Aries Solar Eclipse


This Eclipse is a culmination of 6 years of HEALING Work we’ve been doing on our planet since Chiron the Wounded Warrior Healer entered ARIES in 2019 beginning a Healing CRISIS. For those of you born between 1969-1976 you may have CHIRON in ARIES & this has been an intense Chiron in Aries RETURN where your deepest wounds are being TRIGGERED & coming to the surface to be HEALED. I did 2 separate reports on Chiron in Aries, I will drop them in the comments b/c there’s a LOT to UNPACK about Chiron’s influence! 

If you’re an ARIES, you’ve probably had a lot to HEAL recently, let me know in the comments if that’s true for you ARIES, but we all have ARIES somewhere in our Chart, we all have our work to do. This is also a CHIRON RETURN Time for the UNITED STATES, our Country needs to HEAL from some deep WOUNDS that have been buried, we might all need a powerful Energetic HEALING this Eclipse, so it’s fascinating that the PATH of TOTALITY will be crossing right over the UNITED STATES, beginning in the Pacific Ocean crossing over MEXICO first coming into Texas right where we have so much migrant madness going on, how will this Eclipse affect all of these states in the LINE of TOTALITY where it will be crossing Dallas, TEXAS, Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis, Cleveland & Buffalo, New York.

This Eclipse is a WILD CARD of CHANGE that is BIRTHING in something BRAND NEW we can’t even comprehend what it is just yet, just like when a Baby is Born, there’s no way of knowing who this newborn will become over time, we have to wait & surrender to this birthing process of Change that is occurring in this 1st House of the Zodiac Wheel, it’s a Brand NEW growth CYCLE, a brand NEW Day & we’re like infants who don’t know what to do next, just BE here now & ALLOW the tides of change to wash over you, there’s nothing you have to do it, it will be a natural process like a sprout bursting out of a SEED in the Springtime. 

Look at that chart how ALL of the PLANETS are just lining up close to the action Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, North Node, Moon, Sun, Chiron & Mercury with Jupiter & Uranus close by, SOMETHING will be REVEALED that will begin a process of DEEP HEALING for ourselves & perhaps on a larger scale, for our World! 

What is Revealed can vary for us greatly depending on how your own personal chart looks, some may have very disrupting changes & others may have be lucky enough to have incredible BREAKTHROUGHS & AHA moments!  Either way don’t rush into solutions or feel like you have to “ACT” immediately, just sit with what shows up for you & explore it first. If you want to see what your CHART says, I am having an Eclipse Astrology Chart Sale for $88. you will receive ALL 4 Eclipses for 2024 & a write up about where these eclipses will be showing up in your houses & how that will affect you. 

If you’re an Aries or Libra North Node you will be feeling it the most of all, this is your SOUL”S BIG MOMENT to do the thing you were brought here to do & it may involve being UPROOTED in some way, there may be a LOSS that is making room for some new direction to come, so even if things seem bad right now, remember it WILL GET BETTER & you are Not Alone, I feel like we need to start an Eclipse Support Group right now b/c I’ve been hearing from so many of you about how difficult this time is, it’s a time of UNRAVELING is the word I keep hearing

When I had my North Node Eclipse in Aquarius it felt like being enlisted in a SOUL’s ARMY, like the Universe woke me up at 5 am & insisted, it’s time to go, you need to leave, you’ve got to go over here, to do this other thing, I thought, how long will I be doing this other thing? You just have to GO & do the thing, there will be signs along the way to tell you where to go, who to talk to & what lessons you need to learn. You simply have to SURRENDER to the PROCESS or be Dragged!

It’s nice to know what HOUSE it is happening in for you, so you can follow along. It’s wild the Libra Lunar Eclipse was in my 3rd House of Neighbors & Siblings, all of a sudden my neighbors on either side of me moved out of state, they had opportunities elsewhere & immediately packed up & left. Then my sister in law, closest to a sibling I have, she is a LIBRA with her Sun in exact conjunction to the Eclipse & we were in communication during the Lunar Eclipse. So you look to your HOUSE of Aries & Libra in your chart & you to make sense of what is going on around you & what are you supposed to do in this particular situation. If you’re lucky, you’re not directly affected & then you can just be an “Observer” I didn’t have any planets or major aspects, I watched it affect my neighbors greatly though.

Eclipses always arrive together based on the Moons Axis, the Head & the Tail of the Drago this eclipse is on  Aries North Node Head of the Drago & Libra South Node tail of the dragon Axis, so we have both Eclipses close together. 

I’m hyperfocused on VENUS & MARS this Eclipse, VENUS moves into Aries April 5th,  just before this total solar eclipse, now the LOVER becomes the WARRIOR, perhaps she is FIGHTING for LOVE & she is also CHASING LOVE now, Aries love the Chase & Conquest of LOVE it becomes a competitive SPORT & this will bring on SPRING FEVER, new relationships will BLOOM, there’s a fiery, passionate desire brewing, you may be wanting something new & exciting, even married people may want to have a Spring Fling, Love becomes so SPONTANEOUS, it’s not LONG Lasting here in Aries I’m afraid. Venus in Aries can bring fierce fighting in your relationship, too. 

 I fear some people could have their hearts broken under this influence, just be careful. I am sad to see Venus leave Pisces & I am counting the days until Venus enters Taurus on April 29th, where she is at home again & not so cruel in love! VENUS rules LIBRA PEACE

MARS is the natural ruler of ARIES the Warrior but Mars is softened now in PISCES water on it’s fire creating steam. Mars becomes more of a Spiritual Warrior now, could this bring some PEACE at least a respite for now.

Mars Saturn Conjunction APRIL 10th!!! 

Mars gives you the energy & ambition to fulfill your GOALS & attain your Desires while Saturn offers the control & Self Discipline necessary for success &  growth. You would think this would work out well, but it can be very volatile, unpredictable especially in watery PISCES where emotions get the better of us & there can be angry outbursts, destructive energy, losing control of our aggressive tendencies. This is a VOLATILE ENERGY. Will I stay in & hide under my bed during this transit? Maybe! 

But Pisces is also that OLD SOUL Wisdom that might know better than to start a fight they can’t win….Pisces is a CALMER energy for Mars & it makes Saturn more of a Spiritual Teacher…

I am wondering what affect this will have on all the WAR situations…. I think of Frankie goes to Hollywood

“WAR what is it good for?”


Can we please realize that & choose PEACE? 

Then after this Eclipse we will have a really BIG Deal Jupiter Uranus CONJUNCTION in TAURUS that will be coming April 20th. JUPITER EXPANDS & Gives us FAITH & URANUS SURPRISES & Gives us Breakthroughs in Taurus an EARTH sign, this could be geomagnetic activity, solar storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, severe weather storms, floods & mudslide & Taurus also rules the 2nd House of Wealth, our Resources, so we may have some Financial Surprises coming, let’s hope it’s Financial Windfalls & not Financial Recessions. This is a RARE Jupiter Uranus Conjunction, between the year 1100 and 2023, Jupiter and Uranus came together in a conjunction only 3 times: back in 1181, 1858, and the most recent was 1941. What was it that happened in 1941? After the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor the United States declared war on Japan. Germany and Italy declared war on the U.S. a few days later, and the nation became fully engaged in the Second World War. Lots to unpack, I will do a separate report on this JUPITER URANUS TRANSIT, stay tuned.

In Astrology charts we say this is an Aries Eclipse but…. because of the procession of stars… If you look to where the ECLIPSE will actually show up in the night sky in ASTRONOMY, it’s showing up in  the constellation of PISCES right at that KARMIC KNOT between the two Fishes. The 2 Fishes represent DUALITY between Reality & Fantasy, one fish swims Upstream while the other swims downstream, Pisces has all this Wisdom yet the fish can SELF SABOTAGE, ruled by Neptune there can be real CONFUSION happening on this Eclipse, what is REAL & what is AI? We’re already not sure what is REAL right now.

Pisces the Fish is one of the ancient constellations. In the Greek story, a massive sea monster, Typhon, was sent to destroy the gods. After being alerted to the monster’s presence, Aphrodite and Eros 2 LOVE Goddesses, swam into the Euphrates River where they transformed themselves into FISHES, I think of SATURN transforming into the SEA GOAT with a Mermaid tale as Saturn is transiting Pisces now. 

It’s all happening under the SQUARE constellation of PEGASUS & the Triangulum, this is a very MYSTICAL area of the night sky that rules over ANCIENT Wisdom, old souls, ancestors & aliens alike, it’s so other worldly, this is the gateway of Pisces & the oldest ways of being just as we cross a Threshold into Aries birthing a brand new way forward. 

PEGASUS constellation coming in hot here, represents profound World CHANGES that will come to our OCEANS, our oceans may heat up with that fiery energy of MARS in PISCES that symbolizes a combination of FIRE & WATER, could there be EXPLOSIONS at SEA or maybe it will be those Underground Volcanoes erupting, there is a destructive OCEAN FIERY BATTLE scene here, this is one Summer I will NOT be taking a CRUISE, stay away from the Ocean on this eclipse, could this even be TSUNAMI energy? 

Pegasus is a HORSE that can FLY Like a Bird, representing that we all RISE ABOVE whatever chaos comes from this disruption. Pegasus was born from the blood of the gorgon Medusa after Perseus decapitated her. Pegasus emerged fully-formed from her neck, talk about rising above bad situations. With his white wings and powers of flight, Pegasus was considered a divine creature associated with poetry, wisdom, and the springs of Hippocrene and Pirene. Pegasus is also known in mythology as Thundering Horse of Jove, the ancient God of Rome who became Jupiter, that carried the divine lightning to bring ENLIGHTENMENT & Inspiration. Pegasus came to represent a free spirit who nurtures creative talents. Pegasus brings us Fearless Adventures, new exploration, intuition, imagination & he wants us to take FLIGHT, perhaps without leaving the ground, maybe ASTRAL TRAVEL or the Magic Carpet ride that is coming up in the Sabian Symbols.  There is so much EXPANSION & ASCENSION Energy coming in this Eclipse Season, give yourself TIME & SPACE to Absorb the energetic downloads, we’re already soaking in it, can you feel it? Add to that those Solar Storms that are lighting us up energetically. We have Triangulum constellation that brings that TRINITY energy this relates to DEMETER Godddess Mother of Persephone who promises to bring a bountiful SPRING but only if her daughter returns home in time, this Eclipse holds our Harvest in the Balance &  this Triangle constellation also contains a Pinwheel SPIRAL Galaxy that might make you dizzy when you’re looking up at the Eclipse, there’s an ALTERED STATE of Consciousness energy here, I would not partake in mind altering substances during this Eclipse, your mind will be altered naturally, if you added more to the mix, you may fly away never to return. 

ARIES 19 Degrees sabian


KEYNOTE: The use of creative imagination.

A way of life refusing a hectic involvement in social competition and waste-producing overproduction allows for the development of unattached and transcendent understanding. The static floor (carpet) on which man’s feet (symbols of understanding) rest can become transformed into the means for great flights of imagination and super-physical perception. The period of rest from outwardly directed activity bound to collective normality presents the creative mind with the possibility of surveying in dreams the totality of the present-day social situation, thus “to see whole.” A STRIFE-TRANSCENDING AND UNATTACHED OUTLOOK UPON EVERYDAY REALITY.