ARIES NEW MOON APRIL Fool’s Day is a Force of Nature this year.

Just as the Sun entering Aries begins the Astrological New Year on the Equinox, the New Moon in Aries marks the beginning of a new Lunar cycle year. If you watched my Spring Equinox Recording, you know that I mentioned that powerhouse couple Venus & Mars would be Squaring URANUS in TAURUS creating some kind of intense EARTH EVENTS & then we saw it for sure in that record breaking Tornado in New Orleans that lifted up whole homes & moved them, my goodness! Astrology is just incredible for predicting what is going to happen!

Now we have an ARIES New Moon this is the best Moon Cycle to plant your SEEDs of INTENTION for the whole year. We have all planets moving direct for just a little bit longer so USE this energy to set things in motion for whatever you want to manifest in 2022. 

This is a good time to motivate yourself to take action, to move forward on your BIG LIFE goals. If you’ve been wanting to make a big change, this is the time to go for it!  If you’re waiting for a Sign, here it is in this New Moon.

There is so much FORWARD momentum & OPPORTUNITIES coming with this energy & I’m on Opportunity OVERLOAD myself as I’ve beenplanning & plotting out my whole year ahead & working on our Spring Bend Health Guide & some incredible new things happening for me this year &  I’d love to tell you all about it, but you know I’ve learned something in my old age, don’t tell people your PLANS, your SEEDs of intention, the Opportunities that have come to you that are not quite in a solid form just yet b/c people, even the most loving ,supportive people in your life, they can put all their thoughts, fears, energy onto the thing you are birthing into being & manifesting & that can have a SERIOUS EFFECT on it! 

I remember when I was planning to move to BEND several years back & my massage clients did not want me to go at all! I should’ve never told them I was planning on moving to Bend, several of them admitted they were PRAYING I would not leave & we encountered so many strange obstacles getting here, I am sure it was their energy of not wanting me to leave. So if you’ve got some BIG PLANS this Aries New Moon & this is the time to start some BIG PLANS for the Future… My advice to you is….

Keep it like a SECRET for now if you’ve got big plans on your horizon!

Aries is the baby of the Zodiac being that first sign & like a baby Aries learns best through experience and action, so it’s time to TRY something new,  get into your  BEGINNERS MIND now, look at problems with fresh solutions. Revitalize yourself through experiences that break the routine and that involve doing something new and fresh, even if it’s just eating something out of the ordinary. 

THIS NEW MOON ALSO BRINGS IN AN AWAKENING ENERGY…LIKE THE DAWNING of a new day, there is a new, vibrant energy pouring in this Spring, even in the midst of all the chaos in the world, there is this sense of heightened JOY, LOVE & Radiant new energy pouring in as the Earth’s Atmospheric Electromagnetic Energy is actually increasing, you can go down a whole rabbit hole about the Schuman Resonance but the best way to tap into these Earth’s energy & the Harmonics at 7.83 Hertz, known as the Earth’s Heartbeat, all you need to do to connect to this energy is take your barefeet out into the ground near you whether it’s your backyard grassy lawn, the ocean sand or just sticking your feet in the MUD, you can connect to this incredible EARTH ENERGY & use it to propel you forward this month.

On April 12th we will have a RARE Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Pisces, this has not happened since 1856!!! This will create a global, Spiritual AWAKENING the likes we have not experienced in our lifetime, I am excited to be ALIVE for this one & I am so excited about this transit, I am going to make a whole separate video about it, make sure you like & subscribe so you get that one, this transit will truly transform our lives & you can learn how to align with the energy of Jupiter & Neptune on this day. 

This New Moon aligns with Mercury giving us a clear mindset for making plans ahead, WRITING down your TO DO LIST and there’s few obstacles to stop us from achieving those goals at least for this month of April before Mercury goes Retrograde on May 10th. This Moon Mercury alignment makes it a good time to channel your mental energy into a creative project, too, either music, writing or a podcast, this is an expressive time & your thoughts will flow outwards well.

Venus &  Mars traveling close together & causing havoc where every they go, now they will conjunct Saturn at this New Moon, first Venus on March 28th causing some arguments in our love relationships as Venus in Aries loves to start fights & then Mars on April 04th, the sign of Aries is ruled by Mars so Mars feels right at home here, ready to be the WARRIOR he is meant to be, could this be the time to finally fight back against what is happening in Ukraine? Perhaps, but as it is said, sometimes the smartest warrior does not go to war when the risks are high but instead stays home to sharpen their knives & get ready to be ready for the fight they can finish, so we may not see any outward aggressions at this New Moon but there may be some undercover tactical actions being worked out with patience & foresight that will be better served when tempers are not so hot.  

Wherever Mars in ARIES shows up in your Chart is where your Ambitions will be this month & we may finally be ready to work hard and get ahead in our careers but we will have to combat some inner fears of success or not being good enough at this time, too with that Square to SATURN.

This New Moon & the Sun both at 11 degrees Aries is nearing  Conjunction with CHIRON at 12 degrees of Aries, Chiron is the WOUNDED WARRIOR HEALER & the last time we had the New Moon Conjunct Chiron was when COVID first started, March 24, 2020 & we are still in this HEALING CRISIS time, sorry to say it’s not over as much as you may want it to be, we will still be seeing Health Issues from Covid to Long Hauler problems to bird flus still affecting our world b/c Chiron is still hanging out there in ARIES, where Chiron is EXALTED & CHIRON wants you to focus on Healing your deepest wounds & Many of US have been having a very intense Chiron in Aries return for anyone born between 

1968 through 1976 & this Chiron in Aries Transit will be going strong until 2027 which puts Health & Wellness into FOCUS now more than ever & I just learned that the WELLNESS INDUSTRY is the fastest growing industry globally right now, it’s a 4.7 BILLION Dollar Industry as more people are craving Health & Wellness in their lives now than ever, this is an excellent time to own a business in the Health & Wellness fields. I’m hoping to bring a Wellness Summit to Bend soon with the Bend Health Guide to shine a light on all the latest Wellness Trends, so I guess that’s one UPSIDE of this Chiron in Aries, I did a full report on Chiron in Aries for my other Bend Health Guide channel, I’ll link it here. 

Sabian Symbol for 11 Degrees of Aries is interesting, remember the Virgo Full Moon we had the Sabian Symbol of a Bald Man who has seized POWER over the World & that was crazy now we have 

ARIES 11°: THE RULER OF A NATION & The power resulting from an integration of the collective desire for order.This symbol refers to the appearance of the (personal) ego as the central manifestation of a type of “order” which transcends and seeks to rule the emotional and instinctual drives of an individual person. Actually the ruler at this social-political and mental level of integration is often the one who is being ruled by collective pressures. Nevertheless, a desire for a larger type of integration has now emerged. It is no longer biological-impulsive (Aries 1°) or emotional-personal (Aries 6°), but social-collective and institutional. At this ego level, laws and the restrictive power of a police force are dominant features. Psychologically speaking, this means that the integrative principle is the limited, more or less narrow “I am” realization. It manifests itself as the personal ego exerting its will to control the reactions of the bio-psychic organism. This indicates a CENTRALIZATION OF POWER at the level of a social collective consciousness. Well that’s an intense Sabian Symbol, again so perfect for our times…the social-collective is trying to regain power as NATO comes together to try to Police Russia’s War Crimes in this insane GLOBAL WAR… We shall see what comes of this.

This Aries / Libra Axis is all about the Personal & the Political really.  Aries is like the BABY who is all about getting his own needs met, it’s a focus on SELF REALIZATION whereas LIBRA, the Scales, is all about BALANCING what is right for EVERYONE & how to foster RELATIONSHIPS, we will see more of that LIBRA energy as we move towards the Libra Full Moon happening on April 16th, 2022 & remember to like, subscribe & comment for a chance to WIN a FREE Astrology Chart Reading, I will draw that WINNER for my Libra Full Moon report. I’ll be focusing on the ECLIPSE Portal that we are moving into now for that report, too! 

For now, as I focus on this Aries New Moon, this is always the best time to work on your SELF & manifesting with those powerful I AM Statements, Try standing in front of a Mirror this New Moon, looking at yourself, hands on your heart & looking deep into your own eyes & saying any IAM statement you need to hear right now: I am SAFE that I am, I am protected that I am, I am Peace that I am, I am ABUNDANCE that I AM,  I am LOVE that I AM & imagine that you are sending out this IAM to the world I AM HEALED that I am I am creating change in my world that I am.Whatever you wish to become simply say I am that thing that I am. I am a Millionaire that I am. Just have FUN with it & OWN it, this is the moon to STEP into WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME!