ECLIPSE ASTROLOGY SALE for $88.!!! Annular Solar Eclipse in LIBRA October 14th 9:13am Pacific Time

Find out how the Eclipse will be affecting you personally, based on what house it shows up in, get a full reading with details & coping mechanisms. This will be my LAST ASTROLOGY SALE of 2023!!!

We just had  ARIES SUPERMOON that was so much about RELEASING the OLD so you can Step into the Brand NEW, so many of us are at a CROSSROADS time right now & I always think of the Goddess HECATE who helps us navigate our new path forward as we move into this… you can call to HECATE this Season to guide you on your path if you are experiencing big changes as we move into….

Aries North Node

Libra South Node 

This ARIES/LIBRA Nodal Axis Cycle lasts all through 2024 so it’s good to know where your ARIES & LIBRA show up in your Chart, that is where you will be feeling it. I am having an ECLIPSE Astrology Chart SALE for $88. get your chart this month & help me pay for my Cat Kettle’s Vet bills 🙂 crazy cat!

Eclipse PORTAL Cycle begins with this Solar Eclipse happening October 14th at 9:13 am in the West, check the times for where you live.

I am SUPERSTITIOUS about ECLIPSES In Ayurvedic Astrology it is believed that a Solar eclipse occurs when the shadowy demon Rahu Ketu gets revenge on the SUN by swallowing it to darken the Sun’s luminous rays. The Sun’s energy force goes dark during an eclipse and this can leave us feeling drained or depressed for a few days after. In Vedic Astrology, eclipses are a terrible time to start new projects, relationships, jobs, or really accomplish anything, so give yourself a break this Eclipse, just take it easy. You can google all the Eclipse superstitions, Kings & Queens would HIDE Out in secret rooms for fear of calamity. 

I find some hope that this Eclipse is coming just after Friday the 13th a Sacred Goddess Day that feels empowering & it’s just before NAVARATRI the 9 nights of the Goddesses in India. During this Eclipse, we have Black Moon Lilith fully empowered & exalted in VIRGO, I’ll do a separate report on this transit because I have a lot to say about LILITH, who wants us to become take back our POWER & become EMPOWERED in our own SOVEREIGNITY. We have Venus direct having risen as Morning Star in her Divine Feminine GLORY & so many Goddess Planets circling about right now! JUNO enters Virgo on October 17th Asteroid Goddess Juno was known as Hera, Queen of Gods and was one of only 2 legally married women in all of Olympus, along with Venus. 

Juno was married to Jupiter, the king and she embodied traditional ideas of monogamy and marriage. Polar opposite to LILITH. Juno is a lunar goddess who oversees marriage & childbearing. Ask Juno to help you find your soul mate, true love and long lasting commitment. Juno symbolizes mystical union, a higher spiritual consciousness you can reach when you transcend your ego. Overcoming your own separateness, you can dissolve through this union and become one with the universe, sounds like Enlightenment. She is the polar opposite of Black Moon Lilith who does not want Union but instead wants to be her own, independent unmarried, childless powerhouse of Female Expression, to become a healer, an Oracle & do her own thing like a Vestal Virgin of ancient times. 

I envision Juno & Black Moon Lilith having coffee together & talking about Women’s issues, I’d love to hear that PODCAST!!! what will come of LILITH & JUNO’s union in VIRGO at some point they will CONJUNCT, stay tuned for that….

If we must lose the light energy of the SUN at least we have the Divine Feminine GODDESS Energy to soothe & protect us all!  

Later this month we have a Full Moon LUNAR ECLIPSE in TAURUS on October 28th, the FINAL Taurus/Scorpio Eclipse…but this again is a sign that we are a little “OFF” b/c a Libra New Moon should grow into an Aries Full Moon, but we had the Aries Harvest Full Moon in September, the moons have been off their AXIS for most of 2023, I think a lot of us are feeling “OFF OUR AXIS!” let me know if you feel a little OFF this year? 

LIBRA Eclipse means that the power & energy of all things LIBRA will be “Eclipsed”, diffused, blacked out for a bit…Let’s think about what LIBRA represents…

It’s the Scales of JUSTICE, I would not want to have a court hearing on October 14th b/c Justice will surely be BLIND that day.

Libra is BALANCE, so we may be feeling “off balance”  we may lose our EQUILIBRIUM, we may experience Vertigo on this day, take it easy.

Libra is PEACE & HARMONY, so we may experience the opposite “UNREST”, Conflicts, even WAR which is ruled by ARIES, the Ram, the WARRIOR. 

Libra rules over our Relationships, Friendships & Partnerships natural ruler of the 7th HOUSE of the Zodiac so it will effect all those 7th House issues of marriages, partnerships, but did you know 7th house also rules over Legal Contracts, Enemies & Power Struggles, too?  

This Eclipse will SPARK BIG CHANGES in our Relationships, Partnerships & Work / Life Balance we are on the precipice of a BRAND NEW WAY OF BEING & this is a time of BIG RELEASES, but sometimes Eclipses can cause ABRUPT Changes especially if you are Libra Sun, Libra Rising or Libra North Node, you could suddenly dissolve a business partnership, get a divorce, lose your office or housing situation, all of that can feel SCARY but know that is aligning you to something HIGHER, bring you a higher love eventually.

CLEAR out OLD WAYS to make room for a New beginning, New Relationship, New Alliances & a Better Way Forward.  Pluto Stations Direct on October 10th in his final degrees of Capricorn, finally ready to move into AQUARIUS & usher in this NEW AGE. Mars enters Scorpio on October 12th giving us AMBITION & a strong backbone to stand up to anything that comes our way, look out world.

Libra is ruled by VENUS who has risen now as morning STAR in LEO, look for Venus in the Eastern dark sky just before Dawn, she is shining in her full Divine Power Glory right now, I’ve been watching Venus every morning & she will open your HEART Chakra & she inspires that Higher LOVE Vibration, looking at Venus shining her brightest is so UPLIFTING, you have to try it!!!

We have MERCURY at 17 degrees of Libra coming in close to conjunction to the Sun & Moon bringing clarity of mind, communication & beautiful expression at this Solar Eclipse, get out your journals & start WRITING!!!

There’s so much talk about “Relationship” struggles as we move into this Aries / Libras Eclipse Portal, but what if it could be POSITIVE Relationship Changes, I see this as a time of REBIRTH for many Relationships, maybe instead of divorces we see more Renewal of Vows, falling back in LOVE with someone you were separated from, re-connections, Re-Kindling & Reclaiming a better way forward in your relationships & partnerships. I see this Eclipse portal as a powerful time for MEDIATIONS, coming to agreements and negotiations. It’s a great time to be a Lawyer in this Eclipse Portal & we will see so many Lawsuits taking place all through 2024 with these Aries/Libra Eclipses.

October 16th Jupiter QUINTILE SATURN

Quintile means Jupiter & Saturn will form a 72 degree angle, I see lots of Quintiles when I am reading Astrology Charts & they are important to take not of especially when you have 2 power planets like Jupiter the King who grants Wishes & Saturn the Karmic Lord of big Soul Lessons, we may step into a New Path now that will bring out a new talent or skill, follow your heart, what is it you want to PURSUE? Go do that! 

You might feel like you want to get really ORGANIZED with Saturn or you may need more SPACE to Create, JUPITER, this transit brings a lot of CREATIVE ENERGY to pursue new goals, new passions & to BEGIN AGAIN & again, so don’t worry about the end product, get into the creative process & just see where it takes you, tap into a higher mind now that wants to lead you somewhere you’ve never been before. 




KEYNOTE: A revivifying contact with the Mother-force of nature and of social togetherness.

The sea is the vast matrix from which living organisms originally emerged. It also symbolizes the collective Unconscious,  “matrarchial” envelope of the biosphere within which consciousness takes individualized forms. The consciousness of human beings is given specific form by the culture in which they live and the particular occupations they carry on in everyday work. But it is very good and healthful for their minds to become revitalized by collective experiences and deep feelings of undifferentiated unity & connection as they merge in the vast refreshment of their planetary “Mother” where “she” is most dynamic, unlimited and unconfined by boundaries.

Here lies a biodynamic foundation, reaching beyond the biosphere to a cosmic Motheran all embracing galactic Space, as we saw last month when that SUPERMOON crossed the Galactic Center. We may speak here of an OCEANIC MOTHER FEELING, born of attunement to the most basic rhythms of existence.

DIVINE FEMININE RISING evidenced even in the SABIAN SYMBOL for this Eclipse, what does it mean for all signs?

Aries This Eclipse opposes your sign which drains your energy combined with Pluto squaring Mars you may to deal with Competition or you could have some power struggles coming up this Eclipse portal. Beware of starting un-necessary arguments with other, keep your feelings in reserve for now & strengthen your position before you strike out. Compromise & negotiations will serve you better than fighting with others.  

Taurus The pressure is finally off your shoulders this Solar. Eclipse. You have a lovely VENUS TRINE bringing you opportunities for love & money, you can finally manifest your best life now Taurus, but remember you have one last Lunar Eclipse coming at the end of the month.  You may still have something that needs to be processed from last year, that one last HURDLE to overcome before you can move forward on your next big mission. Take some time this month to process all your feelings from the past year, maybe get an energy clearing or some kind of healing work to clear the way, so that you can move forward into your next chapter. Get ready to be READY by healing yourself. 

Gemini Libra Eclipse is in a positive TRINE to your sign, feel good opportunities show up to advance your career & love life at the same time, lucky you! This is a “SAY YES!!!” moment Gemini, whatever comes your way is guiding your path forward in a magical, new direction, so if someone asks you to do something out of your normal routine, Say Yes, it is leading you into a new positive direction & doors are opening for you now, this is your moment to GO FOR IT!  Things will just naturally show up for you now & you don’t have to work so hard to get ahead, you deserve to receive rewards this month. 

Cancer This Solar Eclipse will SQUARE your sign, this may bring obstacles, lessons or struggles but remember within every challenge in life there is a GIFT that will come from it later on, this is so true for you this month, so stay focused on your goals & intentions to move forward, don’t get hung up by minor setbacks from this Eclipse because later this month you will have a SUN, Mars & Mercury TRINE your sign bringing you an abundance of OPPORTUNITIES for increased Fortune, this brings a Rainbow & Pot of Gold after this temporary Eclipse storm, I promise you! 

Leo This Eclipse is in a LUCKY SEXTILE your Sign, bringing you good news, lucky breaks & it will improve your mood, strengthen your position of power, it brings LOVE & ABUNDANCE so take advantage of any opportunities that come your way.  If you’re single, you may attract a new LOVE Connection now! If you’re in a relationship there may be a renewal of PASSION, take some time to be with the one you love, this would be a perfect weekend for a romantic GETAWAY to relax & bask in your LOVE Vibes. 

Virgo Eclipse will help you to find a better Balance in how much you give & how much you receive back, avoid playing the Martyr now, if you’re not getting the support you need, it’s time to ask for it! Take small steps now towards CHANGING your old patterns. This is an excellent season to seek Therapy, Hypnosis or Healing to uncover some old ways of being that are no longer working for you, so that you can move forward & make the life you’ve always wanted to live. It might be time to think about moving your house even or uncovering some ancestral wounds that need to be healed.

Libra ECLIPSE in your SIGN has you feeling a little UNEASY about what is to come…You may be feeling anxious & craving more alone time.  just go easy on yourself as you begin a yearlong transformational cycle. You may need to ask for more support from loved ones, friends, family & even co-workers as you begin to navigate this unknown course before you, like a SAILOR setting off to sea, get prepared, be well nourished, get the self care you need so you can be ready for the big adventure to come over the next year, who knows where you will end up, just try to enjoy the ride! 

Scorpio You’re on a fabulous TREASURE HUNT this Eclipse Portal!This is a time to be open minded & have more FUN in the ways you attract love & money in life. What if you released your need to know where you’re going or how you will get there. Have you ever been on a trip without a MAP, where you explored a town without any agenda? That’s not like a Scorpio but I dare you to set forth on a journey this month without worrying about the destination or your goals, just be OPEN to whatever shows up for you! Release your need to be in control because Venus is Sextile your sign bringing brand new Opportunites for LOVE & MONEY but you won’t get there from your old ways of doing things, you will have to go a different, happy go lucky way to find it. GOOD LUCK!!! 

Sagittarius Do not get discouraged during this Eclipse Portal, you may have some challenge that forces you into a position where you need to ask friends or family for a favor to solve your current problems. You love to give help & advice, but sometimes, you need a little help back from your friends & family, too. 

You will find out who your true SUPPORTERS are this Eclipse. Venus Squaring your sign means you need love, support & affection from friends, family & loved ones now. Later this month Venus will Trine Jupiter & your luck in LOVE & MONEY will return & you can pay back any debts you owe. You are on the precipice of Achieving Great Things, this is the Universe’s way of pulling you back just a bit before releasing the ARROW towards your Bullseye Goal, it’s a happy ending story afterall!!!

Capricorn Eclipsewill Trine your sign bringing you Harmony in all your relationships & an opportunity for a higher love, I hear Wedding Bells Capricorn! This is a perfect time to take some time out for a romantic Fall Getaway with someone you love or maybe you will Fall in LOVE this month!  You’re craving MINDFULNESS this month, you want to be in the moment, in love & gratitude. You work so hard Capricorn, you deserve to enjoy this time off! Sun Trine Saturn later this month brings you splendid opportunities to advance your career that will just fall in your lap, you may receive recognition or a big pay raise, you won’t have to do anything to get it, this is about your past achievements,  so don’t feel guilty about taking time off in early October, your career is doing FINE! 

Aquarius You are feeling on top of the heap this Eclipse season, like you’ve finally caught up & you can manage things, you’re feeling confident in work & in your love life right now. Mercury Trine your sign brings opportunities to negotiate for whatever you want, so maybe it’s time to ask for a RAISE or Promote yourself or tell your story to the world in some way. The energy supports your goals & plans, so you’re the one sign that can move forward & make gains this Eclipse season. Don’t let it be all work & no play, get out with friends & enjoy some fun Fall Frolicking, too. 


You may be having an OPPORTUNITY Overwhelm Crisis this month, as you have so much Inspiration from Neptune & Saturn lighting up your sign, giving you profound ideas, but you can’t do it ALL….This Eclipse Portal is a time for some deep Soul Searching to figure out what is truly important for you to Accomplish in the next 6 months & perhaps let some things go to make time & space for the most important goals. Venus Trines Uranus will bring a SURPRISE Opportunity for Love & Money this Halloween, so you will want to be OPEN & AVAILABLE for this New thing, don’t get bogged down trying to take on too many things,  that you miss out on something wonderful right around the corner, free up your Schedule so you can say YES!!!!