EQUINOX  Thursday 09/22/2022

At the September Equinox each autumn, the Sun is directly over the Earth’s equator, the Sun shifts into the astrological sign of Libra, the sign of the SCALES in BALANCE & this marks the midpoint in the astrological year (which began in March with the SPRING Equinox and the arrival of the Sun in Aries, the baby. 

This Autumn season is a time to bring our ENERGY back inward, to get back to our ROOTS, just as the plants & trees bring their energy into their roots in the FALL & this is a time for connecting with our Ancestors, the roots of our family tree, this is a powerful season for Ancestral Healing. We have ALL those RETROGRADES sucking us into the Underworld & then there’s the Taurus Scorpio Eclipse Portal looming, changes are coming & it ALL BEGINS WITHIN, I am offering a Retrograde Chart Sale for $88 I will tell you how ALL of these Retrogrades will affect you this season.  Sun Conjunct Mercury this Equinox, Mercury rules our MIND, Communications & Writing & the SUN just lights up this planet & finally we can think CLEARLY now in spite of all those planets in Retrograde as I talk about in another video.  So take some time out this Equinox just for THINKING about things, more thinking less doing….You could get some great IDEAS if you take the time to meditate, get quiet & tap into your mind for a minute. Thomas Edison got his best ideas from NAPS this is the time to go within, Meditate, get Quiet,  get out of your BETA brain that is so worried about survival & get into the deeper Alpha, Theta & Delta to find solutions. Nikola Tesla said if you want to find your genius, be ALONE, the mind is shaper & keener in seclusion & uninterupted solitude, being alone is the secret of invention.being alone is where ideas are born!  Where I live in Bend, this town has gotten so much louder since I first moved here & could all that EXTERNAL NOISE  in our world be making us dumber?

You can also use this Sun conjunct Mercury time for doing Therapy, I am taking Wendy Wirtz’s Breakthrough Academy course right now where we are exploring all these Therapeutic Healing Modalities like EMDR, OponoOpono, EFT & more. 

Venus opposite Jupiter

Strong desires drive you to pursue your DREAMS on a grand scale or you could meet the LOVE of your LIFE with this postive aspect. Try not to BUY too many things you don’t need though, this is an impulse shopping over spending transit~!

Mercury opposite Jupiter there is a tension between your Great Ideas & how to get them out into the world right now & wanting to express yourself in BIG NEW WAYS but meeting some resistance / fear in the process. 


Be careful with your words now, if you want to express yourself to others, try writing a letter that you don’t have to send.

Libra is the SCALES of JUSTICE & with Saturn Retrograde going back to the scene of the crime, Saturn the Lord of Karma, we will see some people finally paying the price for the crimes they have committed & the rights & wrongs being balanced out this Season 

Libra is all about our RELATIONSHIPS & finding a balance in how much we give & take this Season.

EMPATH CYCLE Of giving & pulling back, where you give too much & you’re completely drained, so you have to pull your energy back in, do the selfcare, do the healing & then you have this strong desire to GIVE too Much yet again…

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