August 30th

Blue Moon is when we have 2 FULL MOONS in one month & A SuperMoon is a perigee-syzygy, meaning the Moon is at 90% or greater perigree, in it’s closest approach to Earth, so this MOON will look closer & brighter & feel much more INTENSE…Get your rest before it comes, we will have Supermoon insomnia but also crazy intuitve dreams giving us insight to our Destiny w/ that powerful KITE transit with the GRAND TRINE, wowee, this could easily be a 4 hour reading but I’m going to distill it down quick & easy for you to take like an elixir. I am Feeling it in my chart, I have PISCES moon at 9 degrees & my son has his North Node at exact conjunction to this Superbluemoon 7 Degrees of Pisces!!!

Where is your PISCES 7 degrees?!? I will circle it on the Chart so you can look for Pisces in your chart, if you haven’t had your chart read, I do Astrology Readings, I will link to my website below in the descriptions.

I can’t stop thinking of an image of a TSUNAMI when I think of this Superbluemoon & I always want to be on the BEACH for Pisces Full Moons, but this year, I feel like I just want to be home in my own safe harbor… Tsunami is a Japanese word Tsu means Harbour & Nami means WAVE. Get to a SAFE HARBOR we’re about to have a devastating WAVE!

A Tsunami is one of the most powerful, destructive natural forces that comes in a series of massive WAVES expanding outwards caused by a sudden disruption in the Ocean, such as an Earthquake, Geopathic Distress or a massive underwater Volcano. Tsunamis radiate outward in all directions & it’s mostly going on UNDER the SEA, not visible on the surface, that is fascinating & reminds me of so many of us right now who may have waves of turbulence going on within, even as we might not see anything happening on the surface, there may be turbulence underground…..We may try to ignore the Earth’s

issues, but eventually we won’t be able to ignore it when the WAVES rise above the surface….
We will all be feeling all the Tsunami of feels this Super Blue Moon, but how many people will express it or even let it come to the surface because Pisces rules the 12th house ruled by the SUBCONSCIOUS, all things HIDDEN, under the surface, DEEP SECRETS, this 12th house also rules over Insane Asylums, hospitals & our own inner journey that we rarely share with others, this Supermoon may bring some VULNERABLE POSTS or some shocking secrets exposed…. So even if we don’t see an actual Tsunami this Supermoon, we might be feeling massive waves of EMOTIONS spreading out in all directions, hidden just under the surface that threaten to drown us with this powerful PISCES superbluemoon at 7 DEGREES. 12th house rules over Hospice, Death and Self Undoing, meaning anything we do to undermine or self sabotage ourselves. Paired with CHIRON in ARIES Retrograde, that wounded warrior healer we might see a lot of HEALING CRISIS this Supermoon & lots of people acting out in crazy ways, try to keep COMPASSION as your shield against others who might not be able to handle the intensity of this energy, but for the most part, I want to hide out on this kind of a moon, take some strong KAVA KAVA potion & see what VISIONS my dreams will bring.

Full Moons are always about RELEASING whatever is holding us back & with a Moon this powerful, it might be that everything is stripped away from you whether you’re ready to release it or not & we are definitely seeing that for all of those affected by the Maui wildfires.

URANUS stations RETROGRADE 08/28 at 23 degrees of TAURUS in such close range to Jupiter at 15 degrees of Taurus, not a conjunction per se, but Jupiter has an effect of EXPANDING Uranus who is creating unexpected EARTH events that relate to our RESOURCES in Taurus, where is your TAURUS in your chart, there could be Upheaval or

Breakthroughs or a little bit of both, an upheaval that leads to a breakthrough.
TAURUS 23°): A JEWELRY SHOP FILLED WITH VALUABLE GEMS. KEYNOTE: Social confirmation of natural excellence. Gems result from natural processes, induced by extreme volcanic heat and pressure & geopathic stress. The GEM is a finished product of refined craftsmen. Both the gems themselves and the artistry are highly prized and bring prestige to the owner of the jewels. The symbol applies to any product of culturally acquired skill embellishing or transforming the end results of a lengthy and demanding natural process. CERTIFICATION OF PERSONAL WORTH.

The Natural process that makes GEMS reminds me of an Astrological SQUARE creating that DIAMOND making process & we have Venus Square Jupiter right now as Venus in LEO prepares to go direct 09/03 but first she will square Jupiter on 08/22, of all the squares this one is the least of our worries, Venus wants love, money, beauty & she aligns well with Jupiter the King who grants wishes, probably our biggest worry with this square would be OVERSPENDING & I just saw a story about the new TIFFANY’s remodel in NYC who wouldn’t love to be rich enough to shop for some precious gem there, we are living in such a time of haves & have nots. This Money Square brings a tendency toward greed, excess, and extravagance but can cause problems for gluttony, drinking and drug abuse. As Oscar Wilde said, “Moderation in all things, including Moderation…”

She will cross over all those LEO points again, for the 3rd TIME I think of Commodores, Once, Twice, three times a Lady, Lionel Richie wrote that in honor of his wife, very VENUS divine feminine empowered… where is your LEO?! A lot will be ACTIVATED, Triggered, GLIMMERED & Shimmered here in your house of LEO. Do you like Glimmer or Shimmer better? Glimmers & Shimmers are the opposite of Triggered, it’s when something LIGHTS YOU UP in a GOOD

WAY, those micro-moments in life, when you begin to SHINE from the JOY within, I had this recently at CRATER LAKE, I felt HIGH with the beauty of that deep blue water or maybe it’s a gorgeous Sunrise or Sunset that lifts your heart or jumping into the cool water on a hot day, the happiness you feel seeing your newborn baby smile for the first time that can light up the room or when you have finally HEALED from an injury & you have your first glorious, pain free day that feels magnificent have you had a GLIMMER or SHIMMER experience? I’d love to know

Jupiter Quintile Saturn at 11:11 pm on this Supermoon. “RE-ORG…”
, this Quintile brings

restrained expansion a PUSH PULL Energy, there is a Spiritual FAITH & HOPE to transform our world (Jupiter) meeting with Rules, Regulations, Restrictions & LESSONS with SATURN Retrograde in Pisces at 3 degrees brings KARMIC LESSONS as Saturn is nearly conjunct this Supermoon bringing a sense of SERIOUSNESS to our EMOTIONS, we could DROWN in the Seriousness of our Emotions, take it easy, this too shall PASS! Saturn Quintile Jupiter, I envision trying to build your dream house but having the Permit office say, “you can’t do it that way, you can’t add a second floor, you can’t EXPAND, you will have to REDESIGN it according to REGULATIONS” Find another way to EXPAND, REDO everything

Mercury goes Retrograde in VIRGO on 08/23 where it will cross Virgo between 8 – 16 degrees 3 times, Virgo loves perfection, so try, try again to get it RIGHT over the next 2 months.

Jupiter in Taurus goes Retrograde 09/04 affecting our Resources & if you are a Taurus, this is your year to ask Jupiter the KING to grant your wish, but maybe it’s time to re- think what it is you want & if it will really make you happy, we

should all use this time to get really clear about what we want to manifest & why.
Remember if you want to LAUNCH something, this time period of 8 Planets Retrograde is NOT the time to do it, we have Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and Pluto all retrograde this SUPERBLUEMOON

Mars Trine PLUTO & URANUS Grand Trine part of this KITE of this SUPERBLUEMOON. Kite is a planetary aspect pattern that occurs when three planets in the chart form a Grand Trine and a fourth planet is opposite (180°) one of the Grant Trine planets, and thus forms a sextile aspect (60°) to the other two configured planets.


KITES are about FATE & DESTINY pushing you forward to discover your TALENTS & PURPOSE in life, there can be an INITIATION into something NEW but there can also be a challenging LESSON here that is forcing you to step into your own power, express your True Gifts & show up as your most AUTHENTIC SELF. How will it affect you, where is Pluto 28 Degrees Capricorn for you? There’s your Transformation, Where’s Mars at 2 degrees at LIBRA there’s your Initiation & Ambition, where’s Uranus & Jupiter in Taurus? There’s your sudden, unexpected event or breakthrough, Uranus causing you to EXPAND, Manifest or find your Spiritual Faith, Jupiter. Let’s not forget NEPTUNE in Pisces here at the top of the Kite, listen to your INTUITION, your Dreams, perhaps you will begin an Alice in Wonderland like adventure, I think of friends at Burning Man right now experiencing these powerful transits in that make believe world they co-create, what lessons will Saturn in Pisces bring them?

Last but never least in my heart, CHIRON square to SATURN those DEEP WOUNDS we’ve been working on for awhile are

now giving us healing crisis, soul LESSONS & challenges…I wish I knew my cat’s chart b/c he must have some Chiron in Aries aspects he has had so many HEALTH issues all year & this is all about healing those Deep Wounds & he had a major puncture wound that seemed like it was completely healed but then out of the blue, the whole thing just swelled up again & filled with an abscess that needed to be surgically released & it felt so symbolic to this CHIRON, just when you think your wounds have finally healed, they may begin to SWELL & there’s so much more to be released & purified & you CAN NOT IGNORE it, you have to deal with it right now, there’s no more pushing it down or trying to ignore the pain, the pain is coming up to the surface to be felt, healed & finally released this moon.



KEYNOTE: The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen to stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.

Those who do not depend upon collective values, traditions or support but seek at any cost to be true to their individual self and destiny almost inevitably face some kind of crucifixion. They are sustained only by the power within them, to which a light above answers. The symbol tells us: “Be true to thine own self, and in the midst of the outer confusion displayed by those surrounding you, you will realize what you really are as an Individual — a child of God.”

a sudden realization that implies the supreme worth of a life guided by an inner voice and manifesting a high degree of SELF-ASSERTION.

Interesting paired with Taurus Sabian Symbol about the GEMS was a CERTIFICATION OF PERSONAL WORTH now we have

Supreme Worth of Life, the message is about feeling WORTHY & honestly, I worry about Suicide for some people who may be feeling swallowed up by these WAVES of Serious Emotion, no matter where you are or what is happening, your life has infinite WORTH, you are all GEMS shining this supermoon & as Thich Nhat Hanh says, because you are ALIVE everything is possible. You can turn it all around & find your true Destiny this Superbluemoon, you can begin again, it gets better, do not give up just as it’s about to get so much better!!!!