This Supermoon Pisces is so powerful with a combination of Shivaratri & that Saturn Sun Cazimi.

Imagine the Future you want to have now!

New Moon Pisces  Leap of FAITH

I am a Pisces Moon & I WISH I was on a Sunny Beach right now for this reading, my Pisces Moon loves the Ocean & I cut school a lot to go the Beach as a teen & I don’t regret it, as a FISH swimming in water with my Pisces moon, emotionally I am a Psychic Sponge & an Empath, Pisces takes everything in, just as a fish absorbs the water it’s swimming in. Pisces has to learn Energetic Boundaries & how to clear other people’s energy

This New SUPERMoon in Pisces has us craving DEEP, soulful, emotional CONNECTION with others & it might be hard to assert your energetic boundaries under this influence.

OR you might have your head in the clouds with Fantasies, Dreams or illusions of grandeur, all the things Pisces is so good at. Pisces Inspires us to imagine the future we want & really feel it as if it were true. This SUPERMOON write down what it is you’ve been dreaming of and then do the deep dive into the ocean of your soul,  to explore what’s stopping you from getting it. This is the time when we CAN overcome our fears so that we can begin manifesting the things we’ve been fantasizing about. Make OUTLANDISH Intentions this Month, what would you WANT if I had a Genie’s Lamp & I told you, you get 3 WISHES & I promised they WILL COME TRUE, what do you Wish for then? What would you do if you knew you simply could not FAIL? What would be your LEAP of FAITH, Dream come true New moon Intention….Leave it in the comments as a New Moon Intention & I promise I will send Distance Reiki to your WISH & be sure to like, subscribe & comment for your chance to WIN a Free Astrology Chart Reading with Reiki & an Energy Clearing, winner will be picked on my next Full Moon Report… 

I think if I could do anything I would be a Butterfly Farmer with lots of land for pollinator gardens to support the Migrating Monarchs.

Theres’ some exciting stuff happening before this New Moon…


known as the great SHIVA night a Hindu holy day, an auspicious time for Puja & chanting Om Nama Shivaya as many times as you can to gain Shiva’s favor, at least 108 times.  I hope it’s not cloudy so we can see this waning moon that is the moon Shiva Wears on his head, it’s so magical to honor this Moon, Shiva rules over Saturn & Saturday or shall we say SATURN Day, I was born on a Saturday maybe this is why I have a Strong Saturn & I LOVE SHIVA so much!

On February 21st just before this NEW MOON

Mercury square Uranus will shake things up, just like URANUS just caused that Earthquake on the Leo Full Moon, now Uranus the planet of sudden shocking events & AWAKENING will be Square, as in Conflict, to Mercury planet of COMMUNICATIONS, be careful with your WORDS & what you say & write now, this brings excitement and change to your daily routine and interactions, but it can cause STRESS. You might hear something upsetting, I could see Lawsuits under this influence or a change in direction that is forced upon you, maybe you don’t get the job or promotion you wanted. This reminds me of The DEVIL Is in the DETAILS, read the fine print, I wouldn’t want to sign a contract this day. This would be a good day for a SILENT Meditation Retreat to be honest! 

Mercury Trine Mars the next day gives an opportunity, trine is opportunity, to speak our minde, but say it don’t spray it…mars in Gemini can be a bit too straightforward & tends to leap before it looks sometimes… I would use this energy for Writing, getting your work done more than talking it out…There’s a lot of productive mental energy here, please don’t waste it arguing on social media! This energy wants you to MOVE out of your Comfort Zone & try something new! 

Then  Moon CONJUNCTs SATURN whose getting ready to move into Pisces on March 7th & that will be a separate Astrology Report b/c I Have a lot to say about the SEAGoat getting his water mermaid TAIL back….I’ll save that for another day.

Moon rules our EMOTIONS & Saturn gives us those big SOUL LESSONS so maybe your strong emotions are trying to teach you something now, you might feel moody or serious with this one, it might be a good day for some THERAPY or journal writing to figure out your emotional state, but don’t worry, this too will pass as the moon moves quickly onto Pisces at 1 Degree…

Venus & Neptune are in Pisces now bringing us imagination & love that feels like a fantasy come true, but Venus will move onto Aries just after this New Moon & what a difference a day makes, Venus in Aries becomes a Love Warrior where she will crave excitement, now Venus is Fired UP/ & may go to battle for LOVE…look out world. I love Venus in Aries b/c that’s my 8th house & when Venus Transits your 8th house, you attract money, yay. She will be catching up with Jupiter in Aries soon & I will post a separate transit report on that, possibly the BEST Day to Manifest all that you desire in 2023, so be sure to subscribe & hit that bell notification to learn what happens when Venus Conjuncts Jupiter soon! 


KEYNOTE: The process of commingling and interchange which at all levels demonstrates the health of a community.

Pisces at 1 Degrees we enter the 12th House which lies just past the Horizon & indicates the DARKNESS before the DAWN the twelfth house often has been given a negative significance. It can refer to oppressive conditions as it represents a the last house of the zodiac, a “closing of accounts,” a final evaluation of the harvest of the cycle. A bad harvest may lead to bankruptcy or the dissolute may end in a hospital. At the end of the cycle, man reaps what he has sown, so SATURN. But it may also be the rewards of GOOD KARMA, honors, social prestige, the interests of well-managed wealth there is a potential for GREAT ABUNDANCE here.. There is the coming together, in an experience of community, a constructive interaction and an interchange of the products of social activity. In a practical sense, the symbol, whenever it is found, emphasizes that the time has come to take full advantage of the social opportunities for bargain and trade.

This refers to all that can be gained from social interplay & the keynote is COMMERCE!!!

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