Scorpio gives this Full Moon an intensity and depth that most people are not comfortable with. Blood Moons are full of Evil Lurking Lore from our Ancestors, just as Scorpio is deemed as a scary sign, too, this will be a double Thriller Moon! In Ayurvedic Astrology they would say do not look at this Eclipse b/c it is the Demon Rahu drinking an elixir of immortality but the Twin deities Sun and Moon decapitate Rahu, but because RAHU consumed the elixir, Rahu’s head remains immortal & Rahu’s head chases the sun and moon trying to devour them. If he catches them we have an eclipse – Rahu swallows the moon, which appears RED out of RAHU’s bloody, severed head. The Mayans believed a blood moon to be JAGUAR attacking the moon until it bled & they would bang drums loudly all night to keep this Jaguar away. In Ancient times they would hide Kings & Pregnant Women to protect them from evil forces & death. Even if you don’t believe in all these ancient superstitions, this moon may invoke fear in us all.

This eclipse may reveal secrets ruled by Scorpio, you’ll have incredible dreams, a good night to take Kava Kava tincture or you may have heightened intuition and intense feelings. This Full Moon brings an ending or culmination, it’s about LETTING GO & this strong Eclipse Energy could have doors close & then later new doors will swing open – especially ones that should have been opened before and someone behind the scenes worked to keep it away from us or maybe your path was blocked by obstacles before but now it is available again, there is a re-emergence with this eclipse. This is a good eclipse to chant & pray to GANESH, who helps us overcome obstacles because of course he is the one who put them there in the first place, so he can take them away.
Scorpio can bring about obsessive/possessive types of behavior as Scorpios can be OCD. You might lose something under this influence, like you can’t find your cell phone or car keys & you’re going crazy looking for it. Or you may lose something for real, loss of job, relationship, FOCUS, This is a big letting go time & Scorpios do NOT like LOSE Anything ever, especially their possessions but you just have to embrace the energy of this Eclipse, it’s like a massive OCEAN WAVE with Mars in Pisces now, you can not fight this strong WAVE, if you’ve ever body surfed at the beach, you have to let the waves take you to shore, if you struggle against a wave or try to swim through a wave, you will wear yourself out going against the tide, you have to stay WITH THE TIDE & let it carry you!

if something or someone is leaving or something is Ending, you just have to let it go. You will want to cling to it, don’t. If it is meant for you it will stay and become even stronger and more solid. If it isn’t meant to be, let it go now & know that you are making space for something even better. Even if you’re not a Scorpio, you have Scorpio showing up somewhere in your chart & that is where you may experience some kind of loss this month.
That earthy Taurus Sun will be opposite this intense Watery Moon providing some EARTHING stability in this otherwise emotionally imbalanced eclipse but for individuals with a significant placement such as Scorpios & Taurus & those w/ North Nodes in those signs this could be an intense time of rapid changes that will be affecting you ALL YEAR! You are the LOTUS blooming out of MUD right now & you may feel like you’re stuck in the MUCK as you are transforming psychologically to a higher level, TRUST that things WILL GET better for you & this Eclipse can even bring you to a higher financial level as Scorpios are so good at MANIFESTING Money as they rule 8th House of SEX, DEATH & MONEY, but it can also be Taxes, I know as a Scorpio myself, I just paid a bunch of taxes from all my manifesting & you just have to be grateful that this BILL is an affirmation of all the WEALTH that you have made, right?! With Abundance comes TAXES & that is 8th House Scorpio right there.

This Scorpio Full Moon is opposite URANUS in TAURUS whose been very ACTIVATED by this ECLIPSE PORTAL on the Taurus/Scorpio axis, Uranus is causing unexpected Earth Events as I sit here in snow in April one week after we just had record breaking heat in the PNW but we are getting off easy b/c in other parts of the world there’s tornadoes, hurricanes & floods. A Powerful, INTENSE Scorpio Blood Moon opposite Uranus in Taurus can cause deep emotional wounds to rise to the surface now & may cause some relationship turmoil that is not even about your relationship but more about your own issues coming up…. Be mindful about how you react to others now because emotionally charged decisions could turn a minor disagreement into total chaos with this eclipse. CHAOS is our word for the Year! Your emotions may be stronger than normal, so be careful of the disruptive force of your words & actions at this time. Scorpios love to burn it all down, but maybe take some time to yourself instead of destroying something that’s worth saving. Eclipses are not a time for making important decisions about your relationships or family. Uranus is known for unexpected events & fast moving energy so you maybe looking for excitement on this Lunar Eclipse. Chance encounters can lead to unexpected twists and turns in your path ahead, try to keep your FOCUS on your true intentions & don’t go chasing shiny things that lead you down the wrong road, once again we have a moon that you should stay away from drugs, alcohol or any mind altering substances b/c this moon will be mind altering enough on it’s own!

You will want to have your wits about you as unexpected changes will require your keen mind to navigate. Which won’t be easy when we have….A NEPTUNE in PISCES SEXTILE to this Eclipse which makes us feel emotionally sensitive & again highly intuitive but also confused & delusional, this is that Alice in Wonderland, imaginative energy but combined with the intensity of a TOTAL LUNAR Eclipse in Scorpio, now it can feel like we’re in a scary HALL of MIRRORS & it’s a confusing place to find ourselves.
Fear, Negativity & Scarcity may be coming up strong & out of nowhere now & you will have to fight their powers with LOVE & JOY, not in that toxic positivity way, but going deep in your HEART & getting tuned in to a higher LOVE vibration to combat your deepest fears that may rise to the surface now, treat your FEARS like a small child having a nightmare, acknowledge the fear, pain, or bad feelings, you might even want to write down your feelings & then gently coax those fears back to sleep…like you would a child, maybe leave a night light on or light a candle in the dark.
What is our Deepest FEAR now, tell me your biggest FEAR in the comments… Maybe it’s like Marianne Williamson said Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?

Mars will conjunct Neptune in Pisces exact on May 18th but we will already be feeling it with this Eclipse. Could this indicate a Confused Warrior…. or a Spiritual Wounded Warrior Healer with Chiron in Aries still showing up strong this month.
This is a time to tap into your DIVINE LIGHT once again, just like when we had that Jupiter conjunct Neptune but Mars brings an AMBITION & URGENCY to our Spiritual Enlightenment now, we’ve got to Transcend the Bullshit now & truly focus on our SOUL’s GRAND AMBITIONS, our SOUL Mission, our deep desires for fulfillment & sometimes people may think PISCES are a little bit SELFISH but I think Pisces being that last sign of the Zodiac has just figured out what it wants & Pisces in the 12th house is an old soul on their way to Enlightenment, it doesn’t have time for the mundane, stupid stuff & Pisces in Neptune Conjunct Mars is not going to let anyone get in their way of getting their GOAL of ENLIGHTENMENT, just like when someone is on their death bed, suddenly life comes into focus about what is the MOST important thing? Its LOVE, giving love & being loved, so this transit can feel like time is running out to get what you want most out of life & time to focus on your own desires & put your energy into making it all happen RIGHT now!
no pressure.
This Scorpio Moon trines this Mars & Neptune Conjunction, trines are all about New OPPORTUNITIES, something may show up for you in a mystical magical way this Eclipse. Mars will be sextile the North Nodes, trine the South Nodes. Opportunities to make changes, to let go of the past and move into your future self, who you were born to really be & this can be a time of stepping into a BIGGER ROLE, making more money now, or it can relate to a profound SHIFT in Consciousness, or finding a LOVE connection & having mind blowing SEX, something Scorpio is known for, but this can relate to those other 8th house issues like taxes, secrets, Psychological trauma, therapy & our deep core values.
Neptune sextile the North Nodes in Scorpio asks us to listen to SPIRIT & let Spirit guide us to find our new path that is our true DESTINY! This would be a magnificent Moon for Channeling or meditation, breathwork, yoga, any exercise that brings you Expanded Consciousness.

Saturn in Aquarius is in a Square to this Eclipse both fixed signs & Saturn has been squaring Scorpio so much why wouldn’t he bring on that diamond making pressure now for this big Blood Moon Day, this gives this eclipse more Transformative power just what Scorpios LOVE, MORE POWER please! This Power comes with deeply Spiritual, KARMIC LESSONS though…
Pluto who rules Scorpio is now Retrograde in Capricorn also bringing up Karmic Lessons asking us to HEAL our INNER Child & calling for a major Evolution of our world to happen right now, the urgency coming from Uranua & there is an EXPLOSIVE energy to all this power, so try to keep calm & carry on as everything erupts around you, please remain seated w/ seatbelts on, we’re about to experience some REAL TURBULENCE here with this moon but we will be landing shortly in a better New World, in a time a Golden RENAISSANCE that will be coming, this fairytale does have a happy ending, I promise you that but this 2022 year with this Taurus/ Scorpio axis is the major CONFLICT part of the story before we have the REBIRTH RESOLUTION to come.
Mercury who is RETROGRADE now going back into Taurus will be sextile Jupiter. Jupiter will ingress into Aries at zero degrees of Aries, a critical degree for new beginnings… I’m sad to see him leave Pisces, where he was so happy but this transit will have reconsidering, re- evaluating & reformulating our path ahead as it sets us on a completely new trajectory.

So many people fear Mercury Retrograde but I did a whole video about how to align with the energy w/ it & it can be a great time for REFLECTION, Rejuvenation & RENEWAL as we prepare for that REBIRTH that is coming in 2022, think of all the positive RE words you can, maybe make a list of them & leave your fave RE word in the comments, it’s not so bad Remembering all of your blessings at this time & hitting that REFRESH button now.
The powerhouse planets VENUS, MARS & Jupiter are all leaving Pisces in the 12th house & entering ARIES in the 1st house this month & VENUS & JUPITER have that LUCKY KISS in a CONJUNCTION that I did a separate Astrology report about, now Venus will be coming up to CHIRON in ARIES where Chiron has been for awhile as the WOUNDED, WARRIOR HEALER right at home in Aries causing an intense Chiron in Aries RETURN for those of born between 1968-1976 & then Mars will conjunct Chiron in Aries which will be a HOT Transit b/c Mars rules Aries & Chiron is exalted in Aries & then Jupiter will conjunct Chiron, so we will be feeling our WOUNDS this MAY as Rumi said the WOUND is the place where the LIGHT enters you…..Lots of WOUNDS, Lots of LIGHT this May, oh boy, the healers are gonna be BUSY again!!!
I know I am already booked out. ow!
SABIAN SYMBOL for this BLOOD MOON Eclipse is
SCORPIO 23° A RABBIT METAMORPHOSES INTO A NATURE SPIRIT. Told you this is an Alice in Wonderland Energy we have rabbits & everything! Keynote is: The raising of animal drives to a higher level.

The rabbit is traditionally a symbol of an overabundance of progeny, thus of a great stress on procreative and sexual processes. “Nature spirits,” on the other hand, represent the higher aspect of life energies, as they are said to guide those normally invisible forces controlling the growth of all living organisms, particularly in the vegetable kingdom. Thus the symbol refers to the transmutation of the generative power into a more ethereal and subtle form of potency. The course can become subtle through a process of TRANSUBSTANTIATION, this is when the body & blood of Christ are converted into the symbols of bread & wine, how perfect is this symbol for this BLOOD MOON Eclipse, perhaps the Blood of this moon is the Blood of Christ?