Reiki is a non-invasive, healing touch modality that can be done with your clothes on in person or you can receive Distance Reiki across time and space. I am a Reiki Master Teacher & I have been giving Reiki sessions for 23 years. Reiki is my favorite energy healing for creating big changes in your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual well being! You just have to try this esoteric healing way because it’s magic transcends explanation.

Reiki Session in person or online through Zoom for Distance Sessions | $108

I also teach Reiki classes & retreats!

Reiki 1 Class with Reiki Attunement | $185

If you want your life to flow more easily, learn potent skills to unblock energy, heal your life & create everyday miracles this is the class for you! Included in the class: Level One Usui Reiki Attunement ( a Reiki Attunement opens energy centers in the body to let healing energy flow thru your hands, level one attunement opens Heart Chakra). Hands on healing w/ other students,  meditations to clear energy blocks, learning how to do self Reiki to heal yourself anytime, anywhere.  Connect with others in a healing space to increase your energy vibration & shine!  No previous Reiki experience necessary, you will learn the history of Reiki & Mikao Usui tradition. When you complete level one Reiki you are ready to continue on to levels 2, 3 & Reiki Master.

Reiki 1 For Abundance June 21st, 2024 at LOOKOUT Lodge in Bend 

Reiki 3 Class with Master Symbols | $233.

Sunday June 02, 2024 at Stillwater Yoga Studio in Bend


Acupressure Training | $185

Learn potent acupressure points used to increase your fertility. Hands on healing time practicing Acupressure to tell where there is energy depletion and how to improve it with simple pressure points. Plus learn how to do Castor oil Packs to benefit the Uterus in preparation of pregnancy.

TBA for 2020

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