This Aquarius New Moon happening February 9th is the LUNAR NEW YEAR beginning that Wood Dragon Year that is also the 3 Wood Star in the 9 Star KI a time of PROFOUND CHANGES & GROWTH ahead with all that YANG RISING Energy, if you haven’t watched my 2024 9 Star Ki predictions, I will link below, check it out & learn how to ALIGN with the Energy of this BLOOMING TREE STAR we will be in that has me thinking of Cherry Trees blossoming in Spring bringing us much need HOPE for our World. 

I am recording this on Sunday February 4th as MERCURY is conjunct PLUTO in AQUARIUS this ushers in NEW WAYS of THINKING Mercury is all about our Jedi Mind Powers & Communication, Pluto is about poweful TRANSFORMATIONS, our SUPERPOWERS found deep within our Subconscious mind, so we can really Change our Story by changing our own inner dialogue right now, spend some time figuring out what stories you tell yourself & how you can create a more supportive story so that you can MANIFEST b/c this is a GAMECHANGING Manifesting moment in time & if you let me know in the Comments what you want to MANIFEST this New Moon Aquarius, I will send you distance Reiki for it to happen for you. This New Moon will also conjunct Mercury in Aquarius we might CHANGE our MINDS over & over again…better to get your journal out & write about how you’re feeling than make any big life decisions under this changing tide.

This New Moon will conjunct VENUS, MARS, PLUTO & Mercury before it reaches that 20 Degrees of Aquarius on February 9th lighting up all those planets along the way saying PAY ATTENTION something BIG is happening here, can you feel it? So much KINETIC energy in the ethers at this time. 

Uranus in Taurus at 19 degrees now moving DIRECT is in a nearly EXACT SQUARE to this New Moon & Sun in Aquarius bringing UNEXPECTED EARTH EVENTS & we’re already feeling it this month with massive SOLAR STORMS that erupted January 29th with a powerful 6.8 magnitude M-class, the second strongest Solar Flare on record & the solar Storms kept coming all week causing all kinds of Solar Storm Symptoms like Headaches, Insomnia, Vertigo, dehydration, ears ringing,  feeling ungrounded, out of it & one of my Reiki students said she felt UNTETHERED to this Earth, yes, that is the feeling…like we disconnected completely, let me know if you experienced any weird feelings the week of January 29th through Friday February 2nd, I was having lots of Technology issues from my Square reader not working to my computer glitching, too. 

We are only going to see more of these powerful SOLAR STORMS to come & there was even a series of gigantic, eerily faint plasma loops circling the Sun’s surface after this powerful solar flare exploded a coronal mass ejection from the sun Monday & Scientists are scratching their heads, they’ve never seen anything like this before, you can follow NASA to learn more about Solar Storms. I woke up Monday morning after teaching my Masters Reiki class with a crown chakra headache, first I thought it was a Reiki hangover but whenever I am not feeling well now, I just google Solar Storm & sure enough we were having a MASSIVE SOLAR STORM, so I invite you to do the same, just start checking in to see if we’re having one b/c they will continue to get more intense as we go on & even the Wall Street Journal did an article about how the Solar Storms could FRY THE GRID as they put it, effectively destroying our Electrical Grid & destroy our Economy this Summer, I will link to that below, how do we PREPARE for this UNKNOWN, Unpredictable circumstance that is coming…. Get a generator? hide cash in your mattress?

Just wait until JUPITER catches up to Uranus in a Conjunction in April right about the time we have a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries, Expansion of Unexpected Events & Earth Crisis to come this Spring & I am just starting to delve deeper into this years Eclipse Portal & it is OVERWHELMING but also EXCITING like anything could happen this year let’s hope for GOOD SURPRISES, too! 

Feb. 19th North Node ARIES will conjunct CHIRON in ARIES at 17 degrees, look at your chart for where ARIES at 17 degrees shows up that’s what you will need to HEAL in 2024, that is your Homework Assignment that is due by April 08th when we have that Aries Total Solar Eclipse, solet the Eclipse Portal healing begin this month with Chiron & North Node coming together for a preview of what’s to come! 

I did a separate video about North Node Aries / South Node Libra that will be rocking our world especially in April with that first Total Solar Eclipse, especially if you are an ARIES or LIBRA or North Node/ South Node in Aries in Libra, but we ALL have Aries & Libra somewhere in our chart, pay attention to where that is for you this year!

The big news of this New Moon is Mars & Venus entering Aquarius where PLUTO has finally moved into, it’s like Mars & Venus want to see what all the fuss is about with Pluto in Aquarius & there is a lot to learn about Pluto moving into Aquarius, I did a separate video about that, link below.  Mars goes first on February 13th & Venus on February 16, this may affect Valentines day as MARS will be in Conjunction with PLUTO…..which gives a transformative sex drive, but also a hot temper that can be EXPLOSIVE when the WARRIOR combines with Plutonium. Venus comes in after to soothe the tensions with her Divine Feminine Energy & LOVE Vibes, when Venus & Mars travel so close together it empowers our relationships with greater PASSION so close to PLUTO there is transformation through LOVE, could this even bring PEACE to our WORLD, we can hope? look for Venus & Mars dancing together in the morning sky to the SOUTH just before Sunrise.


Mercury will Square Jupiter for the Superbowl this is an OPTIMISTIC Transit but it can also make people BOASTFUL or overly confident, I imagine lots of gambling around this football game & some may Win but we will probably see more LOSERS b/c Squares are NOT GREAT, I would NOT gamble with this SQUARE. Don’t make PROMISES you can’t deliver on, I would not SIGN a CONTRACT under this Square. You can use it to HYPERFOCUS on your long range goals & make plans for the future or to gain insights, this is a THINKING Transit not a DOING transit, don’t make major decisions or do anything about it just think it all through for now. 

NEW MOON 20 Degrees of Aquarius Sabian Symbol


KEYNOTE: The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.

The individual who has gone courageously and with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul-realm: “Mission accomplished. Peace be with you.” This blessing is a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may & be seen by a spiritually sensitive mind. Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally “present” in the heart of all true victories. A white dove always signifies peace; at the very heart of this peace is the CERTIFICATION of individual worth and victory.Can it get any better than that?
I am seeing a lot of HOPE for our FUTURE here, cross your fingers & make a WISH & then drop your Wishes down in the comments & I will send Reiki for them to come true & you will be init2winit for a Free Astrology chart reading when we meet again on the Full Moon later this month. 

9 STAR KI February 4th on is a 5 Center Star & we all go home to our own Stars, we are in our own ELEMENT this month & this is a powerful RESET where we can get into ALIGNMENT at the beginning of this LUNAR NEW YEAR of the Wood Dragon & the 3 Fast Growing Tree Star in 9 star ki, if you haven’t already watched the 2024 9 Star Ki Video & found your own Star, I highly recommend looking at the Chart in the beginning & then finding your own personal reading for 2024 in the Description below to learn how to ALIGN with the Energy of 2024 to Manifest your desires. If you are new to 9 Star Ki you might want to start with “What is 9 Star Ki?” to learn more about this system, I will link below. At the end of this reading I will have little mini readings for each SIGN.

In another Eastern Religion of Hindu, we have SHIVA MOON this week February 4th- 8th a holy week celebrating that last sliver of WANING moon Shiva wears on his head, this is a powerful time to SHIFT into a new reality, to begin again, to set out in a new direction, in the Hindu religion this Shiva Moon sets us on a path of our SOUL’s JOURNEY, Shiva is the Great Protector, so this is an auspicious time of year to ask Shiva for protection, he will help you conquer your FEARs & he can remove any obstacles that prevent you from Success or if you want to WIN in a Lawsuit, defeat your ENEMIES or have greater Power & Wealth. You can Chant OM NAMA SHIVAYA, there’s so many beautiful Shiva chants to be found on Youtube, try to chant to Shiva at least 108 times this week to receive his blessings. 

This Center STAR is a FERTILE Energy like when the Farmer has just tils the soil in the Spring to get that dark, rich soil to plant SEEDs, so whatever intentions you make this February can grow into a prosperous harvest for this Fall, it’s a good time to take some time out & figure out what you want to MANIFEST for 2024.

We may have lots of people wanting our time & attention this month, so be sure to create strong energetic boundaries, you may even need to end some relationships that are not well balanced, if you have a needy friend who is never there for you or people in your life who take more than they give, give yourself permission to say NO this month & do not let people convince you to do anything you don’t want to. Allow yourself time & space to be alone, to get CREATIVE, to figure out your next steps forward, to plant your seeds for your garden. 

There can be a whirlwind of activity in a 5 Center Star as this is the HURRICANE star but just as you would in a hurricane, FIND YOUR CENTER, don’t engage with crazy, go home, take a bath, NURTURE yourself & spend more time alone this month than usual.