Reiki for Abundance level 1 Class | $185 Saturday

Monday, July 24th, 2023


If you want your life to flow more easily, learn potent skills to unblock energy, heal your life & create everyday miracles this is the class for you! Included in the class: Level One Usui Reiki Attunement ( a Reiki Attunement opens energy centers in the body to let healing energy flow thru your hands, level one attunement opens Heart Chakra). Hands on healing w/ other students,  meditations to clear energy blocks, learning how to do self Reiki to heal yourself anytime, anywhere.  Connect with others in a healing space to increase your energy vibration & shine!  No previous Reiki experience necessary, you will learn the history of Reiki & Mikao Usui tradition. When you complete level one Reiki you are ready to continue on to levels 2, 3 & Reiki Master.

Reiki 1 For Abundance

In 1st Degree Reiki training you receive a Reiki attunement that empowers you to practice Reiki.   The attunement opens energy centers in your body that allow Reiki healing energy to flow through you.  Essentially, this is the gift of a lifetime of healing touch.  A Reiki attunement begins a 21 day cycle of powerful healing transformation.  In Reiki 1 Class you will learn a series of hand positions to give yourself Reiki, self care is essential part of a Reiki practice.  Then, you will be taught how to offer Reiki to others including learning Reiki hand positions for healing touch.  This is traditional Usui Reiki and you will be taught the history of Reiki in this course.

Everyone who attends will get a FREE copy of my Reiki Book!


Reiki 2 | $233.

Saturday 06/10/23 9:30am-5pm

Reiki 2 Class with Symbols for Distance Reiki

Reiki 2 Class you will receive a powerful attunement with Reiki Symbols for sending distance energy to people & situations. This Attunement opens your 3rd Eye and increases your intuition & knowing. This is my favorite level of Reiki to teach b/c this is where miracles happen in quantum healing as we spend the second half of the day together sending Reiki for each other’s highest healing aspirations!

You can only take this class if you have received your REIKI 1 Attunement 21 Days before this date!


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FALL CLASSES will be added here soon including REIKI level 2 & 3! 



Acupressure Training | $185

Learn potent acupressure points used to increase your fertility. Hands on healing time practicing Acupressure to tell where there is energy depletion and how to improve it with simple pressure points. Plus learn how to do Castor oil Packs to benefit the Uterus in preparation of pregnancy.

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