The Great Conjunction is Coming…

Astrologers have been talking about 2020 and the dawning of the Age of Aquarius since I was a kid in the ’70s, that’s how long I’ve studied Astrology. The Saturn Pluto Conjunction of 01/12/2020 in Capricorn brought about profound shifts in 2020. Did you feel it?

Wherever Capricorn is in your chart, that’s where you’ve been affected most, career, relationships, health, etc. This Capricorn Stellium we’ve been under all year is indicative of a Mountain Goat climbing a steep, rocky ridge with obstacles, restrictions, rules and a really, complex energy that is building up in intensity until December 21, Winter Solstice when we have Jupiter Conjunct Saturn at Zero Degrees of Aquarius and so it begins! This Great Conjunction means we’ve finally left our Capricorn difficulties behind, we will finally move forward into Aquarius, ushering in a new paradigm.
This Conjunction relates to the rise and fall of royalty, leaders and people in power. Throughout history leaders have met their demise, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were both assassinated, Franklin Roosevelt died of Cerebral Hemorrhage during past Saturn Jupiter Conjunctions.
This conjunction calls for profound transformations for us all, surrender or be dragged! If you accept the changes and go with the flow, 2021 can be a time of great success and prosperity! Look for solutions not problems and you will fare better. If you dream it, you can achieve it with the right mindset this year. We have seen businesses pivot in powerful ways to increase their growth and sustain their livelihood. We’ve also seen businesses clinging to old ways of doing things, going against the tides of change or whining about how hard it is for them, those businesses will probably not survive this new era, sadly. For myself, it has been a soul searching time. When you risk your life to do your job, it really makes you think about how much you want to be doing it. I didn’t want to do 25 Massages a week in a pandemic with a mask on and all the protocols. I’ve enjoyed teaching smaller, safe Reiki classes, giving Distance Reiki & Energy Clearing Sessions, doing Astrology charts. Now, I am going back to school to get my Real Estate License, something I’ve always wanted to do!
Saturn in Aquarius wants you to clear out any old baggage holding you back, time to tidy up, get rid of your clutter, get rid of worn out things, let go of any deadwood that isn’t serving you. Shed your past to make room for a new life. Clear your mind of negative thought patterns. Clear your heart,raise your energetic vibration to LOVE. Clear your path ahead to create something brand new. It’s a really good time for Space Clearing & Energy Clearing in 2021, two of my specialties!
Saturn in Aquarius is an ideal time for manifesting within a Community, so we will see more shared spaces, co-working, exactly why I am interested in creating a BHG Community Healing Space. In Ayurvedic Astrology, I was born under the Nakshatra Satabhisha, known as the 100 Healers Star. It is my destiny to bring healers together for the wellbeing of our community. Well this barely scratches the surface of all the wonderful paradigm shifts that are coming up in 2021, if you want to read more, follow my Blog at

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