On April 30th we have a TAURUS ECLIPSE at the same time as Venus & Jupiter conjoin for a Magical Lucky KISS while Pluto Retrogrades & goes SEXTILE to that Kiss!!!

We’re in the ECLIPSE PORTAL NOW!!!

North Node Taurus/ South Node Scorpio

4 Eclipses in 2022

April 30 Partial Solar Eclipse Taurus

May 15-16 Total Lunar Eclipse Scorpio

October 25 Partial Solar Eclipse Scorpio

November 7th Total Lunar Eclipse Taurus

On April 30th Partial Solar Eclipse in TAURUS opens the Eclipse Portal for the Year

As the Area of Light Expands, so does the Perimeter of Darkness – Albert Einstein said that, I wish he was here to see how true that one is…. This Taurus / Scorpio Nodal Axis brings an increase in LIGHT as we re-emerge in this REBIRTH time that Taurus is known for…yet we must also acknowledge our SHADOW of DARKNESS that is the Scorpio Dragon’s Tail, South Node of the Moon & we will have 2 MAJOR, TOTAL LUNAR Eclipses in Scorpio on May 15 & on my birthday November 7th Lookout World…. Along with one more Partial Solar Eclipse on October 25th & I will be right here for you, to guide you as we enter this Eclipse Portal & we will all be TRANSFORMED, our WORLD will be Transformed & I cannot wait to find out how, it’s like we’re reading a novel you can’t put down now, it’s about to become a page turner! Eclipses always happen a few times a year & they come flavored by whatever Lunar Nodes AXIS they are in. For 2022 we are in a Taurus North Node of the Moon with Scorpio South Node of the Moon AXIS that is all about Birth, life, death, transformation & finally REBIRTH cycle that is so TAURUS. IF you think of TAURUS the BULL, I think of a Bull in a China Shop right? Taurus is a fierce, powerful energy Charging at us, knocking everything over & this first ECLIPSEwe have URANUS in Taurus at 14 degrees sandwiched right in between the SUN & MOON at 10 degrees of Taurus & that North Node at 22 Degrees of Taurus. Uranus is a Swift Moving Planet that brings UNEXPECTED EVENTS & when in Uranus is in Taurus, it’s EARTH Related & we are already seeing crazy happenings on Earth…

Eclipses always have this Quantum Leap energy where if you’ve been trying to accomplish something, you might Suddenly just DO IT & there is a real quickening in time, things are speeding up now, which I’ve been feeling ALL of APRIL, how about you? If you are North Node Taurus or South Node Scorpio this solar eclipse may find you at a crossroads in life or it will open a new doorway in your life, something may come up that is completely out of your control that strongly influences your trajectory forward. You may uncover your hidden desires or have an EPIPHANY about what you really want to do with your one precious life & you might FINALLY Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do! You might start something brand new, a new job, relationship or travels, writing a book or creating something, even if you don’t know where life is leading you, something is coming in now with this Eclipse that’s going to set you on a new path forward. This is a time of endings & new beginnings & my greatest advice to you is SURRENDER to the process or be dragged, it’s better if you TRUST the process, believe me!

This year we are definitely seeing DEATH, DESTRUCTION, Transformation all of this is SCORPIO’s lessons, I am a Scorpio myself & the things that SCORPIO go through in their lifetime, most people could not bear it, but Scorpio will always rise like the PHOENIX from any TRAGEDY & I truly wish that for Ukraine….Then at the exact same time as all this TRAGEDY there is this incredible NEW Higher Vibrational COSMIC ENERGY pouring into our world right now, are you feeling it? Let me know in the Comments below, I’d love to know if anyone else is feeling this… I’m going to do a Video about Ascension symptoms b/c I have had this resonant chime in my ears, usually coming in the middle of night or at 4AM & I am awakening with this sensation that golden light is pouring in, maybe I’ve been doing too much REIKI but there truly is a higher vibration coming in that represents this BEAUTIFUL TAURUS REBIRTH Energy & Taurus is ruled by the planet VENUS who has risen in her full divine power as Morning Star & she is Exalted right now in PISCES, I picture her wearing a Crown of GOLD with brilliant light beams pouring onto our world, this is why I had to wear this crown today, VENUS is giving off her most potent DIVINE LOVE ENERGY that just taps right into our hearts & expands our LOVE & COMPASSION & this energy was so beautifully illustrated by JON BATISTE at the Grammy’s, that man is an absolute inspiration to us all, his light may be shining the brightest of anyone right now, after he won, I listened to him talk on all the interviews, I bought his album & listened to his music & I seriously got HIGH on Jon Batiste! He embodies this absolute duality of the Scorpio Taurus Axis right now as his wife is going through a tough healing crisis transformation at the exact same time that he is emerging as this shining STAR for us all to WORSHIP! Uh Worship is a Scorpio thing! We can all bask in JON’s music now & receive his divine energy that he is sharing so freely with our world & his incredible dance moves, but most of all, it is his JOY that is born even out of the darkest sorrow, as the love of his life is sick, he still picks himself up every day & he SHINES his LOVE so bright for our World, he embodies everything that is both Scorpio / Taurus & everything that is VENUS RISING as Morning Star! His MUSIC is powerful medicine for our times & if you don’t know it, rush out & buy his WE ARE album right now, these songs are the sweet medicine we need to hear right now, I have been playing this album non stop & he infused his energy so deeply into this music along with his family members from age 7 to 97 I think, there is just so much beauty, that is VENUS, to be found in his work. I’d love to do his chart right now.

We are GOLDEN, You CAN SHINE! his words will inspire you, you just gotta get this album, I wish Jon Batiste had a church where he would sing & play his music live every Sunday, now that is a Church I would go to!!! He is so VENUS!

Venus the ruler of Taurus is exalted right now in PISCES where she will conjoin with JUPITER on this exact Eclipse day of April 30th with Neptune still hanging close by in Pisces, too, so much MAGIC with this Stellium of planets in Pisces, we’re gonna have some magical babies born on this day, I have 3 Prenatal Massage clients due on May Day, those kids are going to be amazing.

Venus rules LOVE & BEAUTY & JUPITER is Expansion, Faith, Hope & Wealth, this is a beautiful aspect to this Eclipse that will really soften this transformative energy of the day, could this be a CHANGE in our World for the BETTER, finally?
Maybe Love, Joy & PEACE will PREVAIL!
Venus & Jupiter together can bring abundance with grace & ease….You won’t have to strive, struggle, or work so hard to receive the blessings of this ECLIPSE, this is a let things come to you aspect at 27 degrees of Pisces, wherever that shows up in your Chart, you will have some sweet, good fortune coming from this Eclipse.

Venus conjunct Jupiter brings the HARMONY and Happiness in this time of CHAOS, this is a lucky star combination that you can watch in the early morning hours of April 30th before sunrise. I’ve been watching Venus as morning star connected to Mars for months, I am so happy to see Venus hooking up with Jupiter now, much better relationship! I have so much to say about this Venus Jupiter Conjunction in Pisces, I decided to make it a separate video, so you will have to check that out, too.

Eclipses are all about our DESTINY & if you happen to have North Node Taurus or North Node Scorpio in your Astrology Chart, then Destiny will be knocking on your door this year & you better answer b/c there’s some BIG CHANGES coming whether you open the door or destiny blows the door down! An Eclipse can either EMPOWER you if you align with the energy well or it can devastate you, this is when it is good to get your chart read so you can know what is coming & how to handle it! My example of my Aquarius North Node, I moved to Bend quite suddenly during the year of that major Total Solar Eclipse on the Leo Aquarius axis, only to learn that BEND IS an Aquarius town & my North Node is Aquarius, how is that for Aligning with my destiny? What’s even funnier is that I didn’t know that much about North Node Astrology until lo & below I was having mine & Synchronistically signed up for a North Node Astrology Workshop, the Teacher used me as an example for most of the Workshop & I fell in love with doing North Node readings.

So if you are a North Node Taurus & Scorpio, one of the ways you can ALIGN with your DESTINY is to go with the Flow, see where Spirit wants to take you this year, listen to your inner voice, inner knowing when making decisions or even reach out for guidance from teachers, spiritual leaders, etc. If you are a Taurus or Scorpio you may be feeling these Eclipses, too. We all have Taurus & Scorpio somewhere in our chart, it’s a good idea to get your chart out & see where
22 degrees of Taurus shows up for YOU. Let’s look at the Sabian Symbol as it was intuited by Elsie Wheeler an Oracle who predicted the meaning of every single degree of the Zodiac & she is so accurate ALL the time!
TAURUS 22°- A WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATERS.The spiritual inspiration that comes to an individual in the overcoming of crisis. A symbol of guidance, a dove flying over troubled waters reminds one of Noah and the Ark. Noah met his and mankind’s crisis courageously and in complete obedience to God’s promptings. The test completed, he received the dove’s message from the Holy Spirit announcing a new Dispensation. This symbolic scene can be applied to personal crises resulting from emotional upheavals or from the irruption of unconscious forces and impulses into the consciousness — if the crisis has been faced in the right spirit. There will be a REWARD TO THE FAITHFUL

Sun & Moon at 10 DEGREES of TAURUS for this eclipse where this eclipse is happening on the New Moon of April 30th when both Sun & Moon meet at this 10 degree Taurus point, calling for a Big CHANGE for our WORLD as TAURUS rules the EARTH. TAURUS 10° A RED CROSS NURSE. KEYNOTE: The compassionate linking together of all men. (wow, aren’t we seeing that right now?) This symbol reveals the feeling of human cooperation at the stage of pure ALTRUISM and service to the social Whole. On that foundation of a Christ love (agape, or true companionship), man can reach a still higher level of experience made possible by the refinement of the substance of his being, his consciousness and his will. This goes beyond imagination and faith in the future – beyond Christmas tree celebrations – for it implies going into the dark to bring life and love to the tormented and the deprived.What is finally open as new potentiality to the “widow before an open grave” the closing symbol of the preceding sequence. Personal attachment in love to a husband or wife has changed level becoming a CONSECRATION TO HUMANITY.

So poignant for these times we are living in. let’s go all out w/ Sabian Symbols & look up 27 Degrees of Pisces where JUPITER will be Kissing VENUS, in my 8th House & Holly’s 2nd House, we’re most likely to have an unexpected financial Windfall, wish us luck!!! 27 degrees of Pisces is a critical point, just 2 degrees away from the FINAL Degree of the Zodiac, where IT ALL Ends with a rainbow light passing through a Prism that could be tied to the rainbow bridge of crossing over, all about COMPLETION of a LIFE CYCLE. 27 degrees we have THE HARVEST MOON ILLUMINATING A CLEAR AUTUMNAL SKY. The light of fulfillment that blesses work well done. For astronomical reasons the full moon of early autumn, the harvest moon, appears slightly larger than all other full moons. In our temperate Northern Hemisphere, these are the days when the green of summer fields and woods has turned gold and warm brown — days for the reaping of the good harvest, if all has gone well. This symbol brings us the message that the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated — or failed to cultivate. The Keyword is CONSUMMATION. But in this consummation — this “karmic” moment — the seed of the new cyclic manifestation is already latent…What can bring a Latent Seed to life?RAIN, this is a time to pray for RAIN for us in the PNW where we are experiencing a severe drought. This Consummation with latent seed is about FERTILITY this could be a good moon to get pregnant or to plant seeds for whatever you want to grow into a harvest later, even Latent seeds can be REBORN with this Magical Eclipse, time to gather those EGGS you froze & try again! There is so much birth, life, death transformation Rebirth happening as we step into this Eclipse Portal that is the Taurus / Scorpio AXIS I came across this incredible writing from ~Jeannette Encinias, it jumped out at me & wanted to be read here: Don’t abandon yourself. Not when you’re sick. Not when you’re tired. Not when you’ve lost the thread, the thought, or the thing you thought defined you.You will die many times in one life and create yourself anew. This is natural. This is a gift. I’ve died a few times now here in this world. The person I was: GONE Throw that older skin into the water. Give it to the sky. Step into what wants to emerge now. Nothing can hold you back when you are willing to be Yourself..
Throw it all away & be willing to be REBORN this year with this potent Rebirth Eclipse Portal! I feel like everyone watching this could use some extra distance REIKI healing around this Taurus Solar ECLIPSE & I have been doing more & more distance reiki lately. I just did distance reiki for a Father who was passing, I sent a Bridge of Light & he came tome & thanked me, he was wearing this very striking HAT, it was so REAL I tell ya, as if I was right there at his bedside… So I told his daughter, I really got a sense of him, he was wearing this Irish Hat he loved so much & it meant so much to him, well lo & behold she sends me an image of this Irish hat full of 4 leaf clovers that he had been given by his dear friend, when he, too, passed & it meant the world to him… I got CHILLS, I knew he would see that friend again soon. I can’t tell you all the MIRACLES I experience with REIKI on the Daily, but actually…. I can tell you b/c I am writing a BOOK about it right now, I feel so inspired by REIKI, 24 years after my very 1st Reiki Attunement, Reiki still surprises & delights me on the daily & I’ve been doing MORE REIKI lately.

PLUTO RETROGRADE wants you to TRANSCEND the BULLSHIT so you can FOCUS on what is really important in your life & I’m going to share this Artwork here by my favorite SPOKANE Artist, HAROLD BALAZS, who sadly passed away in 2018, but this Artwork used to be in my boss Heida Brenneke’s inner Sanctum at the Massage School I worked at & I’ve always LOVED it… This is the medicine for PLUTO RETROGRADE, Transcending the BULLSHIT is Pluto’s GIFT!

My personal Pluto retrograde medicine is this ORTHOCERAS Crystal Egg that called to me from a Crystal Shop in my neighborhood, I literally had to drop everything as Spirit nudged me “There is a stone you NEED, go get it NOW….” So I went in & I walked right to this Magical EGG of PROTECTION & I knew it was the one. I slept so good with this stone under my pillow, this is known as the SHAMAN’S STONE & it protects HEALERS from taking on other people’s stuff plus it is very SOOTHING, it calms anxiety, reduces stress, clears you & your home of negativity, it is used in FENG SHUI & Space Clearing as the best stone to create a protective DOME around your home, so if you have crazy neighbors this is the stone to get! I was so excited about this stone,  I went back & bought ALL their ORTHOCERAS Eggs & now… I am giving away ONE Orthoceras Egg that I will infuse with healing Reiki Symbols when you LIKE, Subscribe & Comment below on this Video for a Chance to WIN it. I’ll announce a WINNER on the Scorpio Full Moon May 15th!!! I might have to sell these on my Website specifically for PLUTO RETROGRADES…

Pluto Retrogradeis a time of Reflection about what is & isn’t ENERGETICALLY SERVING YOU & it might be a time to break your bad habits, get more DISCIPLINED, Reorganize your Schedule with a powerful PLANNER, reorganize your FINANCES so you’re not leaking money, Change your DIET, or bigger changes like quitting your JOB,  ending relationships or friendships that are no longer serving you & it’s really time to CLEAN HOUSE Energetically, this is an auspicious time for an ENERGY SPACE CLEARING & creating a protective dome of energy around your home, so that only good things come in, I do energy clearings with Reiki & it is phenomenal the shifts that can occur afterwards. 

This is a time to declutter, get rid of old, worn out things.

I remember once in the 90’s my friend said “PLEATED PANTS are SO OUT!” & she went on a whole rant about how awful pleated pants look on women,
That weekend, it was so easy to just go through my closet, pull out any pants with pleats & I agreed with her, they ALL looked awful on me, I made a massive pile of my old, outdated pleated pants & donated them to Goodwill… It was such a RELIEF to get rid of those…

If only cleaning up all the things in our life that are not serving us was as easy as that right?  

It can be though &
PLUTO Retrograde is going to help you clean out your closet of those old pleated things, maybe it’s an OBLIGATION that is draining your energy that you don’t want to do anymore, a JOB, a Relationship, Something you are devoting your time & energy to that just isn’t paying off anymore or something that just doesn’t fit in with how you want to be in the world, it can be subtle or dramatic, it can be cutting out gluten or cutting off all your hair. 

Whatever pleated pants you need to get rid of right now, just let it go & feel your ENERGY freeing up now that it’s GONE. This Pluto Retrograde is a time for strong ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES with all the people in your life. 

I personally have a trigger when people say, “I NEED you to do” Do you NEED me to do it or Would it be nice if I could do it for you?  I love being in service to people, Ilove to HELP, when people ask me for help in a kind way, I am there for them.  If you want something from me, I prefer a gentle approach, “I would so appreciate your help ” YES! Green Light Go, I love people who are GRATEFUL it makes me want to do more for them. When someone says, “I NEED you to do this for me NOW” in a super demanding way, it just hits a wall for me, maybe it’s a Scorpio thing?  Hmm let’s see if you’re alive tomorrow we’ll know you didn’t really NEED it.

I have some people who are just not an ENERGETIC MATCH for me right now. I don’t necessarily want to end our friendship, but I am taking a little break over the next 5 months of this PLUTO RETROGRADE, 

I am on an ENERGETIC DIET right now, I can only be around LOVE, PEACE, JOY, Gratitude & Higher Vibrational Energy…It’s not Toxic Positivity, it’s more like being GLUTEN Intolerant, I don’t feel good when I eat too much wheat & I don’t feel good when I am around TOXIC people for too long.  I am a highly sensitive empath. The sign says…”Please be Responsible for the Energy you bring into this space” This is the medicine of PLUTO RETROGRADE, it calls us to HEAL ourselves by being aware of the Energy that we are bringing into the world & also the energy that others are bringing to US. So USE this as an excellent time for ENERGY CLEARINGS, Space Clearing, Rescheduling your LIFE, Prioritizing where you’re putting your ENERGY & if it’s serving you or not, Decluttering & setting strong Energetic BOUNDARIES

 It can also be about our Financial, MONEY EXCHANGES are you being paid enough for the working you are doing??? IF you are self employed are you CHARGING ENOUGH for your SERVICES? Do you feel like you are giving TOO MUCH right now & not receiving your WORTH back? Do people want more from you than they paid for?

Is there a fair exchange in your household, is every one giving the same amount of energy to housework?
All of these issues can come up when Pluto goes retrograde & you can even have some RESENTMENTS if you’re not careful…

There’s nothing to FEAR with Pluto Retrograde, though Pluto loves to INVOKE FEAR, it can actually be a nice time to pull your energy back in from all the places it has been scattered, I like to imagine this in energy clearings as a down pillow & all the feathers have scattered into the wind & just imagine you have one of those giant RED & GREY METAL Magnets & somehow those little white feathers are being brought back into the magnet & you can place them all back into your pillow case & this is YOUR ENERGY that has escaped & just see where your energy is leaking, where your feathers are flying away & bring it all back home to YOU in n Energetic SELF CARE! 

 get clear about your WORK LIFE BALANCE & RESET your life in a new way that will work better for you! 

Take some time OUT from Everything during this Pluto Retrograde  put your phone on Do NOT DISTURB, ignore those texts, maybe put a Vacation Email out, this is a time to go within & see what IS working & what isn’t & then make a change in your systems. I am going to send you all a PLUTO RETROGRADE Pendulum Energy Clearing & Distance Reiki now, just receive it & let it clear out anything you’re ready to let go of.

PLUTO SEXTILE Jupiter & VENUS who are Kissing on 04/30 Eclipse

PLUTO goes Retrograde on April 29th 2022 

at 28 Degrees of CAPRICORN then on APRIL 30TH, PLUTO will SEXTILE this mystical magical Venus Conjunct Jupiter exact transit happening on NOON Saturday, I did a whole separate report on this Venus Jupiter Transit because this is an incredible TRANSIT & then, I did a whole separate video on PLUTO RETROGRADE in general because Pluto goes Retrograde every single year, it’s just a little different depending what Sign PLUTO is traveling through, it changes the FLAVOR of the Retrograde, this year PLUTO is in Capricorn where he has been since COVID which may have ALL started with that rare PLUTO Saturn Conjunction in Capricorn at 22 Degrees, now Pluto will return to the scene of the crime as he heads backwards to Capricorn 22 degrees over the next 6 months & it’s like he forgot something, what did he leave behind or forget to do in January 2020?!?! Could we see another SURGE over the next 5 months as Pluto goes back to where we were when this all began?
Or is it urging us to pick up where we left off when all this craziness began? I know I was writing a book about REIKI back then & now I am finally trying to get back to it & remember what I was doing with it before ALL of this insanity kicked in & threw me off my course. 

Is there something you were trying to do in life back in January 2020 that you are feeling CALLED to TRY AGAIN? Now may be your time!!!

Make sure you watch my PLUTO Retrograde report to learn more & I am giving away this beautiful Orthoceras CRYSTAL EGG over there, this is the medicine we all need for this Pluto Retrograde & this stone absolutely called out to me & insisted I go get it! Orthoceras helps you create an energetic BUBBLE around you, to protect your energies, if you are a Highly Sensitive Empath like me, you need this stone!!! I think ALL HEALERS should have this stone & I am going to REIKI one & give it away on my Pluto Retrograde reading when you comment over there. I am LOVING all these Giveaways as you all help me grow my little youtube channel over here, I am having so much fun giving away REIKI, 8 People have now won Free Astrology Charts since I started this channel & all you have to do is like, subscribe & comment for a chance to win all these fun prizes. 

Pluto SEXTILE Venus Jupiter is going to make that LUCKY KISS even more INTENSE, PASSIONATE & we can have powerful forces working behind the scenes to alter the course of our destiny right now, can it get any better than that?!?!

Remember it’s is all going down the same day as that TAURUS Partial Solar Eclipse, there’s A LOT GOING ON right now. I forgot to mention Pluto in my Eclipse reading b/c I’ve been ridiculously BUSY putting together the Bend Health Guide, Giving Massages, doing a ton of Eclipse Portal Astrology Charts & then everyday stuff like being a mom & raising chickens, kittens, dogs, you know ALL THE THINGS, CALGON!!! 

Suddenly PLUTO, my own ruling planet as a Scorpio was like HELLO did you forget about ME?
*PLUTO RETROGRADE lasts 5 MONTHS we’re not coming out of this energy until this FALL!  

Pluto the planet of the underworld is comfortable going backwards it seems. Pluto might be a tiny planet, but just like Napoleon this planet can pack an Explosive PUNCH & PLUTO RETROGRADE is asking us to MAKE A CHANGE & when you combine PLUTO’s Transformative ENERGIES to an ECLIPSE PORTAL, LOOKOUT World!!!   I am feeling the Energy of this Eclipse Portal Death Transformation REBIRTH Cycle this month on that Taurus Scorpio aspect that’s all about the LIFE CYCLES Scorpio is Death & Loss, ruled by PLUTO & the opposite is TAURUS who promises REBIRTH We just got some darling little baby chicks & we were lucky to have a brooding Chicken, my favorite Chicken of all CHI CHI who survived fighting off a Raccoon last Summer, she had major wounds to recover from there was a lot of Reiki involved in her healing process, This Spring CHI CHI is BROODING & this makes it the perfect time to sneak those baby chicks under her while she sleeps so she will think they’re her babies & accept them into the flock! So we snuck them under on that gorgeous Libra Full Moon night & lo & behold a RACCOON came that very night, we haven’t had a raccoon in over a year,  it was really stormy, windy & I don’t know how it happened but the door was flung open & off the coop & our beloved Blue chicken was killed!!! He might’ve fought valiantly to save those baby chicks, we really don’t know what went on, but it was a true MIRACLE that the Raccoon did not come for ALL the Chickens in the coop that night including the newborn chicks b/c usually raccoons will just destroy a whole flock in the most wasteful way… So now I am OBSESSED that is a classic PLUTO feeling right there, I am obsessed over protecting these chickens, our coop is like Fort Knox now & I’m sleeping with my ears wide open..

I gotta read the SABIAN SYMBOL for this Critical degree of CAPRICORN 28° Where Pluto stations RETROGRADE & Sextiles Venus & Jupiter A LARGE AVIARY Symbolizes:  Enjoyment of spiritual values by the soul able to familiarize itself with their implications.

Birds symbolize spiritual forces, we just had a DOVE of Peace showing up in another Astrology reading, the aviary presents us with a picture of these forces or desires contained within a mind open to the light of psychic or Soul realities, and bringing joy and harmony to their consciousness. Yet the familiarity may also suggest a lack of spontaneity and thrill of discovery. Peak experiences have become those of a high plateau, at which level one may lose one’s sense of direction at times. There is a calling here to lead  a course of group mastery of cosmic energies. That’s so funny b/c I am getting ready to teach a group of MASTER REIKI Students to do Reiki Attunements right now…for my largest Reiki class ever at UNITY. There’s a youthful effort to reach a summit of cultural & spiritual attainment that has settled down into a complex state of inspiration that at times may bring confusion because of the multiplicity of the voices to which one has become open to. CLAIRAUDIENCE, a capacity for being responsive to many inner voices…This is THE time to CONNECT to SOURCE, to PRAY, to CHANT but most of all to LISTEN,LISTEN to SPIRIT guiding you now in the wind, in the sounds of the BIRDS,we’re creating another Reiki Binaural, this one is for Fertility & Bill is masterfully mixing the sounds of baby chicks with singing bowls while I chant Fertility Affirmations, we will be posting it soon! LISTEN to the Voices of Divine Wisdom coming in now & ALLOW all the LOVE, Money & pure JOY that wants to find you, Open yourself up to Higher Vibrations, let it all pour in for you now!  Imagine your arms are open & receiving to it, a good day for YOGA, stretch your arms up & connect with this energy. Powerful medicine coming in for us all, AWE Inspiring, cosmic downloads & transmissions happening on this day UNPLUG &  get out into nature, go to a Waterfall, a lake, river stream, Venus & Jupiter in PISCES, maybe visit an AQUARIUM this day & marvel at FISH. This strong energy is not always all rainbows & unicorns,you may have ASCENSION Symptoms Headache, ringing in your ear, extreme thirst, exhaustion, insomnia, feeling spacy, whatever shows up for you, just accept it as part of the process, we are collectively having a MASSIVE Shift in Consciousness & while one person may experience ELATION another will be in CRISIS, so surrender & trust the process however it shows up for you. 

PLUTO the planet of TRANSFORMATION SEXTILE JUPITER Planet of Expansion wants you to QUIT PLAYING SMALL & JUST GO FOR IT, do the thing, make it BIGGER, I have an AUDACIOUS GOAL for this Lunar Cycle to GROW this KIMIMI Channel to 1,000 Subscribers by the Scorpio Lunar Eclipse, will it happen? Who cares, just DARE to TRY right?!
What is your
BIG, AUDACIOUS Goal for this Eclipse Portal? Put it in the Comments & I will send REIKI to it, I will ring it in my Prayer Bowl for you! 

Pluto Sextile VENUS wants us to get into our HEART & make our work a SERVICE of LOVE, how are you serving your world from your HEART? What does your HEART DESIRE? get out of your head this month & LISTEN TO The CALLINGS from your HEART & let it Change your LIFE, set off on a journey to fulfill your heart’s wishes, what else are we here for? 

What does your HEART WANT? Leave it in the comments & I will Reiki your HEART’s Desire too!!!  Pluto can be brooding, obsessive, even OCD so the only downside of the transformation is when we get OBSESSED over having something we can’t have, like a person who doesn’t wasn’t to be with you, avoid the darker sides of this PLUTO energy, addictions, drugs & alchohol are Pluto’s bad habits, too, steer clear of those this month as there could be overdose energy with PLUTO Sextile Venus & Jupiter so close to that NEPTUNE in Pisces delusions….May the Force 4th is around the corner, don’t go to the Darkside LUKE! 

Many of us in our 50’s are having a POWERFUL Pluto Trine Pluto Transit right now….

This is a once in a lifetime transit to experience transiting Pluto forming a trine aspect with your natal Pluto if you have Pluto in Leo, Virgo, and Libra check your charts,  this transit will bring opportunities remember TRINE = Opportunities & it is TIME to pass on the wisdom and experience you’ve gathered & share it to empower or support others. Time to Harvest your knowledge into the form of a book or course of study which is crazy because I AM finally WRITING my REIKI FOR ABUNDANCE BOOK right now & I will be teaching it in a bigger way at UNITY for the LIONSGATE on 08/06th just before that magical 08/08 Energy Portal this Summer & everyone who attends will get a FREE BOOK, yay! Are any of you out there in your 50s feeling the CALL to share your WISDOM? I’d love to hear about it in the comments…. This is a time for AWARENESS of your GIFTS & a TIME TO release any  life or work structures that are unnecessary and instead put ALL your energy, all those FEATHERS into the aspects of life that are most VITAL to your SOUL”S PROGRESS!!! Well Pluto Trine Pluto could’ve been an entire video on it’s own!