? This is manifesting with the Moon Cycles, we plant our SEEDS of Intention on the NEW MOON & it may take until that sign becomes a FULL MOON to happen, our last LEO New Moon was at that Powerful LIONSGATE Portal last Summer,. Since that time, we have we been through some powerful growth cycles, too. Many of us have experienced a lot of Challenges, mostly coming from SATURN squares.. I’ve been doing a bunch of Astrology Chart Readings. I am seeing so many tough SATURN Transits for so many people… This is when I hate Astrology, you don’t want a bad transit to ruin your day or you month. It IS good to know so you realize, this too will pass! Things will get BETTER, this is just a hurdle to get over. There is a DATE on your Astrological chart when you know it WILL be complete, shining light at the end of tunnel, .  Our whole Country is going through some tricky TRANSITS right now & we are all feeling it!!! 

This FULL MOON in LEO at 27 Degrees is QUINCUNX PLUTO in Capricorn at 27 Degrees & how many Full Moons have we had in a row at 27 DEGREES? This is close to that critical degree, this is when the Astrological Sign is at it’s STRONGEST Energy & there can be Big SHIFTS in our world & at a more subtle level, it can represent a SHIFT in CONSCIOUSNESS & I think that is happening collectively right now, we’re all feeling it!

Capricorn is that Mountain Goat, struggling to climb the ledges & PLUTO is bringing up transformations, FEAR, the UNKNOWN Changes to come that cause ANXIETY, Subconscious Tension, probably some crazy dreams this Full Moon night, if you’re not already having them, I have been having incredible dreams & so have my clients, lots of people dreaming about SEA creatures, Whales, Jelly Fish, the OCEAN, I’d love to hear about your dreams, drop a comment if you’ve got a crazy dream, too…  A Pluto Mountain Goat quincunx the HEART of the LION, there could be some relationship insecurities, paranoia & even conspiracy theories running wild with this,  remember trust your HEART….your HEART knows,

SABIAN SYMBOL for LEO at 27 Degrees is 


Exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle.

While the rainbow marks the end of the crisis, early dawn indicates the real beginning of new period of activity. In the Biblical symbolism Noah plants his “vineyard” — he begins to teach the “secret doctrine” which he inherited from those Sons of God who had not been sucked down into whirlpools of materiality. After the “peak experience” in which we touch our “divine” potentialities comes the struggle with everyday problems (So SATURN). But at first the state of deep inner exultation remains within us. We are aglow with its promise.The crisis and the blessings it has brought to us are relatively unusual events; every day has its dawn, which we should meet with a pure heart and a clear mind. Alpha (Dawn) and Omega (A concluding peak experience) are opposites, yet the same. The Keyword here is ILLUMINATION. That is the LEO at 27 degrees Symbol, let’s look at that EXACT 27 degree of Capricorn where Pluto will be to understand this QUINCUNX…


The ascent of the individualized consciousness to the highest realizations reached by the spiritual leaders of its culture.

We hear a great deal now about “peak experiences,” but this symbol tells us that they depend to a great extent upon following a path that many have trod before, under the inspiration of the great Teachers and Sages of our race. The shrine is built by the unceasing dedication of perhaps generations of men. The pilgrimage is hallowed by the devotion of many, even though each person finds on their own mountaintop what to them seems a unique and transcendent revelation. Here we witness a rise of the human consciousness!  It is man’s supreme task to rise like fire, impelled by a collective vision shared with their companions. The Keyword: UPRISING

Wow both 27 Degrees Sabian Symbols are talking about the same thing, A PEAK Experience that will illuminate our Collective Consciousness…. What will that be?

That 27 Degrees of PLUTO is also where we will have America’s first ever Pluto Return which may ILLUMINATE some hidden truths about our Country… What will come of this INTENSE PLUTO RETURN on 02/22/2022 for the United States in 2nd House of Wealth & Possessions, wowee!  I’m so tired of saying this is going to be an INTENSE transit, but… this may just be the most INTENSE Transit we see all yeaar & it’s effects are so far reaching, like rare Sun-Pluto-Saturn-Mercury conjunction of January 12, 2020. that we had at the start of COVID, that pretty much affected us for ALL of 2020 & let’s face it we are still reeling from ALL that brought into our world…Pluto Return will be rocking our world for a really long time, too, in so many ways!  

Pluto was stationed here at 27 degrees in 1776 when the UNITED States was Born & it takes about 248 years for PLUTO to return to the place it was when you born, so most of us will never personally experience a Pluto return, unless you live as long as YODA.  This Pluto Return could really rock our FINANCIAL SYSTEMS,  I don’t know what we do about that, take all of our money out of the banks & put it under our mattress? I think we are already seeing the effects with INFLATION, the Stock Markets are VOLATILE.  

Pluto return is the END of a Karmic Cycle, as the ruler of Scorpio it rules over SECRETS, SEX, the UNDERWORLD & that whole Death, Transformation which ties in so well with those North Nodes again, we can only hope that our Financial System will be REBORN better with that TAURUS North Node coming in strong.  Pluto return can be about the End of an EMPIRE, boy America sure is an Empire right now fighting all the world’s problems..

This could be about ANCIENT secrets coming to light with this Transit, I was thinking about our Founding Fathers, George Washington & Benjamin Franklin being members of the Freemasons, that is a whole Google Rabbit Hole for you, I’d love to know more about the Freemasons, I think PBS covered this,  their power fascinates me & the Freemasons funded the construction of many of our Nation’s Symbols of Power, like the Washington Monument built in the EGYPTIAN symbol of the Obelisk, a powerful Symbol of REBIRTH after death, used in Egyptian Temples where people of power are buried, to assure they are reborn with all of their glorious powers intact..tying into the theme of 2022 Death Rebirth Cycle, Scorpio Taurus Axis… Think of the PYRAMID on our DOLLAR Bill, another Free Mason symbol borrowed from Egypt with the EYE of HORUS, a powerful death/rebirth symbol again as the story goes there was a mythical battle between Horus & Set, SET tore out Horus’s Eye, then THOTH healed his EYE & placed a protection spell, so this EYE is a Symbol of HEALING & Protection, later Horus gives his EYE to his FATHER OSIRIS when he dies so that he can be REBORN… What will come of this transit? It won’t happen in ONE Day, I saw a meme that said, “What a Time to be ALIVE, it’s like watching the Collapse of ROME but with WIFI & Netflix.”  

We are all here to witness whatever is coming next, for some reason, we chose to be here, right? Leo energy is all about SHOWING UP & Shining LIGHT as bright as you can. What are you showing up for right now & how can you shine your light in the world?  LEO is ruled by the radiant SUN who shines for ALL no matter what anyone’s political beliefs are, no matter if you are rich or poor, no matter if you are vaccinated or not, the SUN will shine it’s infinite rays of energy to warm everyone all alike. Leos can be so giving of their energy, their radiant warmth, which is nice to think about in a COLD February. This Full Moon would be a fun one to have a Fire Pit, to enjoy the warmth & light with your loved ones.

Venus Mars Conjunction 

16 degrees of Capricorn, this Conjunction happens every year & usually last between a week to 10 days but in 2022 it will go on for 2 FULL MONTHS, until April, a 2 Month Long LOVERS Conjunction, MEOW!!!. In Mythology Venus & Mars were 2 forbidden LOVERS, like Romeo & Juliet, they were extremely attracted to each other but FATE kept them apart except on occasion when they would meet in a clandestine way, so you may be tempted to have a FUN Fling during this Conjunction, but FATE may keep you from having a real, long lasting committed relationship at this time..At least you can enjoy the ride for now.

It’s really a TRIPLE Conjunction b/c MERCURY is so close by, bringing in a wonderful ability to COMMUNICATE in your Relationships as Mercury is Direct now.

TRINE URANUS could bring UNEXPECTED Romance, that shows up SUDDENLY & can expand your MIND, it can feel “Out of this WORLD” Heart EXPANSION, QUANTUM LEAP Manifestations, Ambitions (Mars) 

There is so MUCH ENERGY coming in with this Conjunction that sometimes all that Energy can lead to anger, too… It’s just like when I teach Reiki Classes & students get a Reiki Attunement, I like to say, it’s not all Rainbows & Unicorns, sometimes when you increase your ENERGETIC VIBRATION a side effect can be Anger or crankiness. If you think of the HERTZ Energetic Scale though, where the lowest energy is darkness & depression & the HIGHEST Vibration is always LOVE, on the way up the ladder, there are some emotions that resonate higher than others, so if you are depressed and you have no energy, then you get all this ENERGY coming in finally to awaken & inspire you, a side effect may be ANGER b/c anger resonates at a higher frequency than Depression….It’s how you handle that energy that matters, really try not to blow up at the people you care about this Full Moon, go for a run, walk, exercise or try Kick Boxing instead! This MOON has SO MUCH YANG ENERGY between LEO, Mars & Venus combined with PLUTONIUM, it could be EXPLOSIVE for sure! Do not engage in road rage either! 

I’ve got to read the SABIAN Symbol for 16 Degrees of Capricorn where Venus & Mars meet in their celestial dance for 2 full months, I’m actually going to read 17 DEGREEs of Capricorn b/c it’s such a late degree of 16…

A REPRESSED WOMAN FINDS A PSYCHOLOGICAL RELEASE IN NUDISM. An escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body.  talk about DIVINE FEMININE RISING with that Venus as Morning Star! Under the pressure of religions that have created a sharp and unwholesome division between soul and body, society produced strict codes of values regarding the play of natural instincts, and has glorified them under the name of “decency” and “modesty.” The growing trend toward nudism, which has nothing to do with a “pornographic” display of one’s body — is a welcome protest against the depressing and neurosis-generating puritanism of the past. Men and women are demanding a healthy freedom of their body as a means of overcoming the constrictions of social behavior. RELEASE FROM INHIBITIONS… This might be a good Valentine’s Day to go to a clothing optional HOT Springs! This is a very Romantic, very SEXY Conjunction, a time when you can connect with the one you love in profound ways…. 

I think of the LOVE MANTRA from Thich Nhat Hanh

“Darling, I’m here for you….”

Thay says when you love someone this is the best mantra that you can offer them, when it comes with your PRESENCE, you look into their eyes & offer your loved one your complete awareness, time & attention. This is more powerful than buying roses or chocolates or even jewelry! The 2nd Mantra is to say back to your loved one with Mindfulness, “I am so happy because you are truly here with me now.” Recognizing the presence of your beloved one, so that they feel truly SEEN in that moment, we all want to be SEEN.  He says when you EMBRACE your Loved One with Mindfulness, they will BLOOM like a Flower with your LOVE, that is so romantic!!! To be LOVED means to be recognized for simply existing, like you would recognize a beautiful flower blooming in the forest.

Jupiter in Pisces SEXTILE Uranus in Taurus

Think Uranus “Unexpected” & Jupiter “EXPANSIONS” Unexpected Expansions, a time for sudden opportunities to come to us out of the blue offering us an increase, advancement or improvement in our life…We have more job opportunities in our world right now than ever, you could find a career shift that brings you far greater wealth with this aspect.  I may just buy a Lottery Ticket on this Day, with Uranus in my 2nd house of Wealth, why not?!