New Moon Capricorn happening on 111 ushers in a NEW PATH Ahead & we are being supported by so many TRINES & SEXTILES & Galactic Center Conjunctions, learn how YOU can ALIGN with the STARS to MANIFEST in 2024 & enter to WIN a FREE 2024 Astrology Readings when you drop a comment or emoji on my YOUTUBE Video! Winner will be announced in my LEO Full Moon Astrology reading January 25th.

New Moon is exact on January 11th at 3:57 AM in the West when Sun and Moon align at 20 degrees of Capricorn. This lunation ushers in a New Year & symbolizes a new beginning in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn, time to root down in the earth even deeper & even if that Earth is shaking with Uranus in Taurus still retrograde & wreaking havoc, bringing all those unexpected earth events, Earthquakes, Tsunami, Floods & storms, so we have this craving for STABILITY that is Saturn & Capricorn while our world is in Chaos, still reeling from that strong Uranus square our last Full Moon Cancer & the Ripples of Earth CHANGES & Uncertainty are still affecting us like a hangover. I am OPTIMISTIC about 2024, an 8 Vibration year promising Abundance & Infinity, this year has MOVEMENT & Movement is Medicine draw the symbol of 8 & you can feel the FLOWING nature of 2024, time to get moving again!

In Feng Shui we always look for addresses that add up to 8 b/c those are money homes, 

maybe your birthdate adds up to 8 like mine does & you’re able to make money. 8 is a revitalizing, rejuvenating & refreshing energy like taking a cold plunge, it is time to WAKE UP & do the thing again, it’s like we’ve been half asleep for the past 3 years in a kind of trance & now this 8 vibration brings us a strong cup of coffee & a life force energy saying LET”S GO! 

A return to Astrology Giveaways on FULL MOONS drop a comment of an Emoji for your chance to WIN. This New Moon is so OPTIMISTIC with Jupiter Direct in Taurus Supporting us to Manifest more RESOURCES, WEALTH & ABUNDANCE in 2024 & I am curious how many people have DEBT going into 2024? Wouldn’t you love to spontaneously get out of DEBT? This New Moon Capricorn offers a TURNAROUND of FORTUNES where you can QUANTUM LEAP into your new Future making more MONEY than you could ever imagine with so many TRINES & SEXTILES this Lunar Cycle bringing those JUICY, POSITIVE Transits that give us what we want out of life & NO SQUARES to be SEEN, nothing is standing in our way now, we can MOVE FORWARD on all of our great big GOALS & Aspirations with so an OPPORTUNITY overload can give us unexpected financial winfalls & multiple income streams now.

Tap into SPIRIT this New Moon, listen to the whispers on the Wind guiding you in New Directions, do some kind of movement this month, dance, yoga or walking so that you can  feel into it with your whole body, this is Capricorn Earth Energy, it wants you to be rooted in your body to become a divine VESSEL of CREATION, let yourself be OPEN to all the magic of the UNIVERSE that wants to GUIDE You, get into a RECEPTIVE Mode & let Spirit fill you with whatever you need, whatever you desire, whatever you are calling into being now, you don’t have to go it alone this month, there are powerful forces SUPPORTING you along the way if you will take a moment to open your heart to this energy that is coming in so strong on our planet right now. 

Capricorn is ruled by SATURN & rules the 10th House of CAREER & FATHER, it always feel when we get this Capricorn New Moon in January that it is time to FOCUS on our WORK again, the Christmas Party is over & perhaps it’s time to take a SERIOUS look at our Finances / Profit / Losses / Debts, thinking about TAXES all those hardworking goat on mountain cliff kind of struggles… Mars enters Capricorn on January 4th really lighting a fire for us to ACCOMPLISH something important & Mercury now moving forward will meet up with Mars in Capricorn on January 13th. 

If you are a Capricorn or you know a Capricorn, they 

reverse AGE, they are so serious & hardworking when they 

are young & then around 50 years old Capricorn switch into 

these carefree, childlike, adventure seekers, that older person

riding a harley or driving down the coast in a convertible, not a care in the world with gray hair blowing in the wind, that is a Capricorn or if you have a strong Saturn you might get lucky & 

reverse age, too… They’ve planned out everything, their retirement is set & now it’s PLAY TIME!

This Capricorn New Moon plant seeds for SUCCESS & HYPER focus on those hard working, productive traits of this relentless Goat sign, time for resilience, time to be resourceful, Saturn rules TIME of course, so MANAGE your time more wisely now, get into your routine, created energetic boundaries, have willpower to stick to your resolutions, resolve comes from Saturn so of course we make resolutions in Capricorn season, resolutions take self discipline, wisdom, ambition & a commitment to overcome any challenges that get in your way of success. Saturn is in Pisces now, Saturn rules over Capricorn & it feels like he’s catching up to Neptune in Pisces, finally moving direct, Neptune in Pisces gives us amazing dreams for the future but Saturn wants to pop that bubble & says quit dreaming kid & get back to work, you’ve got bills to pay…

This New Moon is about our commitment to Long Term Financial Goals & making the sacrifices, like eating leftovers so you can save money to buy that house & it might not even be your dream house, it might be a smaller, realistic purchase… it’s time to get real about what we can achieve as we prepare for the future, roll up our sleeps, get to work, be responsible and set forth ahead on a more realistic path towards success. What if it could all come to you in an easier way, where you didn’t have to work so hard for the money? I am interested in making more money in 2024 by getting into ALIGNMENT with the energy of abundance, this is what I teach in my Reiki for Abundance classes & I just did an online Reiki activation meditation for the Solstice to awaken you to a higher energy & I’ve been playing with this powerful, high frequency sound healing music to activate the Wealth DNA code & I just made video with this music & the first day I listened to it, I made more online Astrology reading sales in one day than all of my christmas, Plaid friday sales so I am a believer, try listening to it for 21 days, I invoked powerful Reiki symbols through distance Reiki they are infused in the music for you to prosper. 

SUN in Capricorn TRINE URANUS in Taurus January 9th something Unexpected comes along to your Surprise & Delight you, TRINES are always OPTIMISTIC, Good Luck, Good News & we could use a SNOW STORM in the Pacific Northwest, we’re facing incredible drought if we don’t get SNOW this season….so maybe Uranus who rules Weather will bring us the Gift of SNOW! Sun Trine Uranus brings a QUANUTUM LEAP, a PLOT TWIST to our New Year. Uranus opens our MIND to incredible, new insights, we can have intuitive downloads coming in that guide us to where we’re going next, if you can allow yourself a little bit of down time on this magical day, this is an excellent time to meditate, journal wrtie or go out in nature, go for a walk & see if you can channel some divine messages about what your next big moves should be. If you are a WRITER, this is your day to WRITE, this is an opportunity for INSPIRATION, a craving for FREEDOM & this would be a magical time to start that Tropical Beach Vacation, let’s go!  

Mars Sextile Saturn January 09th on the same daysays there’s no time for vacation unless you’re making money on the beach, Mars planet of Ambition Sextile Saturn planet of CAREER is an optimistic transit for DETERMINATION & ENDURANCE to accomplish something great at WORK or to start a new business or LAUNCH the thing, this is the time to get it all done, get organized, get ready to be ready, become an Entrepreneur, Write a Book, what other projects are you working on? Leave them in the comments, I will SEND REIKI to your Endeavors!  

If you are thinking about selling your home this Spring, as many people are, this is the time to evaluate your home to see what needs to be repaired or spruced up before you list, I got my Real Estate License in 2020 & I’ve been helping a few people with Energetic Space Clearings before they get ready to Sell this Spring & it is ahhhmazing what an Energy Clearing can do to prepare you to LET GO of your home before sell….

The High Vibrational ENERGY DRINKS keep Coming this month when we have Mars Trine Jupiter on January 12th

Mars the Warrior planet of Ambitions EXPANDED by Jupiter the King now moving directly, intentionally AHEAD in TAURUS. Saturn got you PREPARED for Success, now JUPITER is going to PUT it out there in an Expanded way, if you can align with the POTENTIAL of these Mars Sextiles & Trines you can ACHIEVE something PROFOUND this month, at least plant the SEEDS for GREATNESS!!! 

MERCURY conjunct the GALACTIC Center at 27 degrees of Sagittarius this New moon cycle is a time to WRITE IT ALL OUT, Write it down, Make it Happen, I love to write Morning Pages from the book “The Right to WRITE,” just get out your JOURNAL & WRITE & see what shows up, wow, we will be receiving incredible downloads & divine messages to channel from our friends at the Galactic Center who are communicating to us all the time, if you will just take the time to stop & LISTEN you may hear the MUSIC OF the SPHERES playing in your head this day!!! This is an incredible day for listening to my high frequency Binaural Music, just put it on in the background & see how your mood shifts & feel the REIKI, I have a whole playlist, I listen to them when I give healing sessions, my clients love them, it’s such a simple way to get into a HIGHER FREQUENCY so you can connect with SOURCE with this Mercury conjunct Galactic Center day.