w/ Pluto TSquare 

How to Find Harmony in Chaos

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This Libra Full Moon is all about finding Harmony in our RELATIONSHIPS & PARTNERSHIPS in a time of absolute CHAOS, you know I predicted all this CHAOS in my 9 Star Ki Reading for 2022, if you haven’t seen it, I cannot believe how accurate the 9 STAR Ki is for world predictions….I decided to separate out my 9 Star Ki  & I_ching from my Western Astrology to keep things clearer, more organized, so if you’re missing the 9 Star Ki here, go check out my April 9 Star Ki we are in the 9 HEART Star this month, it’s a passionate time & that resonates so well with the Western Chart saying this is time to open your HEART to TWU LOVE, this is a Romantic Moon. Reminds me of Bridgerton, which I did just Binge Watch & even in all that Chaos, Love always prevails…

We will have Chaos with a PLUTO T_SQUARE w/ the SUN in Aries & the MOON in Libra really emphasizing this AXIS of Aries who wants what it wants, our SELFISH NEEDS, selfish ambitions, what about ME & what I WANT right now  & Libra balancing what is right for everyone in a relationship, a partnership, a FAMILY, to me this brings up that whole Work LIFE BALANCE we’ve been grappling with since Covid began, especially if you are a WORKING MOM, the struggle is REAL right now to get back into a balancing point of managing your business & your relationship & your family. It seems like RELATIONSHIPS can fall to the bottom of our To Do lists sometimes & Pluto might bring up some strong EMOTIONS about our neglected Love Lives.  I am not sure WHY this pandemic has hit WOMEN so much harder than men, but the women really sacrificed their Business success in exchange for providing childcare in these last 2 years & now as we re-emerge & people are trying to get back to some sort of normalcy, so many mothers are still finding the Struggle is REAL & JUGGLING all the balls in the air.  I’ve had a balancing act myself this month around how much of my time & energy I want to GIVE to OTHERS & How much time I want & need for myself, for my OWN Personal Projects I am working on, as I juggle creating this Health Guide for the Community with Writing a Book of my own & the scales keep Tipping from working on other people’s stuff to working on my own stuff, I am definitely feeling this Aries, “MY PROJECT “BALANCING ACT with promoting my Client’s Projects, Libra partnerships. 

 This Libra Full Moon is also about JUSTICE & Sun in Aries rules Ambitions & WAR both in a T-SQUARE to PLUTO uncovering SECRETS in this Square, we may see some things come to light around Crimes made in Politics & War Crimes & KARMIC DEBTS will be paid. Justice will be SERVED with Pluto it could be downright Explosive though! Wish I had a bunker to go into for this Moon! 

Luckily, Mars just entered Pisces April 14th which is a softer energy for that WARRIOR Planet, time for Mars to take a BATH right, calm down, but no it’s causing tidal wave powers, I noticed even on the Oregon Coast there are powerful storms causing Hazardous Sea Warnings, I wanted to be on the Coast for that magical Jupiter Neptune conjunction but it alas it did not seem to be in the cards for me as I have so much to do for our Spring Health Guide, I hope Mars in Pisces will soften our ambitions & also soften Mars the Warrior, as this Water sign is a calmer energy unless were talking about Sharks…

Now we have Jupiter, Neptune, Venus & Mars all in PISCES we will be feeling ALL the FEELS with this Full Moon, emotions are running high now & just try to be SWEET with your words, you get more bees with honey than vinegar, if you are not getting your needs met in your relationships or partnerships at work, try asking for what you want, what you need in the kindest, non violent communication way you can because we have Mercury planet of communication Sextile Venus which is a lovely aspect for relationships & friendships & making connections but Mercury in Taurus who can be a bit too blunt probably where we got that term, “talking BULL” is in a half square to Jupiter & Neptune in Pisces this moon which causes confusion in conversations or “saying too much” guilty!  It can be very hurtful to an overly emotional PISCES Stellium of planets or maybe it’s telling little white lies that may blow up, b/c of Jupiter’s expansion or could be RUMOURS causing Confusion, Neptune, so be careful with your WORDS, this would be a great MOON for a SILENT RETREAT!!! If you have to say something remember what Thumper’s Mother said, “If you can’t say something NICE, don’t say anything at all.” 

Teamwork makes the dream work during this Libra full moon. Collaboration & Community is more powerful than Competition. Women need to EMPOWER Women especially! I loved what Jon Batiste said in his Grammy Awards, there is No BEST, that is my Mantra, that is my LOVE Language,  this isn’t a competition, that’s the old, outdated way….In the NEW WAY, in this New ERA, EVERYONE WINS when we work together with this ALTRUISTIC ENERGY that LIBRA brings us. It’s time to ditch any bad habits, limiting beliefs or selfish people in your life and work towards building a better life where everyone succeeds & everyone can WIN.

I’m going to keep this Libra Full Moon report Short & Simple just the way LIBRAs like it because I really poured my heart & soul out into my Taurus Solar Eclipse Astrology reading & you will want to watch that one to see how our WORLD will be TRANSFORMED on this Eclipse when VENUS & JUPITER CONJOIN for a very LUCKY KISS!!!

Later in May 28th Jupiter & MARS will conjunct & I’m not too sure about that one, we will have to stay tuned in to see what that’s going to bring…