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On August 08th we have the LEO NEW MOON combined with the magical LIONSGATE cosmic alignment of our SUN with the Sirius Dog Star, this OPENS an Energetic PORTAL that has been worshipped by Egyptians since the dawn of time as Sirius appears at it’s closest point to the Earth, this Sirius Star Aligning with the Sun at it’s closest point to the Earth gives an INCREASE IN ABUNDANCE ENERGY that you can really tap into now, this is the time for setting INTENTIONS for whatever it is you want to MANIFEST & energy can be used like a Money Magnet

IN EGYPT the LIONSGATE Alignment signified the time of rising tides of the NILE RIVER & as we know WATER = WEALTH especially when you are a farming community that requires WATER for CROPS as we are learning all to well here in the WEST right now as we are in the worst DROUGHT in over 1400 years, this LIONSGATE Alignment will be the best time to be PRAYING for RAIN & even for SNOW to come later, set your intentions for WATER NOW & it’s not as if it only affects us on 08/08, the portal will OPEN on this day & we can access this ENERGY for several months taking us into the Autumn Equinox & our HARVEST Season, so use this energy to REAP what you SOW this Summer!

When this Alignment happens each year, there is a VORTEX that opens up & A SURGE of more LIGHT on our planet & Energetic Downloads of CODES that you can receive just by being willing to receive, it helps to do some kind of meditative or Spiritual practice this day especially in NATURE.

This is a great day of CONNECTION HEART to HEART as LEO the LION rules over our HEARTS & we are still in that 9 STAR KI FIRE HEART LOVER STAR, so this gateway brings us so much PASSION, HEART CHAKRAS SPINNING, if you are looking for LOVE, set that INTENTION this NEW MOON, too! This gateway will turn on your LOVELIGHT for sure!

As this incredible LIGHT Vortex that opens each year to rebirth us into being more of who we are meant to be, renewing our energy, lighting us up like lanterns in the dark, you might meet new friends under this influence or transform yourself in some way & you won’t have to TRY, this energy will just come to you from that brilliant BLUE DOG STAR of Sirius shining her magic just for YOU, so just be open & receiving!!!

LIONSGATE is a potent THRESHOLD into a whole NEW WORLD, a Higher 5th Dimension world can be accessed now with this new energy pouring into our planet & many lightworkers have been feeling this ALL SUMMER long building up to this week of the LIONSGATE, I have been studying this Lionsgate phenomena for 20 years & this is the strongest one I have ever felt, a huge paradigm SHIFT is taking place this year!

Whether you acknowledge it’s happening or not, we will enter into a HIGHER ENERGETIC VIBRATION this New Moon Cycle, it’s like an Eclipse, some people are very aware it is happening or they may view it & others aren’t aware, but we are all affected by this Energy anyways, so you may be getting downloads even if you didn’t know it was going on! We have this once a year opportunity to be ALIGNED with this potent energy which can even open your 3rd EYE, it can cause Prophetic Dreams, the Veil is thin, so it can be a great time to connect with ANCESTORS, Spirit Guides or Channel Wisdom from Higher Beings, if you are interested in ASTRAL TRAVELS this is an ideal time for it, or HYPNOSIS, give yourself some time this New Moon for whatever your SPIRITUAL Rituals is whether it is Meditation, chanting, Nature Therapy, Breathwork, Dreamwork, I love to teach REIKI near the Lionsgate, this year I am teaching the day before b/c both in Giving & Receiving a Reiki

Attunement, you can really tap into to these higher frequencies available to us now…I am going to record a LIONSGATE Meditation on 08/08 this year, so look for that coming up!

In Numerology of course 8 is the number of INFINITY & Abundance & this year we have 8 =8 = 5 as 2021 = a 5 Pentacle Year, so add it all up & this Lionsgate equals 12 a powerful Master Number held SACRED in Egyptian Numerology this is a very significant number meaning Healers & Magicians who will become Great Teachers & it is also the number for ALCHEMY that is produced from a Divine connection to SOURCE or some higher FAITH.

Of course when you add 1+2 of 12 you get 3 which is all about that Trinity, PYRAMID ENERGY, Creative Expression & this LIONSGATE I am really feeling the presence of SEKHMET THE WARRIOR GODDESS OF HEALING showing up this Lionsgate season.

Sekhmet is the Sun Goddess, daughter of RA who came to Earth to get revenge for anyone who did not worship RA,

she started spreading diseases & plauges that killed Millions, hmmm…
Her bloodthirst grew so great, she just started killing everyone & it got even more violent, now she was taking innocent lives, not just those who did not worship RA.

She nearly destroyed all of humanity on her vicious killing sprees and she loved to drink the blood of those she killed, just like a cat sipping milk, so RA, her father, decided it was getting out of hand & he started pouring copius amounts of red wine & red ale around her killlings to get Sekhmet so drunk so she would pass out & stop killing everyone!

Egypt has many ceremonies to appease Sekhmet in times of people dying from disease or battles, it is common to place Red WINE or Red Ale in temples of worship for this very reason.

She is known as the Goddess of the SUN’s great FLAME, so… Whenever there is a HEATWAVE, Fires, droughts or Hot Winds like RIGHT NOW, it is said that Sekhmet is making her presence known & you must appease her if you want to stay alive, this is just so fitting for this years LIONSGATE doncha think?

I don’t even like wine, but this LIONSGATE, I think I will open a bottle of the finest RED in her name & beg her to be saved!

She giveth as much as she taketh b/c she is also one you can call on for MANIFESTING your DESIRES, if you worship her & her father RA with faith, she will deliver anything you desire through a process of ALCHEMY, we see that Alchemy showing up again with Sekhmet, just as we saw it in the sacred number 12 that was used in Egyptian & Mayan cultures prominently.
Sekhmet is also an incredibly powerful healer for those who worship her, she can save your life & heal you even when the prognosis is fatal, she has been known to produce incredible MIRACLES of Recovery. Sekhmet also rules over days & time like how much time you have left to LIVE.
Tell me this, does anyone else feel like TIME is SPEEDING up this year?!?! That could be Sekhmet again!
Leave a comment if you thing 2021 is going at rapid speed b/c how are we already in August the 8th month of the year?

Have you even come close to accomplishing all the goals you set out for yourself this year?

I blame URANUS, too, such a fast paced, FAST moving planet coming in so STRONG ALL year forcing us to make all the great, big changes & shows up here AGAIN as a SQUARE to this NEW MOON, I think of Squares as producing that Diamond making pressure & when it’s URANUS putting on the PRESSURE it can be very UNSTABLE like you trying to balance on a wobbling plank & the earth is shifting under your feet & it might just be with this moon b/c Uranus also rules Earthquakes & unexpected Weather as we had at that

Aquarius Full Moon when the Moon was conjunct Uranus. This aspect is creating CHAOS & things may become completely out of our control, needless to say, I still would not travel right now…lots of unexpected delays & downright confusion at the airports especially combined with strange weather, fires & floods, you never know what could happen, no thanks.

This LEO NEW MOON is going to be at 17 Degrees of LEO with LEO SUN at 16 Degrees, so wherever you may have Leo at 16 or 17 Degrees or withing 3-4 degrees, for me I have LEO Ascendant in my First House of Self at 20 Degrees, but it can also affect wherever you have 16 or 17 degrees of any FIXED SIGN, so TAURUS, LEO, SCORPIO AQUARIUS those houses will be greatly affected, too & those FIXED Signs have been feeling UNDER PRESSURE for awhile now, too much to do, too much going on, I knew 2021 was gonna be cranking on us, but you just don’t know what that means until you are IN IT says the girl with SCORPIO Stellium, Leo Rising, Aquarius North Node & a Strong Taurus Saturn to boot, oh boy, I have a whole STELLIUM of Planets at 16 & 17 Degrees of Scorpios in my 4th house, so I will be feeling this one for sure, in all the best ways I hope!!! Then of course my Saturn in Taurus in the 10th house of career also in 17 Degrees, it’s just so fun to look at your chart & see where this LIONSGATE TRANSIT will be LIGHTING up YOUR CHART, somewhere in your chart it will be hitting you, too!!!
I am going to offer Mini Lionsgate Readings for just $88 where I will chart WHERE in your Chart this incredible aspect is hitting you & I will leave a link down below to my Astrology Website if you are interested.

So let’s look at the SABIAN SYMBOL for this powerful NEW MOON LEO is at 17 Degrees & 51 of Leo, so I will read it at 18 Degrees of LEO,
Also, someone asked me why I read the Sabian Symbol for 2 degrees after I said the moon was at 1 degrees last month, that is a great ?, I LOVE all of your ?s feel free to ask me anything in the comments, truly & I will answer you back, but I thought this would be good for everyone. So the Aquarius Full moon was actually at 1 degree 26 which makes it closer to 2 than to 1, it was practically moving into 2 as it became full, so often if that 2nd degree is over 20, I will just read for the next degree. I LOVE your all of your questions feel free to ASK away in the comments & I will answer each & every one!

In inquiring into the hidden process of nature, the human mind experiences the thrill of discovery.

Here we reach the level of intellectual analysis and human ability to control natural processes. This ability is based on the inherited knowledge acquired by a community of men, generation after generation. An individual demonstrates his power, which is founded on a long series of efforts. He is one link in an ancestral chain which his activity prolongs into the future.
as an agent of the collectivity of human beings, approaching nature in terms of the possibility of transforming it in order to satisfy man’s needs or wants. At the highest level of this activity this would be,


Alchemy is just coming up again & again, this magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. Time to read Paulo Coehlo’s “The Alchemist.” again, I’ve only read it 100 times or so. We are in such a state of AWAKENING, awakening to WHO WE ARE & WHY WE ARE HERE & the PATH is getting CLEARER for many of us, there will be lots of Karmic Changes coming up for people & if you are not on your true path, you might get knocked around a bit by this wicked strong energy but know that everything that is happening to you is guiding you on your PATH to exactly where you are meant to be!!!

There are no accidents in this Universe, it is all so meant to be now, especially under this influence & you simply can’t hide under your bed from it, your destiny is gonna find you no matter what & take you on a WILD RIDE w/ this LUNAR CYCLE, so BUCKLE UP & just ENJOY your RIDE, what a Rollercoaster it will be but it could be FUN, it could be an ADVENTURE if you can smile & go with it! ALLOW this STRONG ENERGY IN but don’t let it overwhelm you, some side effects of this kind of energetic downloads can be headaches, vertigo, extreme thirst & that good ole HEALING CRISIS!!! SO NURTURE YOURSELF THROUGH YOUR ASCENSION THIS MONTH!

ICHING – 50 the TING or the Three Legged Cooking pot or Cauldron
This is yet another sign of ALCHEMY, the everyday alchemy of cooking food for nourishment & this is an auspicious ICHING to get right now b/c this 3 legged pot is considered to be a SYMBOL of Great WEALTH in Eastern cultures, what is wealth but having enough to EAT, food provided by ALCHEMY!!!

So this can be a time of NOURISHMENT & also of receiving all that you need through this alchemical process of manifestation in connection with a higher SOURCE, once again this magical STICK in a CUP has aligned perfectly with everything this whole New Moon report has been about & I am constantly amazed & delighted with the magic of the ICHING, you will MANIFEST ABUNDANCE WHEN YOU CONNECT TO THIS HIGHER ENERGY, WHEN YOU ARE OPEN TO RECEIVING IT & ALLOWING IT,

This is probably my favorite ICHING of ALL because it feels so lucky, it has this REJUVENATING, HOPEFUL ENERGY that says if you are in the PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAMS, all you need to do is CONNECT WITH SOURCE & YOU CAN MANIFEST ALL THAT YOU DESIRE!!!

It’s like that feeling after a really nourishing meal that was made with love from the finest ingredients grown in a farm that came from the highest intentions, so many things came together to make that meal manifest, the stars aligned for you to receive that perfect dinner & you received it in absolute gratitude!!!

This month you are SUPPORTED by the UNIVERSE, GREAT FORTUNE comes to those who are RECEPTIVE to the GIFTS coming to them because they truly deserve them, good things will come to those who do good on Earth!!!

Your good deeds will be repaid now!

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