Watch my Youtube Video about VENUS CONJUNCT JUPITER to learn even more!

If you get your telescopes out right now, you can already see Venus snuggling up to Jupiter in the night sky & if you have a Star App you will see it’s actually in Sidereal Pisces not Aries in 2023 & that is because of the Procession of Stars, which will be another separate video some day.

Jupiter & Venus together at last reminds me of the popular Prom King & Queen, they are the most beautiful COUPLE in the starry sky & they compliment each other so well. When these two come together it’s a special alchemy brewing for MANIFESTING your HEART’s Desires & you have to ask yourself, “DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, well do ya Punk?” 

Truly we will ALL be feeling Lucky on this day & especially if they happen to be crossing your 2nd House of Wealth or your 8th House of Sex & Money, I’ve got 8th house for this transit, so you know I will be buying my lottery ticket this day!

Venus & Jupiter coming together is a good omen for manifesting LOVE, too, I know several people who are working on this, you know who you are & we just did this LOVE Binaural for Valentines with Distance Reiki for your Heart Chakra, listen to it while you sleep for 21 days & see if it opens you up to more LOVE in your life. I also recorded a Video about how to manifest with VENUS & the secret equation is to ASK, Believe & Receive, I will link to it below. 

This Transit feels like SANTA coming & it makes sense b/c we do have SNOW right now & Santa is feeling extra GENEROUS & if you have GOOD KARMA you will be REWARDED but the nice thing here, unlike Saturn transits, is that even if you don’t have a perfect reputation, you may still receive a special gift from Jupiter King who is feeling extra loving around Venus & this is like the Grinch opening his HEART after all, we will ALL DESERVE LOVE & Abundance on this day & you only need to Believe to RECEIVE & maybe you will receive even if you’re feeling resistant to it all! So get into the RECEIVING MODE, Allow the good things to find you, be open to opportunities for LOVE & MONEY especially, this is a SAY YES moment, whatever comes your way, say YES Please & Thank You because it is probably better than you could have ever expected & it is going to give you a Quantum Leap into the life you’ve always wanted!!! 

Even if something so called “Bad” happens to you on this day, take it as a sign that something GOOD is coming right around the corner! I will never forget the last time we had this Venus Jupiter Conjunction & I was all Polyanna over here sprinkling my rainbows from Unicorn butts & one of my Reiki students, “Well I just lost my JOB today so this is NOT a lucky transit for me at all…” She was single & to be honest, she hated that job anyways. So I replied back, “Just watch, it’s bringing you something better!” Well within 3 months she got a BETTER JOB & at her better job, she met the love of her life, she just got married last Spring & she is now expecting her first child!” 

So even if you have a LOSS under this transit, I assure you it’s leading to an ultimate GAIN in your life. You just can’t go wrong with a Venus Jupiter Transit!

Venus is the goddess of Love & Beauty, Jupiter is the King who grants wishes, I promise you that beautiful things are coming to you, you’ll be feeling like a Magnet for the best things in life now, you can attract whatever you want to you, love, money, an infinity pool, I hope there will be TACOS!!! 

If someone asks you on a date for this night, absolutely say YES because you will be radiating beauty from an inner glow of warmth & friendliness. If Venus & Jupiter are transiting your 7th House of relationships you may meet the love of your life this day, this is a wonderful transit for Falling in LOVE or rekindling your relationship to take it to the next level, a marriage on this day will indicate ever lasting love for sure!

Be careful if Venus & Jupiter are transiting your 5th House, you will surely get PREGNANT! 

This is an excellent day to schedule a PHOTO SHOOT or film a Video b/c you will be looking so attractive, especially if it hits your 1st house. Or maybe you want to spruce up your Home & buy some Artwork if it’s in your 4th house. 

Ideally, this time should be spent out and about, engaging with as many people as possible. This way, you will expose yourself to the greatest opportunities for manifesting, let the Universe find you & reward you this day! You should take advantage of any financial offers or INVESTMENT opportunities that show up because this is a transit that GROWS WEALTH. This is a very lucky transit, so you may even be the beneficiary of a sudden and unexpected windfall, yes please & thank you!!! 

Wishing you all the Venus & Jupiter Luck, I wish we could BOTTLE this Magic!