Reiki for Abundance Class on the Harvest Moon! Saturday 09/10 10am-5pm

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This is a REIKI Level 1 Class, no previous experience is necessary!!!

If you want your life to flow more easily, learn potent skills to unblock energy, heal your life & create everyday miracles this is the class for you! Included in the class: Level One Usui Reiki Attunement ( a Reiki Attunement opens energy centers in the body to let healing energy flow thru your hands, level one attunement opens Heart Chakra). Hands on healing w/ other students,  meditations to clear energy blocks, learning how to do self Reiki to heal yourself anytime, anywhere.  Connect with others in a healing space to increase your energy vibration & shine!  No previous Reiki experience necessary, you will learn the history of Reiki & Mikao Usui tradition. When you complete level one Reiki you are ready to continue on to levels 2, 3 & Reiki Master. Everyone who attends will receive a FREE copy of my Reiki for Abundance Book, to learn how to become an Energetic Match for all that you desire!