Capricorn Full Moon 

July 13th 11:37AM PNW

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We had that Cancer New Moon calling us home & I have spent more time at home recently & decluttering, I can always tell when a major ENERGY SHIFT is coming when I start purging & decluttering & I wonder if any of you are feeling it, too?
On the 4th of July as I record this, the SIRIUS GATEWAY is OPENED & this begins the Energy that continues to grow until it reaches its PEAK on 08/08 LIONSGATE & this is ruled by Sirius the Dog Star & although we cannot see Sirius in the Summer b/c the SUN Blinds us from seeing it, but we can still receive these powerful ENERGETIC DOWNLOADS from this Lionsgate Portal & this is something the Egyptians worshiped, their Pyramids were built to honor this rising of the Sirius Dog Star, I would LOVE to be in Egypt to see this constellation when the Sirius, the brightest BLUE STAR that burns brighter than our own SUN, lines up with the Pyramids, that must be truly magical! I am going to do another whole report about the LIONSGATE Portal b/c there’s so much to say about how to align with the energy of this.

I have been teaching a very special LIONSGATE Reiki for Abundance Class just before 08/08 for over 10 years now & I find this is the BEST Time to receive a Reiki Attunement for MANIFESTING because REIKI ALIGNS so well with this Sirius Gateway energy, all of my Reiki students who received their first attunement during the Lionsgate have experienced incredible transformations. I am teaching this class this year at UNITY & Everyone who attends will receive my new Reiki Book for FREE, I will put the LINK down below to sign up. 

This Capricorn SUPERMOON has us feeling very GOAL ORIENTED & willing to WORK for it but don’t be discouraged if the results are not showing up this month even with all the energy you are pouring into your projects, it may not bear fruit until mid August, so don’t give up, keep working at what you want to Manifest. I’ve been working like such a Worker BEE in ALL the ways this month, so many massage & Reiki sessions, astrology charts & recording my Audible version of my book now & this CAPRICORN energy is like when you’re working so hard, you don’t even have time to count your money yet, reminds me of working in busy restaurants, you just keep trudging ahead, they’ll be time enough for counting with the deal is done, wasn’t that song? , but this is the time of year when the energy is the strongest & supports making HAY while the Sun Shines so that later on we can enjoy the Fall & Winter in a more relaxed way if we put in the efforts now to work hard & get ahead.  

Mercury has left Gemini to move into Cancer & Now Mars has left Aries for Taurus this creates a slower energy now as we move from air & fire both quick moving energies into water & earth & we are in the MUD now with all these storms causing that moist soil just like in the 9 Star Ki, I’ve been doing separate 9 Star Ki Astrology reports where we find ourselves in that 5 Moist Soil Star all year & this feels like a stormier Summer than usual, I’m grateful for the rain as we’ve been in a severe drought here in Central Oregon & I’d much rather have rain than fire! 

Sun in Cancer Sextile Uranus Taurus on July 10th just before this Full Moon makes this Capricorn Supermoon SEXY, I don’t always think of my hard working mountain goat capricorn friends as SEXY but this time they are! Sun sextile Uranus transit brings optimistic surprises, sextiles are GOOD aspects and this can even bring exciting new romantic encounters. This is a good MOON to try something FUN & NEW & you will be craving freedom from your responsibilties, great day for the BEACH, I see lots of people calling in SICK at work this week, where you’re really calling in because you FEEL TOO GOOD to go to Work in reality! This would be a fabulous aspect for going out to eat somewhere new & exciting with your loved ones, family, friends or romantic partner & try all the things, Taurus LOVE to EAT & you  might want to order some aphrodiasiacs like OYSTERS & you have to enjoy DESSERT with this aspect, this is an EAT Dessert FIRST Sextile. 

You may be INSPIRED by a flash of insight or feeling an energetic download coming in, could be that Lionsgate Energy or you will have otherworldly dreams this week, remember Uranus rules over Aliens, too, maybe you’ll get beamed up to a spaceship & taken on an adventure through space, try telling your boss about that excuse!!! 

I feel like these strong URANUS aspects always give me that funny DEJA VU feeling, too. URANUS sextile Sun is a good time for communicating BRAVE new ideas, your creativity is stimulated & Socializing, group activities and chance encounters will be enlightening. 

You will CRAVE Excitement & try not to throw away your whole life on a WHIM right now though, I read this story of a woman who was having a Sun Uranus Conjunction & the next thing you know, she gets a flat tire b/c URANUS is responsible for those “Unexpected Events” & she meets her Soulmate who helps her replace her tire, only thing is, she is married with a family & she is a Doctor, but she blows off everything, gets a divorce, leaves her family, quits her job to travel the world with this man she just met & maybe that is FUN, but I wonder if she has any regrets? It might be difficult to stick to a boring routine right now, but maybe you can just have a fun filled Ferris Bueller Day Off without throwing your whole life away over this transit? 

Venus Gemini Trine Saturn Aquarius

This is a time for SOCIALIZING that leads to Power Dynamics, like climbing the Social Ladder in some way or perhaps starting a relationship that will ultimately lead to Financial SECURITY, I’m not saying she’s a Gold Digger….but, it’s just as easy to love a rich partner as a poor partner, I’m kidding… This can also indicate love that comes through work, dating someone you work with & there may be power dynamics that need to be navigated carefully here… 

Trine’s are always OPPORTUNITIES, there is an opportunity, to rise up in your social position through love or friendship or social encounters, it could even be meeting someone at a bar, party or bbq who wants to invest in your business, be open for opportunities to show up in the most unusual ways this Supermoon. 

Venus Gemini Square Neptune Pisces

 July 14th

Be careful in new love relationships & new friendships started now because there may be an element of deceit or delusion as Neptune is retrograde, you may be rubbing the stardust out of your eyes & realizing that this person is not at all who you dreamed them up to be, be careful of putting someone on a pedestal b/c you might not be seeing them for who they really are right now, I love that Maya Angelou quote that says, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.”

Mercury in Cancer conjunct the Sun 

July 16th

Mercury in Cancer has us going inward mentally, pulling our Energy in, wanting to mentally tune everything OUT & with all the crazy stuff going on in our world, who could blame us if we all need a break from the news & definitely time to go on a SOCIAL MEDIA DIET this Summer with MERCURY conjunct Sun in Cancer, it’s time to go HOME, find our SELF again, do the deep soul searching or at least clean out your sock drawer! 


KEYNOTE: The realization that one may grow through defeat as well as, and perhaps more than, through success.

While the preceding symbol referred to the drive toward success in culturally organized collective endeavors, this one presents us with the possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement. We have seen how totally vanquished nations have leaped forward and achieved great economic success. Much depends on the quality of the will and the inner integrity of the person. The great sinner can become the most renowned saint, and a medieval Pope can be a criminal. What matters most is our INNER STRENGTH.

This is about KARMA & Capricorn ruled by SATURN knows all about KARMA!