MARCH 25th Full Moon

 LIBRA LUNAR Eclipse Penumbral

12:00 AM witching hour

Pray for Peace

This Full Moon we have a penumbral Lunar Eclipse on March 25 at Midnight, the Witching hour at 5 degrees and 07 minutes of Libra, opposing the Sun at 5 degrees and 07 minutes of Aries, this will affect us wherever you have personal planets in your chart between 0 to 10 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) look to your chart & see, if you know what personal planets show up for you between 0-10 drop it in the comments & I will give you a mini reading & you will be INIT2WINIT for a FREE Astrology Chart reading when I draw a winner, as I always do, on the FULL MOON, todays Full Moon WINNER IS….@SohaGhandour I am having an ECLIPSE SALE right now for $88 get your Astrology Chart & I will give you a detailed write up, showing you exactly HOW these 4 Eclipses in 2024 will affect you including some COPING MECHANISMS, link in description.    I am calling in Quan Yin goddess of COMPASSION today b/c after looking at some ECLIPSE charts, I know so many of you are going through some TOUGH TIMES in this Eclipse portal & if you can stay in a place of COMPASSION, I think of LIBRA as a Divine MOTHER energy & if you’re a mother, you start to look at people differently, even bad people doing bad things you think, that’s somebody’s child….Even our ENEMIES can become our GREATEST Teachers in these trying times if you can muster up a little bit of compassion for them even as you’re frustrated w/ them… I have such a Mr. Roger’s vibe this Moon, we need to look for the HELPERS b/c there’s always HELPERS when things are going wrong in our World & the HELPERS are probably LIBRAS!!!    

 I am going to cover the major transits that will be affecting us during this ECLIPSE PORTAL that really started on the Pisces New Moon, I talked a lot about the energy of these times, if you haven’t watched that one, might want to go back & give it a looksy 

 This Eclipse portal will continue past this Lunar Eclipse because next up we have a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries happening April 08th & that’s a BIGGIE!!! I am going to put the SOLAR ECLIPSE Map for the Path of Totality here, let me know if you will be able to see it where you live? I was fortunate to live in the best place to view the AQUARIUS Total Solar Eclipse in 2017 where we saw the DIAMOND & everything got dark in the middle of the day, it was so ominous. So many cultures have superstitions about watching Eclipses, what do you think? Is it bad luck? I am superstitious but I also LOVE to see an eclipse….

Before we get to the Lunar Eclipse we will have.. Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces March 17th on St. Patrick’s Day known as a Neptune Cazimi This is a dreamer’s conjunction, a good time to take some Kava Kava to have PROFOUND Dreams & visions, to connect with Spirit & our intutition will be heightened, this a CREATIVE energy for channeling the DIVINE into writing, painting & playing music, hopefully you have this day Off, it’s a SUNDAY & you can embrace this day, it would be a good time for Forest Bathing, Earthing, get near WATER rivers, lakes, oceans. I would be cautious about consuming green beer on this day b/c Neptune in Pisces rules over boisterous drunks, overdose, confusion & illusion with this Alice in Wonderland energy combust the SUN, we may see drinking & driving accidents or injuries resulting from intoxication, be careful out there. There can also be a sense of having your energetic boundaries crossed by others or feeling energetically drained by the needs of others, I don’t always love the words “Energy Vampire” but if there was a transit to bring them out, Neptune Cazimi in Pisces will! I’m making this an unplugged INTROVERTED Day myself. This is a good transit to PRAY FOR PEACE, do some energy healing, meditate, get MYSTICAL, Magical whatever that looks like for you

Venus entered Pisces 03/11 through April 5th

Venus is EXALTED in Pisces meaning LOVE is in the AIR & LOVE becomes EMPOWERED this could be a game changer for our World right now as LOVE gains momentum over Hate, finally! We will see beautiful Love Stories with Synchronicity, Magic & a time for greater Spiritual Alignment & Faith. This is a time to LOVE yourself deeply & then you will manifest all that you desire, especially if what you desire is LOVE. This Venus in Pisces gives a special TRINE to Cancer & Scorpio, an opportunity to follow your heart, do what you love & the money will follow. We will all reap the rewards of the beneficial Venus in Pisces transit, if you know where Pisces is in your chart, leave it in the comments, I will tell you how Venus will light that house up!  If you’re single, this is the perfect time to fall in love, if you’re in a relationship this is a time for deeper connections & possibilities for more commitment, this would be an ideal time for a Wedding if you’re planning one, just not on March 21at when we have that...

VENUS SATURN Conjunction Saturn is kind of a buzz kill to Venus the Lover,we may have some HARSH realities about our relationships coming to the surface with this conjunction, maybe you thought he’d leave his wife for you, but now you know he’s never going to, it’s that kind of bubble bursting realism that may be saying, you’re not going to get your heart’s desire this time & your relationship may be unstable… 

This  tricky aspect goes right into the Lunar eclipse, affecting us all for weeks bringing disappointment, depression&  discouragement, all those dreaded D words. Venus rules money as much as love, so it could be a financial setback that comes unexpectedly, too, sigh. 

Venus eventually moves onto a Conjunction with Uranus in TAURUS unexpected LOVE EVENTS where she’s also right at home in Taurus, this will be  later on in MAY…stay tuned for more on that later.

MARS Enters Pisces 03/22

MARS disempowered in Pisces, Mars prefers FIRE not Water, so this can dampen some “War” efforts & that might just be good for PEACE.

MARS will conjunct SATURN on April 10th

right when we have that TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE, Fire & ICE aspect which brings determination & fiece ambition, not nearly as negative as Venus conjucnt Saturn & I will talk more about that in my next Eclipse report.

Just before this LUNAR Eclipse 


good news!

Hold your loved ones close & EMBRACE the CHANGES that are inevitably coming….Sextiles are those harmonious, happy go lucky transits that assure us that everything is going to be okay, ALL IS WELL no matter what is going on around you, just keep telling yourself, ALL IS WELL, everything is unfolding for your divine purpose & this is a wonderful time for travel & adventure coming right at Spring break for many of us, just go enjoy your life b/c tomorrow is promised to no one. 

Endings & Beginnings & TRANSFORMATIONS within relationships…

Mercury in ARIES will go Retrograde on April Fool’s Day, I’m not kidding, let’s worry about that next month, we’ve got a lot on our plate already. You know what’s worse than Mercury Retrograde these days? SOLAR STORMS!!! I was going to record this over the weekend & I just got hit with a wicked combination of Insomnia + Exhaustion + sounds in my ears like the music of the Spheres or something. I had to embrace the DEEP REST there was no fighting when your body just takes you down in an arm wrestle. Whenever I am feeling OFF now, I look up SOLAR Storms & sure enough we had MASSIVE Solar Flares happening March 8th – expected to run through March 13th these are worse because they are directed at Earth more so than other storms we’ve had in the past, on March 9th Widespread Solar Storms Hit Spacecraft, Earth, And Mars In Quick Succession affecting radio transmissions & some satelites, they are just getting more & more intense as we get closer to 2025 when we have the Solar Flip, we did a separate video on this….Do you think I should start doing separate Solar Storm reports? So I’m not obsessing about them in my Astrology videos?

Back to Libra the planet of BALANCE, we can only hope we will have BALANCE this Libra Full Moon, she is all about BEAUTY, RELATIONSHIPS & CAREGIVING, Libra is ruled by Venus, so it’s lovely that we have Venus exalted during this Lunar Eclipse. Libra also rules JUSTICE & there could be significant NEWS related to LAWSUITS this Eclipse. 

Libra is also the sign of RELATIONSHIPS so our love life might get a little topsy turvy this Eclipse, hang in there if you can, this will test the strength of your relationship. My favorite advice from my client who was married 58 years, when I asked her what’s her secret to a long lasting relationship? TOLERANCE she said, TOLERANCE, if you don’t have that, then just jump ship already. This Eclipse in Libra AIR & Aries FIRE can bring EXPLOSIVE arguments because when you blow on fire it takes off, the fire gets bigger, there was just an out of control fire where I live because of WIND, so be careful playing with Air & Fire, this is a COMBUSTIBLE Eclipse. 



KEYNOTE: The necessity for the youthful spirits to learn from a Teacher who through his long experience has been able to reach solid and illuminating truths, i.e. “seed ideas.”

When the pupil is ready, the Master appears. But he may appear in many disguises. What matters is not the Master, but the Mastery he “re-veals.” It is veiled in his person. It has to be contacted through his person, rather than in his person. Devotion to a guru may be the way, but sooner or later it should be transmuted into reverence: the truth within the disciple saluting in true humility the truth in the Teacher. What is evoked by the symbol is the essential, rather mysterious, process of TRANSMISSION. What is transmitted, if the situation is really adequate and understoodby all participants, is not merely knowledge. It is actually “being-ness.”


KEYNOTE: The capacity for self-transcending.

This is the symbol of the desire to reach a higher level of existence, of pure aspiration or devotion, of bhakti. What has emerged in the first phase of the process of differentiation is becoming aware of the possibility of further up-reachings. The principle of “levitation” is seen as one of the two essential factors in evolution. The emergent being glorifies and deifies it, but it is still only an ideal. At this stage the whole being experiences a childlike longing for its eventual realization.

A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavor

ARIES this Lunar Eclipse is opposite your sign this has you feeling UNDER PRESSURE to get it all done, you have some BIG, LOFTY GOALS for 2024 but then your relationships& your family  may be tugging out you for your attention at the same time& it can feel like there’s not enough of you to go around…Add to that you have CHIRON the Wounded Warrior Healer triggering your deepest wounds & next up is that Solar Eclipse in your sign in April, you will want to lighten your Schedule so that you can have more free time to feel all the feels that will be coming up, you might need time just to stare at a blank wall to decrompress, so ask for the support you need right now to give yourself some free time. 

TAURUS Lunar Eclipse is quincunx your sign, gives you this topsy turvy wobbly feeling at work & in your relationships, you’re not sure where you stand  like making you feel insecure about your next steps. Something is about to CHANGE for you but it’s because of someone else’s choice, it is out of your control, the best thing you can do is surrender, be adaptable & make compromises.  Focus on your routine, get selfcare, eat nourishing foods & take care of the cows. Your friends may be your greatest source of support this Eclipse portal. 

GEMINI Libra eclipse is trine your sign giving you creative opportunities & you’re so FERTILE this whole eclipse portal, if you’re wanting to get pregnant or give birth to a new idea, this is a time when the energy supports you doing something brand new, get out of your comfort zone because you’re feeling more confident & comfortable in your own skin, so put yourself out there in the world. If you’re single, you could find TWU Love this Moon, if you’re in a relationship your love will deepen & your commitment may grow stronger. 

CANCER  This Libra eclipse is Square your sign bringing you tension at work & at home, you just want to ESCAPE it all. You’re craving ADVENTURE this Spring, you might need a getaway to get some perspective. You’re like a garden hose with too many holes in it, your energy is scattered over too many projects, time to bring all your energy back home, to get centered, grounded & get back in tune with your natural healing & self care routines. When is the last time you’ve had a Massage or even had FUN? Go do that! 

LEO You have a lucky SEXTILE with this Eclipse putting you in an outgoing mood, time to reconnect with old friends or old flames for fun & romance. There may be some big SHIFT in your consciousness that allows you to call in a Financial Windfall or get a LOAN, GRANT or unexpected money that shows up during this Eclipse Portal, you don’t always have to work so hard for everything, all the good things to come to you effortlessly, you deserve it. 

VIRGO Libra is your next door neighbor on the chart, so you will be feeling all the feels of this Eclipse, big changes in your RELATIONSHIPS could be breakups or falling in love, you may act on sudden urges with a desire for deep connection with loved ones.  Everyone becomes a MIRROR for you in the Eclipse, so you can see who you really are by what is showing up for you now. You may have to make small adjustments in the ways you’re doing things to succeed at work going forward. You have a strong urge to achieve some goal you’ve been keeping secret, now is the time you can make real progress on it & it may bring you financial rewards with your 2nd House lit.

LIBRA     HOLD ON SWEETPEA, this one hits home for you, you may have HUGE SHIFTS in your RELATIONSHIPS & Work this year, feel the feelings of wanting to make a big CHANGE, but maybe hold off on doing anything without giving it time & consideration, you’re under the influence of a crazy making moon, better to get out your journal, write out all your feelings & plot your course for a change in direction instead of jumping ship.  Embrace personal changes to your beauty, get your haircut, buy some pretty new clothes that uplift your style, take on a passion project to fix up your home in some way, use your energy to beautify your surroundings or take a painting class. 

SCORPIO Just like Virgo, you are close to the Action of the Eclipse in Semisextile to your sign bringing harmony to your relationships & a desire to beautify your home, remodel, redecorate or plant some flowers. This moon lights up your intuition, spirituality & you’re open to receiving DIVINE Messages in meditation & dreams, pay attention to what Spirit is telling you, a higher force is guiding your path to new ventures this Spring, if you’re open to these insights. 

SAGITTARIUS You have this peaceful Sextile to this Eclipse, you have just completed a major growth cycle & your relationship & your work life are more harmonious b/c of the changes you’ve made in your own personal outlook or mindset.  You may be seeking new friends, new work or new social circle to find people who align with your higher vibrational energy now. There’s something you have been WISHING for for awhile now & this Eclipse portal may bring it to you in this Quantum Leap transformation that has you living your best life going forward. 

CAPRICORN You’re so RESPONSIBLE & you’ve been in a powerful  leadership position but this Eclipse has you want to take a break from all that heavy lifting work you’ve been doing & go see some Tulips blooming or go to an exotic island somewhere, this eclipse is a thrill seeking ride for you, sneak away & do something FUN this Spring Break if you can. It’s time to work on bringing more JOY into your life daily, so even if you can’t escape, find little things to do that are new & exciting to you. 

AQUARIUS  this Eclipse portal you will be recalibrating with PLUTO the great TRANSFORMER in your sign, you’re adjusting to a new energy that wants you to do something outside of your comfort zone, take that big leap of faith or maybe you have to travel for work, something will be forced upon you that is asking you to step into your personal POWER & be BIGGER in some way.  You will be getting lots of attention this season, make sure it’s for something positive! 

PISCES It seems like you’re losing something to gain something EVEN Better in this Eclipse portal, so don’t be afraid if something goes away, know that it is making room to fulfill your heart’s desire. You have Saturn the Lord of Karma & the Great Teacher in your sign bringing you big lessons now, I like to focus on Saturn as the bringer of WEALTH, too, you may step into a greater position of wealth this year, try listening to our Wealth Activation during this Eclipse portal & see what shows up for you.