Scorpio Full Moon + Pluto T Square brings TRANSFORMATION to Fixed Signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius this April!


PLUTO T-SQUARE to the Sun in Taurus & Moon

in Scorpio affecting once again the FIXED Signs, if you are a

Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius, if you’re a FIXED Sign, how

are you doing? Are you okay?

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I’m wearing Red today which is Scorpio’s color which is funny

when you think of it being opposite TAURUS the BULL &

Matadors use RED FLAGS to get Bulls ANGRY enough to

CHARGE, so we may have some FIERY, FIESTY energy causing

anger in our relationships this Full MOON.

Lots of Deep seated EMOTIONS coming to the Surface to be

processed & released on this Lunar Cycle in Scorpio, WATER

Sign, get to the WATER, I wish I was at the OCEAN, but a lake,

river or stream will do, even taking a salty Moon BATH will be

nice, let the WATERS PURIFY You on this Moon.

We have been on a Planetary Marathon of Transits that feels

like an IRON Man Competition if you’re at all energetically

sensitive like I am, it started with the LIBRA Lunar Eclipse,

then the Total Solar Eclipse, then a rare Jupiter Uranus

Conjunction in Taurus now culminating into this SCORPIO

FULL MOON w/ a PLUTO SQUARE Kicker, Mercury Retrograde

is the least of our problems right now….It’s been an exhausting

WHIRLWIND & you gotta go EASY on yourself right now if

you’re having a hard time then you are ALIGNING to the higher

frequencies that are coming in & let’s not forget the SOLAR

STORMS!!! If you’re new here & you’re wondering what is goingon, check out my previous Astrology videos that covers ALL

those transits.

As I record this we have VENUS planet of LOVE conjunct

Chiron the Wounded Warrior Healer both in ARIES asking us

to HEAL our HEARTS & then BEGIN AGAIN, try for LOVE once

more, LOVE OURSELVES a little DEEPER before we fall in love


Full Moons are always about LETTING GO & this Moon s ruled

by PLUTO the great TRANSFORMER who truly helps us LET

GO of anything that is not serving us, sometimes PLUTO strips

us everything so we can dig deeper to know our TRUE SELVES

& Pluto rules the UNDERWORLD & our SUBCONSCIOUS, this

is a great moon to tap into your subconscious, do Hypnosis,

therapy, Dreamwork or deep MEDITATION.

Pluto is the planet that rules over Scorpio, represented as the

Phoenix rising from the Ashes, we are all asked RISE above the

situations we find ourselves in now, to be Bigger, Stronger &

more RADIANT no matter what is going on in your world. Pluto

in Aquarius binging massive TRANSFORMATIONS to our

COMMUNITIES & to the ways we interact with each other,

squares bring that diamond making pressure that can come

from CONFLICTS, Obstacles & Challenges, but Squares hold

deep within them a GIFT of some kind, like when you get

through a really tough time & you have this newfound

appreciation for the simple things in life, like seeing a rainbow

after a bad storm. See if you can TRANSFORM this Pluto T

Square challenge into an opportunity to EVOLVE in some way.

I’ve been so incredibly busy with work having Jupiter & Uranus

conjunction in Taurus opposite my Scorpio, I took on an insane

amount of Astrology Readings & I had a deadline with my Bend

Health Guide magazine & my Pluto Square happened when I

kept energetically zapping all the electronics in my life, our

internet went down, my phone keeps switching to “airplane

mode” even though I am not doing it & my computer completely

glitched out everytime I turned my astrology software on, could

be that Mercury Retrograde that goes until April 25th but I’ve

been a walking GLITCH under all these powerful transits we’vebeen having, so I get out into my garden with bare feet in soil,

to EARTH myself & then I simply have to surrender to the

process, I’m not going to be able to do all these charts right

now for whatever reason, I have to use this time to GROUND,

watch the bees in my flowers & just BE….

This PLUTO T-Square is a time when you may need to assert

more ENERGETIC BOUNDARIES we may be more sensitive to

other people asserting their wants & needs from us, there can

be real POWER STRUGGLES in your relationships, family &

even co-workers & bosses telling you what you “NEED” to do….

Take a time out if you’re relationships or your work like is

getting too intense right now, you might need time to yourself

to reclaim your own personal power.Pluto also rules over

SECRETS & BAD HABITS both can be coming up now to be

processed, healed & then let that shit go!

The key word this Scorpio full Moon is COMPASSION,

compassion for others & most of all have Compassion for

YOURSELF, let yourself REST when you need to, there can be

some kind of Healing Crisis with this Pluto T Square

interacting with Chiron in Aries & those SOLAR STORMS, we

just had a MASSIVE Geomagnetic storm on April 20th that

brought so many crazy symptoms like headache, insomnia,

ears ringing, we did a separate report on Solar Storms I will

link it below, we’re just going to keep getting more & more

Geomagnetic storms through 2025, they made for EPIC Aurora

Borealis if you were lucky enough to be in Petersburg Alaska.

All of the COSMIC SHIFTS in our climate this month is making

it so hard to MOTIVATE & get work done with these brand new

kinds of Energies coming in so strong, I was going to do this

reading on Saturday but instead I fell deep asleep in a mid-day

nap that is not like me at all, I feel like there has been a

TSUNAMI WAVE of Energy from that Total Solar Eclipse in

Aries & the Jupiter Uranus Conjunction & add in a massive

Geomagnetic storm & I just needed to stop everything &

RECHARGE my batteries. Anyone else ever have a MASSIVE

TO DO LIST & you take a NAP instead? I felt so guilty but mybody won the power struggle, I could not resist the call to

DEEP REST. Listen to your body & your psyche, give yourself

more time & space to just LET GO, Relax & REST. In a culture

that rewards constant busyness, it’s challenging to not feel

guilty when you UNPLUG to just ‘be’ with yourself. This sacred

space where we do nothing is the place we are reborn. Spend a

little quiet, restful time this Moon to reconnect with yourself

without distractions, to find your passion and purpose that will

lead to your personal power. I get why they call it a POWER


Pluto rules over that Death, Transformation & Rebirth cycle we

were soaking in for all of 2021-2022 with those Taurus Scorpio

Eclipses, now we revisit that energy to see if we have changed, I

think we’ve all changed & our world has changed, this is a

moment to reflect on the process you have gone through like a

Butterfly taking a moment to realize, wow I do have WINGS

now, I have come so far, I am more POWERFUL now than ever

before & I can Rise Above & take FLIGHT & soar into the sky

with my newfound WINGS, take some time to journal about the

ways you have become more Powerful now. This Pluto T Square

is asking us all to STEP into our POWER, to be BIGGER, To

Manifest MORE & as I always say, “IT ALL BEGINS WITHIN”

Use this moon to tap into your inner self talk, what are the

stories you’re telling yourself?!?!Let’s look at the Sabian Symbols for both Scorpio 4 degrees &

PLUTO in Aquarius at 2 degrees


A DEVOTIONAL RITUAL. KEYNOTE: The educative power of

ceremonies which impress the great images of a culture

upon its gathered participants.

A community of human beings is ensouled by a few basic

symbols which structure and illustrate the group’s particular

culture and way of life. Rituals and social ceremonies of all

types from a baseball game to a ticker-tape parade for

returning heroes, or a religious service in an old cathedral

incorporate symbols. The minds and feelings of young people

are formed by these symbols. A community of feelings is built

during the formative years of childhood and adolescence.

Scorpio is especially related to rituals including the sex rituals

which unite the communicants at the roots of their beings.

THE POWER OF SYMBOLS is evident, above and beyond the

mere biological act.


KEYNOTE: The need to develop the inner security which

will enable us to meet unexpected crises. Here we are

primarily concerned with social, collective processes and the

function of the individual within them handling an event for

which one is not prepared — a menace to men’s works. This

scene stresses the fact that nature may reduce to

impermanence the seemingly most permanent endeavors and

constructive activities of men. Under a downpour of rain, adobe

brick can return to mud. All human institutions and their

achievements can be washed away, even in their day of great

glory. “Dust you were, dust you must become.” This is


Pluto rules over FEAR & DEATH, these sabian symbols are a

little bit scary, a child with a candle in a lightning STORM, that

is a bit fear invoking, just as Scorpio invokes fear but Fear can

be a MOTIVATOR & Pluto uses FEAR to MOTIVATE us to

CHANGE, Pluto asks us “What are you AFRAID of & what

needs to Change?!?!”ARIES You just had that massive total Solar Eclipse in your

sign & now it’s like the “Check Engine” light is going off in your

car & you have to stop everything, pull over & figure out what

needs to be FIXED before you can move forward in life. This is

a good moon to let go of bad habits, let go of toxic

relationships, let go of your own self sabotaging behaviors, take

a look at your life & make some serious changes to the ways

you’re doing things so you can reach your goals. Your LOVE

Life may need some DEEP Healing as VENUS conjuncts Chiron

in your sign, you will be feeling the feels from this transit all

month long. Listen to our LOVE sound Healing music as a

SALVE for your HEART, take some time out to listen to your

Heart & truly hear what it wants right now…

TAURUS Happy Solar Return Taurus, for your birthday I bring

you the gift of a Pluto Square that will rock your relationships

this month, I know it might not feel like a gift in this moment,

but when you tap into your Heart & get real clarity about what

you want, what you really NEED from your friends, family &

lovers & then you brave up & ask in the best way possible to

get your needs met in a more supportive way, life is going to go

so much better for you. This is a time to be a little selfish, to

have the heart to heart talks, to get everything you deserve in

all of your relationships & even work partnerships. Take time

out to nourish yourself, give yourself the gift of self care this

month, love yourself like you want others to love you & watch

your relationships change. Listen to the LOVE healing music

video we made to open your heart chakra!

GEMINI This Pluto T Square is asking you to get organized,

make a better schedule & start some new healthy habits that

will support your forward momentum! You’ve been so busy

taking care of other people & working so hard that you might

have forgotten to take care of yourself like scheduling your

dentist appointment. Spend some real time with your calendar

this month & plan out all the ways you can take better care of

your health, schedule in some kind of Movement like YOGA,

improve what you’re eating, maybe even getting a Health checkup, your body is calling you it wants your attention, if you

ignore this call it could lead to a health crisis of some kind.

CANCER This full moon Trines your sign giving you

opportunities to express your CREATIVITY, you are a divine

channel for visions, music, painting & poetry want to be

expressed by you right now. Pluto is urging you to make a

change to allow more time & space to shine your light on your

artistic pursuits. You have so much FERTILE energy to grow a

garden or get pregnant, if you want children this Full Moon is

your best chance all year to try for it. There is a higher calling

coming to you now, pay close attention to who shows up for

you & what the Universe is offering you right now, this is a Say

Yes moment even if it seems to be disturbing your normal

routine, you should definitely do the thing that is being asked

of you at this time, it’s leading you to something HIGHER.

LEO This Full Moon is Squaring your sign, bringing up all sorts

of annoyances you have with others, you may feel frustrated &

downright MOODY this month, so give yourself plenty of time

alone, go on long walks to figure out your feelings before you

have an outburst & say something you can’t take back. This is

a time to write it out, but don’t say it, get out your journal &

write about everything that is upsetting you, I love to write

someone a letter when I’m really upset with them, then give

yourself 24 hours to sit with it, you might not want to send it

but it feels better getting those emotions out in writing. Try not

to start any fights in the world, don’t engage with crazy, this

Pluto T-square can be volatile for Leos, stay home this moon,

stay safe. Next months Full Moon in Sagittarius will be Trine

your sign & it will get better for you!VIRGO This is your month to SHINE your light & promote

yourself, put yourself out there on social media or record a

podcast, write your book, you have so much to SAY & people

want to LISTEN to you, so don’t be shy, say what’s on your

mind this Full Moon. You may have some challenges with your

neighbors or siblings with this PLUTO Square, see if you can

make a change in how you react to them, be the peace keeper

& if you can’t keep the peace, then just ignore them until it’s

over. You may need an energy clearing to let go of some

projections that other people are putting on you right now with

their expectations of you.

LIBRA You’ve been working so hard all year & you deserve to

reap the financial rewards now, it might be time to ask for a

raise or if you’re lucky you will receive some unexpected bonus

this month. If you’re not satisfied with how much money you’re

currently making, Spring is a great time to search for new

opportunities, start networking, get on Indeed or Linked in and

just explore other ways to make more money, perhaps a Side

Hustle. Your potential for abundance is UNLIMITED, the only

thing limiting you now is your own beliefs. This is a good Full

Moon to listen to our WEALTH Activation music & see if you

can shift into the greater wealth that you so deserve!

SCORPIO Jupiter & Uranus opposite your sign has been

pressuring you to make more real progress in life, take on

more work, more responsibility to EXPAND your horizons or

take that Quantum Leap forward but you also feel this urge to

have more fun in the ways you make more money, so you’re

figuring out new ways to do things, it can feel like your going

backwards a bit this month, but you’re really just recalibrating

to a NEW Way of doing things that ultimately will be better for

your success & bring you even more financial rewards. You

may need to channel your superpowers into fewer projects &

let some things go that are not bringing in as much money.

There is a strong desire to cut school & go to the BEACH rightnow, if that’s what you need, allow yourself an ESCAPE, you

will be even more motivated for taking a day off!


You may have a healing crisis of some kind this Full Moon

asking you to SLOW DOWN, take some time off & take care of

your mental health. You are in a death, transformation, rebirth

cycle where some things may be ending to make room for

something new that is coming, trust the process, let things

go… It might be time for some deep Spring Cleaning, purging,

smudging & energy clearing your home & office this moon or

make a bonfire in your backyard, write our your fears &

whatever is holding you back & then burn that paper.

CAPRICORN This Scorpio moon is about Opportunities for new

FRIENDSHIPS showing up, take some time for FUN &

Frolicking, when you are in a state of JOY magical things will

show up for you & you will find you don’t have to work so hard

to achieve great results, sometimes the best things in life come

from having FUN with friends.

AQUARIUS Pluto in your Sign in a T Square w/ the Sun &

Moon is bringing some earth shattering life changes to you this

Full Moon. No matter what happens, focus on being the

CHANGE for a Better world, this is a time to IMPROVE your

surroundings, think about moving into a better home, finding

work that aligns with your highest purpose & being with

friends & Lovers that truly ALIGN to your energetic vibration.

Time to clean house of anything that is not working for you.

You have a Venus Sextile that turns on your LOVE LIGHT like

a beacon to attract new LOVE if you’re single or deepen the

connection of your existing relationship.PISCES This full moon is TRINING your Sign & bringing

opportunities for a LOVE CONNECTION either with someone

new or deepening you connection with an existing partner,

spend some time with someone you truly love. With Saturn in

your sign, everyone becomes a MIRROR & a Teacher for you,

your co-workers, your friends & especially your enemies,

embrace the higher spiritual LESSONS showing up in each &

every interaction you have right now. Stay in your place of JOY

& LOVE no matter how people upset you, you are learning

valuable skills of negotiation & peacekeeping.