01/07/2023 is the Cancer Full Moon, known as the WOLF Moon

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Full Moon Cancer January 6th

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January 6th we have a Full WOLF Moon in CANCER, the sign that is ruled by the MOON & represents the MOTHER & rules over the 4th house of your HOME, your Roots & this Winter is a rooting down time, a time to nourish your roots just as the plants & trees do now & I have been really rooting down, I just did a magical Breathwork Class at Breathe Love Bend that was so nourishing & grounding. We have a lot of INTENSE Astrology TRANSITS as we move into 2023 & I will be covering them here & I’m hoping to make a 2023 Astrology Predictions Video for you & I am working on the 9 STAR KI Astrology readings as we leave our home stars & venture forth in the Chinese Astrology, a lot going on! Does it feel like 2023 suddenly has a new FORWARD MOMENTUM that we haven’t had in years?

IThis Cancer Full Moon may be our last chance to RELAX, to get some Comforting Self Care, receive some kind of Healing Session if you can, to raise your energetic vibration now in preparation for some major NEW Pathways opening up in 2023, so do your Self Reiki, I’m talking to my Reiki students now & meditate, get out int NATURE & use this Moon to Nourish yourself by being a Good Mother to yourself, Take time to care for your inner child, listen to your HEART, I’m gonna keep saying that b/c your Heart is CALLING you HOME this Moon! Figure out what it is you really want to manifest with this one precious life before 2023 gets really BUSY & we neglect our own personal needs & we don’t have time to listen to our Heart’s calling, well make time for your HEART’s Calling, it’s what you are here to do, move it up to the top of your To Do list!

I love that Cancer Full Moon is the Wolf Moon because Wolves make the absolute best mothers. A Wolf Mama is extremely intuitive when it comes to raising her pups. She knows their needs, how to nourish them and she follows her instincts to provide & protect them, she keeps her pups in her warm, safe den until they are truly capable to survive outside in the world. Even then she will watch over them from afar to be sure they make it. It breaks my heart that Wolves are being poached in the PNW as they try to restore their endangered numbers, we’ve lost 21 Grey Wolves to poachers in Oregon. This Full Moon I will be sending Distance Reiki to the situation, that those poachers are caught & that the Wolves can be protected with a golden dome of light & safeyt.  I love the work of Wolf Haven in Washington that offers a SAFE Place for wolves, I’ll link to them below, check it out. This WOLF Moon I think we are all craving that feeling of being SAFE & what makes you feel SAFE in the world? There’s a Wolf Moon journal prompt for you, we just uploaded some beautiful journals on Amazon, I’m going to link to them below.

WOLVES are so communal as they live in packs they teach us how to get along with others, how to join forces for survival & I see collectively,  we are coming back together in Community now, I am seeing more community events happening & people are really ready to come out of their dens & join together with others, as we enter this Aquarius age with Pluto entering Aquarius in 2023, we are just going to see more & more coming together, as the Beatles sang, Come Together, Right now. 

This Wolf Moon is happening with the Moon opposite that whole Stellium of planets in Capricorn, Sun, Mercury, Venus & Pluto, do you know where your Capricorn House is in your Astrology Chart? I would love to teach an Astrology Class on the HOUSES & what they mean, I am feeling so much in my 5th House of Creativity while this Cancer Full Moon shows up in my 11th House of Friendships, a Full Moon time for creative interactions with friends, it’s so fun when you understand the house meanings & how much the impact your day to day.

We just had a beautiful Moon aligning Jupiter in ARIES nearby Chiron stationing direct in ARIES, I saw it in the night sky. This transit really shines the light on New Beginnings coming in for 2023 with a fresh new energy to heal ourselves & I used the powerful energy of that Jupiter Moon transit to put out my Vision Board Party that will be happening on the Lunar New Year of the RABBIT January 21st when we have a SUPER NEW MOON in Aquarius, one of only 3 SUPERMOONS this year.   There’s so much magic to creating Events that Align with the STARS b/c this was the most effortless Event announcement I’ve done in a long time & it’s nearly SOLD OUT in just 3 days, if you’re ever planning a really important Event, it is worth it to CHART your Event, if you don’t know how, buy an event astrology chart reading from me b/c being in Alignment with the Stars can make a profound difference on the success of your Event, especially important for WEDDINGS, I love to Chart Weddings! I will look at severals dates & all the transits, I swear the star alignment of your wedding can affect your whole marriage, it’s basically the Birth of your Marriage so you want to get it RIGHT! 

Here’s all the TRANSITS affecting us now:

ON New Year’s Day we have an INTENSE Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, Venus rules over LOVE & MONEY & she always gets what she wants & Pluto rules over those deep Underworld Transformations that occur in our Subconscious Mind,  this is almost like Manifesting by DREAMING or Hypnosis or doing the deep work, therapy, soul searching, transforming your inner stories to get to the root of why you are not currently manifesting all that you desire & once you figure it all out WITHIN your Outer World will TRANSFORM, you have to ALIGN with the Energy of what you want first & that begins by Aligning with your HEART, listen to your Heart. 

This is a time where you can be a MAGNET for everything you want, simply by believing that you DESERVE to HAVE it, get into a meditative state, ASK, BELIEVE, Receive, I did a Manifesting with VENUS that will show you how to get into the Receiving Mode in another video, I will link below. This transit only comes around ONCE a YEAR & it is offers us a potent energy for manifesting LOVE & MONEY in a truly TRANSFORMATIVE WAY so be sure you align with this, maybe see if you can see Venus & Pluto in the Starry Night, it always helps me align with the stars when I can go out & see them. If you are in a loving relationship this can be a very ROMANTIC New Years day & if you are looking for LOVE you can really call it in with this transit. You will want to experience a HIGHER LOVE Vibration today, get into your HEART & really connect now to WHAT YOU WANT TO MANIFEST in 2023, this could be a great day for some automatic writing in a journal, just to tap into your Higher Mind & see what shows up or take some Kava Kava & ask your DREAMS for Guidance on how to Manifest what you truly want & is the thing you want in alignment with your Soul’s True Purpose? 

Sun & Mercury in Capricorn will Trine Uranus in Taurus, I talked about that incredible Venus Trine Uranus we just had in my Solstice video, we will be feeling the effects of these Uranus Trines for months to come.Trines bring Opportunities & Capricorn the Goat is about climbing that mountain of success & Taurus is about money & our Nourishment, so this is a positive aspect ushering HOPE for our Future as we enter 2023 that maybe, just maybe our financial, material needs will be met this year. There may be unexpected blessings that show up in whatever house Capricorn & Taurus show up for you this month. 

Mercury stationed Retrograde on 12/29 & will be affecting us all month, stationing direct 01/18.  I have a video about how to Survive & Thrive during a Mercury Retrograde when you align with this time of reflection. I am using this Retrograde to continue to De_Clutter my life, I’ve been on a major purge! One thing I like to do during Mercury Retrogrades is think about Positive RE Words & use them as a daily mantra for meditation, like REJUVENATE how can I rejuvenate myself? Of course REIKI is my fave RE Word, what’s your fave RE Word? Drop it in the comments.

I’m going to do Separate Transit reports for all the Major Planets that are making HUGE Shifts this year so stay tuned for that, we’ve talked about JUPITER entering Aries as it did on the Winter Solstice, check out my Solstice Reading if you want to know more about Jupiter expanding our Ambitions & our sense of SELF & our own personal needs in ARIES.  Pluto will Enter AQUARIUS in 2023 creating transformation in our Communities & I live in an Aquarius town of Bend, Oregon that is definitely feeling a TRANSFORMATION energy already, I am intrigued how this will affect our Astrocartography! 

Saturn will enter PISCES this Year where Saturn has not been for 29 Years that’s how long it takes Saturn to return, that’s why we have out Saturn Returns every 29 years & if you are old enough think about where you were 29 years ago & we may see a recap of that kind of energy now, that was the birth of this crazy little thing called the World Wide Web, do you remember that? I was just graduating from Chico State then, where were you, what were you doing, were you even born yet?

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