Will Trump Win the 2024 Presidential Election?

That’s what everyone has been asking me, so I look to the Stars for answers & here’s what I found….

Donald J. Trump

JUNE 14, 1946

Queens, NY

10:54 AM

Hello & Welcome. I am Terie & today I am going to read Trump’s 2024 Astrology Chart & see if the stars are aligning for him to Win or Lose in next year’s election.  I’ve looked to astrology my whole life to see what is going on & what will happen next in our world, it always tells the story as it is going to happen, you’ve just got to learn how to read it.

So  will TRUMP win the Election?!?! Let’s see what the STARS Say for Donald J. Trump in 2024.

Stay tuned until the end when I tell you what my own intuitive hit is telling me about who will WIN this election For now, I am going to read Trump’s chart without judgement, just as I would if he hired me to read his chart for 2024 Predictions. I’m only looking at what the Astrology says, the stars never lie. 

So you are invited to watch along whether you are rooting for Trump to Win or Lose, whether you love him or hate him you are welcome to be here, to listen to his transits & look at his fascinating chart, I’m always amazed by Trump’s chart. I read Trump’s chart & 9 Star Ki Astrology just for fun in the last election & I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would WIN, it was so clear to so many astrologers. In the 9 Star Ki he was in the 3 Fast Growing Tree Year that gave him so much “go for it” energy & 3 Wood Stars always WIN, our whole world will be under the 3 Wood Star in 2024 interesting we collectively return to the energy that helped TRUMP WIN in 2016,  while Hilary was in a 2 Earth year as an earth mountain herself, she was slowed down by too much EARTH, both Eastern & Western Astrology said the same thing, TRUMP was undeniably going to become our President.  

This time around it is not as clear cut to me, Trump has some powerful JUPITER alignments that COULD BRING A WIN, JUPITER RULES OVER POWER & FAITH, Trump has thIS luckiest Jupiter Sun Cazimi, that’s truly a WINNING Transit that always makes me buy a Lottery Ticket when I see it show up in my chart,  that makes me think, yes, he is against all odds going to take this Presidency, but then he has this pesky Saturn Square Uranus that is a challenging aspect bringing road blocks & obstacles to his victory not to mention some Karmic lessons & LOSSES. 

I see JUPITER coming in like SANTA on his sleigh to bring Trump the GIFT of a Presidential Victory so hopeful for Trump, Jupiter Santa rules over HOPE.

Then I see Saturn square Uranus coming in like the GRINCH to take it all away & even lock Trump up.

So it will be the Best of Times & the Worst of Times for Trump in 2024, making this election feel like a scale as we move into that 2024 LIBRA Scales of Justice Eclipse Year ahead.  where the lightest feather could tip the scale in his favor or against his favor, it feels like it could all come down to just a few votes whether we wins or loses but let’s look closer at his chart for more definitive clues if he’s going to WIN or LOSE.

Trump was born during a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius close to the Galactic Center in his 4th house of Home & Mother he’s a powerful CHANGEMAKER being born in an Eclipse on that Gemini Sagittarius Axis on the 10th house of Career/Father & 4th house of Home/Mother, this particular Total Lunar Eclipse that occurred at Donald’s birth is called a LUNAR SAROS 129 & it occurs every 9 years, the next one will be March 2025 close to the time the Winner will take the Presidency. People who have Moon conjunct Galactic Center as Donald Trump does means he is a FORCE in NATURE

He MANIFESTS with his Connection to SOURCE that he was born with Moon near the Galactic Center,  he’s the kind of person who is always in the right place at the right time, he may have overinflated his wealth but he is successful just looking at his chart I see him knowing what he wants & then getting it more often than not,  you can see why he has inspired so many people, he does have powers of persuasion & abundance.  Trump works this manifesting Alchemy with his words because of course he is a GEMINI, Geminis are natural WORDSMITHS, Trump has a stellium in Gemini with SUN, North Node & Uranus, Gemini ruled by Mercury gives him those Jedi Mind Skills to create the reality he believes he deserves to have, he manifests his desires by proclaiming that he already has what he wants, that what he wants to have happen IS happening if only in his own imagination, even if it’s a white lie he wields it to magnetize getting what he wants & then what he wants naturally comes to him, people criticize his lying but he uses it in the best Law of ATTRACTION WAY, when he says it’s going to be huge & he IS going to WIN he is proclaiming what he wants with that powerful of I AM affirming & it works wonders for him. I wonder if he read the Law of Attraction books like the Secret or if it just comes natural for him. It reminds me of a child bragging about having something or gloating about fake accomplishments to inflate their status but then lo & behold they end up getting what they bragged about or becoming what they said they were afterall, this Fake it until you make it system actually works sometimes.

He was BORN in a  Total LUNAR ECLIPSE in Sagittarius near the GALACTIC CENTER in the 4th house of Home & Mother, when someone is born with Sun in 10th house of Father & Moon in 4th house of Mother, his PARENTS have a huge impact on WHO HE IS, I wanted to know more abut Trump’s mother Mary Anne, she has a whole Wickipedia page, really interesting how we don’t hear about her as much, but she is a powerful force, setting sail to America on her own at age 17 to seek a better life, she is fierce survivor rising from an immigrant servant’s position to aspire great wealth mostly through marriage but she worked with her husband managing properties,  she lived the true American Dream from rags to riches & we all know Trump’s Father is a Real Estate mogul, have you heard the Woodie Guthrie song about him? Worth a listen.

Trump has his North Node Gemini 10th House Father & South Node Sagittarius 4th House Mother, his life purpose, his work, his family & his home are tied in deeply with his parental roots,   so much to unpack here. North Node 10th house brings a rise to a position of Great Power & he does it in part, for his FATHER, but that Lunar Eclipse Moon & South Node in 4th house of Mother makes him emotional in a FIERY Sagittarius way of course, so his emotions become outburts where he can’t control what he says, like a classic Sagittarius.  He may have deep Mother Wounds & his relationships with women may be his demise that affects this election ultimately, more about that later.  His North Node Will be activated by a SUN Conjunction in 2024 lighting up his purpose in life & once again giving him this UNCANNY LUCK, he’s connected to Wealthy, Powerful people that will try to help him WIN against all odds.

Interesting TRUMP”S GEMINI / SAGITTARIUS AXIS was activated during that powerfulEclipse Portal happening in the 2020 election & that triggered Donald Trump’s North node / South Node in a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE RETURN for Trump that happened JUNE 5th in Sagittarius at 15 degrees, so close to an exact return to Trump’s Lunar Eclipse at Sagittarius at 21 degrees when he was born. Activating his Nodal Axis did not give him the WIN in 2020, but it did stir up a lot of chaos for him, now the SUN lights up his North Node in Gemini could this light up his Soul’s Mission to WIN & gain Power by using his GEMINI Superpowers of manifesting with his words? It’s making a Solar Opposition to his Lunar Eclipse Wounds of Loss & we will have some CHIRON the wounded healer Transits coming up showing Trump he has a lot to HEAL in 2025, how will he have time to process everything that is happening to him, it’s going to be an intense year of HIGHS & LOWS for Donald Trump. 

Let’s start with the HIGHS JUPITER the planet of Expansion, the Believe it to Achieve it personal power guru is in Trump’s 9th house of Beliefs, Travel & Education now before it moves into Trump’s 10th house of Career & POWER in 2024.Next April 20, 2024 Jupiter in Taurus conjuncts Uranus Taurus giving Trump high spirits to ask, believe & receive all the support he needs to WIN & someone from a foreign land helping Trump to WIN shows up again & again in his chart next year.

JUPITER Conjunct Midheaven

Trump’s JUPITER transits reminds me of that old song, “Some guys have all the LUCK.” Next SPRING, April 2024 through June 2024 Trump has this auspicious Jupiter conjunct Midheaven transit that brings a LUCKY fortune cookie for his career & achieving his big goals. He gets the results he wants & we’re already seeing this in the Polls. It’s  a time of confidence, recognition, achievement and professional progress. This is like running a marathon & you get a major lead over your competition, it feels like no one can catch Trump now in the race but it’s only through JUNE, a lot can change in those final weeks.  

Jupiter loves travel & making friends in high places & foreign affairs, my instinct is that there’s massive help here for Trump from someone in a position of power in a foreign country, it’s covert, behind the scenes, is it PUTIN? Putin is a 3 Wood Star going through a Hurricane in 2024, not sure how much he can help, but some powerful foreigner is funneling resources for TRUMP to WIN. 

When Jupiter conjuncts Midheaven it’s exciting & optimistic, it lights you up like the radiant SUN shining on you, it EXPANDS everything in a good way & the advice I usually give in readings is that you should not take on more than you can handle even if it all seems like Great Opportunities, don’t over commit. 

Trump is going to have more than he can handle next Spring as things really speed up for him & he is in the SPOTLIGHT in the news, he’s being seen for good deeds & bad deed, it can feel like it’s all too much for him, so even though this is a POSITIVE Jupiter Midheaven transit, there is an OVERWHELM that comes from Opportunity overload that could EXHAUST Trump’s health, like a kid who has eaten too much ice cream sundae & now he’s sick.

JUNE 11th 2024 JUPITER enters GEMINI Trump’s house of his SUN, North Node & Uranus 

When Jupiter the KING enters the house of  your Natal Sun, it’s as if you get an opportunity to make a WISH & Ask the KING for it to come true, it’s like rubbing the Genie’s LAMP & being told “your Wish is my Command”,

 I could practically declare Trump the WINNER just for Jupiter entering GEMINI then Transiting JUPITER in Gemini will conjunct Trump’s Natal URANUS at 7 degrees of GEMINI a second Jupiter conjunct Uranus for Trump again showcasing foreign people of SUPREME POWER coming in to HELP him WIN, even if there’s something deceitful here, like the Free Masons or the Illuminaty there’s higher POWERS backing him that we can’t even fathom, but I am sure it will all come out in a tell all book someday far into the future.

Then transiting JUPITER in GEMINI conjuncts his North Node in October, Trump’s big life lessons &  purpose are LIT UP at 20 degrees of Gemini, this is expansion of power & then on October 8th Jupiter reaches 21 Degrees of GEMINI we can just about call that a 

JUPITER SUN CAZIMI in the 10th HOUSE of POWER for Donald Trump, this is truly the LUCKIEST Transit you can have. 

When I saw this JUPITER Conjunct SUN in GEMINI, I thought he’s going to WIN for sure, but then, I looked a little closer & realized he misses a true JUPITER SUN CAZIMI by ONE DEGREE, it’s as if he loses by ONE VOTE because when TRUMP is standing before the KING presenting his wish to become President, something really funny happens, JUPITER gets within ONE Degree away from Trump’s Sun at GEMINI 22 DEGREES, Jupiter is just about to give him everything he wants & then..

JUPITER STATIONS RETROGRADE at that 21 DEGREE point, so turns out, it’s not a true CAZIMI but so CLOSE, so now this race is really hard to call, some may say it’s close enough, some will say he missed it by a hair.

JUPITER will be RETROGRADE still during the time of the Election so maybe the KING won’t give TRUMP his power, maybe Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde means the KING will be disempowered, moving backwards. We have MERCURY, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus & Chiron all RETROGRADE on election day, what could go wrong with our Voting during Retrograde season? 

Jupiter will not go direct until January 2025 when the President takes office, so the King will not be granting wishes after all, when Trump needs him most. It’s like he’s SO CLOSE to get everything he wants & then the King backs out of the deal…but only by ONE Degree, too close to call it, we’re going to need a referee on the court, that’s a close call to make. 

We have powerful North Node Aries / South Node Libra Eclipses happening in 2024, the first one is a LUNAR ECLIPSE in LIBRA on March 25th when Trump has a Lawsuit pending & then a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in ARIES on April 8th, I am watching these eclipses closely to see how it will impact our Elections & the current WAR situations, learn more about this Powerful new ERA being ushered in with Aries North Node / Libra South Node Eclipse Portal of 2024, I have separate videos about it, I will link below. 

These 2024 Eclipses will hit Trump’s 3rd House of LIBRA having to do with his LAWSUITS as Libra is the scales of JUSTICE & Trump’s ARIES in the 8th House that is ruled by Scorpio dealing with sex, death & taxes he may have debts to pay but also the veil is thin in this Eclipse Portal to come, maybe Trump gets help from the other side with his Father, Mother & Brother all crossed over or it could mean some Skeletons coming out of his closet, Jupiter will EXPAND any secrets revealed & Trump’s Uranus square Saturn means they will be Shocking Secrets, what could shock us at this point? 

It will all come out in his Lawsuits scheduled for next Spring when this Eclipse Portal happens & he may feel like he’s not getting the RESPECT, recognition or rewards he believes he deserves or that his POWER & INFLUENCE can not save him this time. His powerful Jupiter EXPANDS his EGO so Trump might come across as arrogant or boastful in debating with other candidates or in his lawsuits, his “know it all” Gemini wordy rambling on attitude will not serve him well in court or in the election this time around & it could result in some kind of  reversal of fortunes once Jupiter moves away from his Midheaven next June 2024. 

We can’t talk about Trump’s Future without talking about URANUS 

ENTERING GEMINI JULY 2025 bringing even more unexpected events for Trump as this marks a Uranus return for Trump but wait…plot twist, it’s also a URANUS RETURN for the United States if you look at our 1776 American Birth Chart & when the American Revolutionary war birthed America as a Free Nation, Uranus was in Gemini during our declaration of independence & another Uranus return in 1862 brought the the CIVIL WAR….URANUS in GEMINI brings UNREST, WAR & REVOLUTION, oh my! I could do 6 hours on Uranus in Gemini but what’s important now isTrump has Uranus in Gemini at 7 Degrees,  Uranus the planet of unexpected events & surprises in the sign of GEMINI translates as “I can’t believe he said that!”  Trump is always surprising us, he is an innovative Changemaker, he goes against old ways of doing things, he breaks rules, laws & outdated taboos & everyone LETS HIM. He gets away with more stuff than most, but it will be interesting when he has his URANUS RETURN in 2025 at the exact same time America is having a URANUS Return, America’s chart also has Uranus in Gemini maybe that’s why he aligns with our core American values & people believe him when he says he will make Amerca Great again, that is a great slogan, he manifests with his words. This powerful URANUS in GEMINI return for Trump that will be exact closer to Trump’s 84th birthday, Uranus hangs out in a sign a long time & it takes 84 years for Uranus to travel all the way back to an exact return, but even Uranus entering Gemini brings these WAVES of MASSIVE CHANGE for Trump in his 10th house of CAREER, POWER & AUTHORITY that makes it so hard to predict what will happen for him.

When I’m looking for a definitive answer in a Chart & URANUS is involved, I am scratching my head, there’s no way to know what’s going to happen with URANUS in the already unpredictable sign of GEMINI but there will be a lot to SAY about it & Trump will be the talk of the town again.

I just have to look at the SABIAN SYMBOL for Trump’s URANUS at 7 Degrees of Gemini b/c this just got interesting…it’s a late 7 degrees, so I am going to read for 8 remember JUPITER will conjunct Uranus, too. 


KEYNOTE: The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationships.

We are dealing i with man’s discovery of the new powers residing in his special contribution to the total organism of this planet Earth — his consciousness and aggressive mind. The first stage dealt with oil a form of energy the modern mind has made available. Now we see in this new symbol a pictorial indication of what the use of this intellect-generated energy inevitably leads to: industrial unrest and violence. As man manages to rape the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery, conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated.The arousal is presented to us here in its collective social form because we have reached an emotional-cultural level. The type of power generated by the analytical intellectual faculties is disruptive; it is based on the destruction of matter & invites egocentric hoarding & privileges of one over another. This leads to a REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES 


There is A WAR involving OIL & ENERGY but it’s also a WORKERS Revolution.

Could this have something to do with those looming SOLAR STORMS threatening our Power Grid in 2025? 

URANUS on Midheaven & 10th house of Career sextile Venus before Trump’s Uranus Return Uranus will conjunct his MIDHEAVEN & this brings SIGNIFICANT changes that disrupt his career and public profile, could this actually be JAIL? Sweeping changes come to his work, home and family life, he will have to adapt to situations that rock his world, will he have to dismantle Trump Tower?! I picture the TOWER card in the Tarot, it could all come crumbling down around him, but he is a SURVIVOR he will either ignore or  Resist any unpleasant, unwanted, or shocking changes & stuffing his problems will make matters worse for Trump leading to insomnia, anxiety, depression or heavy drinking that could ultimately unravel his HEALTH & wellbeing at a level we haven’t seen, this transit shows turbulence caused by emotional distress, misguided loyalties, unrequited love, or fears of Financial hardship, lack of security & stability, even pressure from scared family members can all make him feel this heavy burden only made worse by

 SATURN SQUARE URANUS from April 2024 through February 2025 brings restrictions, regulations & that diamond making pressure that comes from obstacles, challenges & KARMIC Soul Lessons, ouch, could this LIMIT his ability to run in the election because of his LAWSUITS? 

SQUARES bring changes you don’t want to happen that are forced on you, it can be a frustrating time of rising tension and stress with Uranus involved it’s hard to predict what is going to happen but it will probably be SHOCKING & lead to UNREST. Trump will be forced to adapt to changing circumstances occurring in his house of PISCES where Saturn resides, that’s RELATIONSHIPS & his late degree Taurus in the 10th House of Career… Plot Twist could it be MELANYA affecting his career? Or is it other business PARTNERSHIPS?  Someone is going to block Trump’s progress.                                                            So many Transits still to unpack real quick like 

VENUS SATURN conjunction happening in Trump’s 7th House of relationship, Venus is LOVE & Saturn is those hard knock life lessons, oooh something is unraveling in Trump’s love life in all this.

Trump’s CHIRON in LIBRA the WOUNDED WARRIOR Healer opposite VENUS in 7th House of Relationships, Trump is feeling unsure in love life, could there be a Heart Ache or BREAK UP? so much healing to do in Trump’s Relationships, maybe more scandals come out & Melania is not having it this time around, who knows, but relationships will be rocky in 2024. 

Chiron SQUARE SATURN May 2024 thru April 2026 a long transit that brings Obstacles, challenges & lessons that lead to healing old wounds & past traumas. There is a PAINFUL LOSS that ultimately leads to hgiher purpose & resolution comes through a HEALING CRISIS, Trump should care more about his HEALTH in 2024, he could suffer a Heart Attack with all these Health related SQUARES transits. 

Chiron Sextile Sun this is a more positive Chiron aspect that shows an opportunity to HEAL after a health scare of some kind.

Trump is a 9 FIRE Star in the 9 Star Ki ruled by the HEART, he is the Ultimate PROMOTER & Marketer, this is where Democrats fail in politics, they don’t ADVERTISE enough, they don’t see politics as the business it is, this is why so many business owner Republicans Win, they are natural born Marketing Experts, it’s all one big Marketing campaign & it helps if you are FAMOUS this is Trump’s advantage, when you can use your MUGSHOT to make millions, you’re a PROMOTER Extrordinaire, how ever will he promote his campaign in 2024? 

In the 9 Star Ki he will be in  2 Earth Star CYCLE as he just started a brand new 9 Year Cycle of growth as a Seed Underground in 2023, now he becomes the SPROUT Pushing Upward, heavy lifting, lots of work but of course his FIRE element feeds Earth, so it’s a productive, good cycle for him although 2 Earth Star was the star Hilary was in when she lost & Biden will be in a very lucky 6 METAL STAR, reaping rewards year in the 9 Star Ki where good things come for him after 2023 was a Hurricane for Biden. 

VENUS coming in so STRONG near the Election along with all these GODDESS Planets bringing a Divine Feminine Energy Rising on our planet supports a WOMAN winning the election & that is my own personal INTUITIVE HIT, that’s where I am placing my BET but I’m not sure what WOMAN it will be…  I am going to delve into the charts of KAMALA HARRIS & Nikki Haley, heck maybe I will even look at Marianne Williamson

If there is a CANDIDATE you want me to look at their charts, leave it in the comments, this is FUN! I’m sure I will do BIDEN’s Chart, too, fellow Scorpio 4 Wood Star that he is, I can relate to him, but for some reason I kinda want to wait & see, am I the only one who feels like BIDEN isn’t really going to run afterall? I don’t know why I think that. We shall look to the stars for answers day by day!