If you are trying to get pregnant, you can try using a Castor Pack during your Follicular Phase of your menstrual cycle. This is just after your period ends & up to the day you ovulate, it’s generally a 7-10 day cycle when you can use the Castor Pack to increase your chances of conception.

This method works great if you have had Endometriosis, irregular bleeding, excessive bleeding or cramps during your cycle. Even if you are not trying to get pregnant, a castor pack can be nourishing to your uterus.

In this simplified version, you do not need to soak rags in castor oil, which can be so messy! You can simply massage your abdomen region with high quality, food grade Castor Oil. Then place a wool or fleece cloth over your belly & add a heat pack. You can do this every day of your Follicular cycle, then once you have ovulated, stop doing the castor packs until you know if you are pregnant or not. Then you can try again the next month after you have menstruated if not.