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4 Wood Star in a larger 81 year 9 Fire Star Cycle, the tree is on fire reminds me of the Burning Bush Story in the Bible which brings to mind MOSES who was CALLED to duty. An angel of the lord appears as a brambling bush that later is on fire but does not burn….Despite all of these signs & angels sent, Moses is described as being very reluctant to take on the role, arguing that he lacked eloquence, and that someone else should be sent instead. I think this story illustrates the Whispers in the Wind that will come this 2023 year as we move into the TREE that Bends in the Wind year, SPIRIT is CALLING US now & WHAT IS YOUR TRUE CALLING?!?! If you have a Calling, leave it in the comments & I will send you Lunar New Years REIKI.
Will we heed the call or will we feel like Moses, Reluctant to take on the Role?!?!
You might just be forced into a new role this year.
Consider this your permission slip….you don’t have to make RESOLUTIONS, or Huge Decisionsor Manifest Everything you’ve ever desired, all at once in 2023, though you can if you want….I’m not making any major proclamations of greatness here today, we can just come together in a sweet OPEN-NESS, like a BOWL waiting to RECEIVE whatever gifts 2023 wants to drop in, like a GIFT
So in 2023 I invite you to Get into your Beginner’s Mind, you don’t have to know what you’re doing with 2023 yet,.I’m going to give you some gentle suggestions, some ways to ALIGN with the Wood STAR ENERGY of 2023 & I am also offering personal 9 Star Ki readings  based on your own unique, 9 Star Ki Astrology & what ELEMENT you will be traveling through in 2023 that can guide you on your path.
You can write your GOALS, what do you want to accomplish
You can also tap into your HEARTS & your Higher Mind for even greater ideas about our Higher Callings, our true desires 
It doesn’t have to be so big!!!It can be BABY steps this year as we invite this new energy of 2023 to unfold. 
Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” said John Lennon In 2022 we were in a Fertile, Moist Soil of the 5 Center Star but as the Farmer places the seed in the early Spring dark soil, it can feel like not a lot is happening for us as the seed begins to germinate, now we have this GROWTH Cycle moving into this Rising TREE KI Energy that will create BREAKTHROUGHS & this will be an excellent year to move forward on your big ideas finally!!
4 Wood Stars are some of the smartest people I know & they always have bookshelves filled to the rim with books, they are the Teachers, Mentors, Philosphers & WISE ONES, if you are lucky enough to have a 4 wood star in your friend circle, they are the best ones to go to for ADVICE.
This year we may all need more advice about which way to go as we begin to grow forth then forces cause us to shift our plans. There can be lots of decisions & new directions that open up, new opportunities, it IS exciting but it can also be overwhelming. 
Be a LEAF on the Wind, trust the energy, surrender to the process & try to stay in Beginner’s Mind, no matter how old & wise you think you are, this year has some Valuable LESSONS to teach you if you are willing to LISTEN, pay attention, stay OPEN & get into the receptive mode. I am a Doer myself & sometimes I just like to get in & get stuff done, make things happen, but this 4 Willow Tree year is inviting us to be more TAOIST, do LESS & More will happen, set down your “To Do” List for a moment & just be like an EMPTY BOWL & let the UNIVERSE Fill you with something completely Unexpected that just may surprise & delight you! 
Take a new path in life & see what shows up!.Of course we will all be experiencing this 4 Tree year a little differently depending where our own Star is moving through & this year is really easy to calculate b/c remember in 2022 we all went HOME again to our OWN Stars, so if you are a One Star you were beginning a whole new 9 year cycle in the One Star year & you can math where you will be in 2023 by just counting upwards, now you will be in a Two Earth Star, etc. I will put the charts down below be sure to watch the Video for your own personal journey in 2023. VELLAS
There is a more optimistic “Say YES” vibe this year as you may get more invitations, more events happening again & more choices to make about how to spend your time! It may feel like you are walking on a balance beam as you try to navigate whether you should wait & see or just go for it when all of these brand new opportunities arrive. The energy is speeding up now & it can feel like a whirlwind of change occurring in our world & the energy will continue to speed up in 2024 when we enter the 3 Fast Growing Tree, this mellow tree in the wind is just preparing you for BIG GROWTH!!!! 
This is the time to tap into your Higher mind, listen to Spirit, Meditate, Pray, however you seek inner guidance to make decisions. The 4 Star is ruled by the power of WIND, so listen to whispers in the WIND to Guide your Path Ahead….I love asking my pendulum or when all else fails just flip a coin to make your decisions.
That is the overview of 2023 in a nutshell, I will be talking about 9 Star Ki here all year so be sure to subscribe to find out how to align with the energy of every month! 

I-Ching for 2023 57 Gentle Wind
a hundred acorns are sown in silence by an unnoticed breeze….
This I-ching is like a Mother’s Lullaby to her baby. Just as a devoted mother will cradle & protect her child, so are you protected by fate in 2023.  A subtle penetrating effect is like a soft wind blowing through reeds that are bending gracefully, demonstrating flexibility and endurance. This symbolizes a quiet, relaxed effectiveness in action. A gentle influence is at work in 2023, but just as the wind can be ceaseless in its efforts, small forces can add up to produce lasting results.
Gentle penetration bodes well for new relationships or enterprises. Just as a summer breeze slowly penetrates the woods to cool the forest, the ideas of gifted leaders slowly reach and sink into the minds and hearts of people. In personal relationships, a gentle beginning can lead to a long-lasting union. It is advised to stay where you are, avoid travel or moving because your situation is so well favored for growth at the moment. Have faith in your aspirations for they will bear fruit. Listen to your conscience & your heart to find the right way forward. It may be helpful to seek advise from wise counsel now.
Things are far from perfect and a new direction needs to be taken. When using a force that is soft but persistent, careful aim is necessary; for only when a small force continually moves in the same direction will it have a cumulative effect. In human affairs, this kind of soft influence comes more through strength of character than by direct confrontation or active seduction. It’s important to have—and stick to—clearly defined goals. Maintaining a strong vision and following a steady course of least resistance will bring good fortune.