Plaid Friday is my ONE DAY Only, ONLINE only Sale that I do with the Bend Health Guide every year! Support local small businesses in Bend when you shop locally for Healing Gifts. Thanks so much for supporting my little business during your holiday shopping this season. I am providing these gift card buttons using secure SQUARE shopping for Gift cards!

Receive a Full Western Astrology Chart with a Zoom Session, see what 2023 holds for You!!!

Honestly, Web Design is not my strong point as a Healer, so bear with me as I create this #PlaidFriday Blog post to bring all the Sales to you! You can click on each button below to see all my deals on Reiki, Massage, Astrology & Energy Clearings, plus I’ve added the links to the Infrared Biomat because I know several of you have mentioned you would love to get one, maybe for Christmas!

Thank you so much for supporting my l’il business ALL Year long, the last 2 years have been my busiest years ever, thanks to YOU! Have a wonderful, restful Thanksgivng Holiday!

We seriously need a new Family Plaid image b/c Liam is taller than me now!