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9 Star Ki of 2024 is a 3 Wood Star, so what does that mean for me?

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What is 9 Star KI?

if you’re new to 9 Star Ki, this is probably the oldest form of Astrology there is & it’s my personal FAVORITE SYSTEM for learning how to align with the energy that can support your growth & success when you learn how to use it to your advantage.  Nine Star Ki is a nature based astrology based on the 5 Element system from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Jin Shin Do & Feng Shui. To find your own 9 Star Ki Star look to the chart in the description or sign up for my e-mails & get a FREE 9 Star Ki reading, link below in description. When you know your 9 Star Ki you will want to watch your annual video to find out what star you are traveling through this year. 

We’re all born of 3 different Elements represented as STARS & every month we travel through other elements & every year we’re ruled by an element both personally & collectively, it’s like spirals within spirals. 

The 5 Elements move in a productive cycle that goes like this: WATER feeds WOOD, Wood Feeds Fire Fire Feeds Earth. Earth Feeds Metal & Metal feeds Water through condensation & this natural cycle continues to circle around, but sometimes we can have reverse “destructive patterns’ such as Fire Melting Metal that’s a destructive cycle that will take your  money, so I really pay attention to that one in FENG SHUI when I am doing a Home Clearing.  When you get a 9 Star Ki reading of all 3 elements you can see if it is a productive or destructive cycle & it will tell a story. For instance, I am a 3-6-2 Wood Metal Earth, which would be a destructive cycle because wood going in metal is going to get cut, I picture it like a tree going into a metal chipper but then the product makes mulch which feeds the earth at the end of my cycle. I have witnessed that so many healers have this kind of destructive to productive cycle, we experience pain so that we can learn to heal ourselves & others. 

A beautiful productive cycle that leads to ABUNDANCE would be a 2-6-1 Earth feeds Metal feeds Water, here the earth nourishes metal that feeds water & water is wealth so this person will have great success in life, indeed, I have read this chart for someone who has really prospered. Those are just 2 examples of how the 5 Elements can show up in your 3 star pattern. 

When you learn these natural 5 ELEMENT patterns you will begin to align to the energy of your own personal star cycles by learning about the stars you are traveling through so that you know for instance when it is the BEST time to Launch your business or a productive time to work hard on your goals when you can really MANIFEST or maybe look for LOVE or when it is time to pull your energy back in & just REST & Nourish yourself in order to get ready to be ready for your next big growth cycle.   

I used to get mad at myself for PROCRASTINATING but once I studied this 9 Star KI system, I could see that there’s times when the ENERGY DOESN”T SUPPORT GROWTH or Doing all the things & that sometimes we just need to BE, to rest, to go within, to do the self care & nourish our roots. 

When you learn more about the energy of your own personal growth cycles, you won’t be frustrated about times when nothing seems to be happening because you learn to strike when the iron is hot & act when the energy supports you to get better results, so you’re not wasting your efforts or spinning your wheels in these times when the energy doesn’t support you moving forward.  You can use this energy to manifest all that you desire love, money & success when you align with the right times to make it all happen for you & 9 Star Ki will teach you how to align with a powerful energy to become a magnet for all that you desire when I combine this with Distance REIKI, I’ve witnessed MIRACLES happen.
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2024 9 Star Ki is a 3 Wood Tree Star

A Wood Dragon year that begins February 10th 2024 on the LUNAR NEW YEAR.

The mantra for 2024 is…

We can do hard things!!!

Especially if you are a 3 Tree Star you will be doing hard things as the Center Star but we will all be asked to RISE to the occasion, let me know in the comments what STAR you are & I will give you a mini intuitive reading, I love to hear what stars you are & let you know what divine message Spirit wants me to share with you. If you are a ONE WATER STAR, you will be under this 3 Fast Growing Tree cycle the most as it is the element you’re personally traveling through as our collective world travels through this Wood element, you’re wood SQUARED, you’re getting the double influence & I had that last year with the 4 Wood Star, you really feel the energy of that wood element when your personal star is the world star.

This year holds a special promise for BENEVOLENCE, there’s an uplifting wordprobably the most positive vibes that can come from this 3 Wood Star, this is an energy of KINDNESS that our world needs right now, this is a glimmer of HOPE that we can make positive changes through our good deeds, that we can return to LOVE.

In 2024 we shift from a 4 Wood Star, that tree that bends in the wind to adapt to changing circumstance and now we will move into the young, buoyant SPRING Tree, the 3 Wood Star will continue a 2 year cycle of major growth & changes but now the change comes from within, you may be feeling like, “I’ve got to make a big change!” it’s about changing yourself, changing your role in life, it’s SELF motivated whereas the change from the 4 wood star of 2023 was more external, things happening to you that force you to change, just as a tree must adapt to external circumstance like droughts, storms and fires. In the 3 Wood Star the change comes from our own personal desire to GROW & we may want to do something completely new this year. So maybe you are craving a move to a brand new location or to start a new business or launch some new project, even craving a new love affair or to begin a new way forward in some way. 

In 2024 we may all take on BIGGER ROLES in life & GROW into new positions that we take on, like a tree will grow into the space it has in the garden, if we give ourselves room to grow this year, we can amaze ourselves with what we accomplish in this fast growth cycle! We will have a greater VISION for our Future this year & this will be the best year for having a VISION BOARD PARTY, I might have to do another Lunar New Year Vision Board party like I did last year.

The 3 Wood Star rules over the season of early Spring, as the light returns after a dark Winter, the world wakes from winter’s slumber, there is rebirth as the flowers begin to bud.  There is this YANG ENERGY that has been stored as we were hibernating all Winter, Winter is a YIN cycle & now this Yang energy wants to be released to RISE UPWARD & EXPAND OUTWARD in a powerful growth cycle we will be feeling for all of 2023. 3 Tree stars bring a hopeful energy that things will get better & our uplifting energy returns, we begin to feel revitalized, rejuvenated, ready to take on big projects again for the first time in a long time.  

There is an optimism that anything is possible now & we can truly manifest great things with the potential that lies in a 3 wood star year. There is a DETERMINATION to succeed that reminds me of the saying Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it”  The energy rises upwards and bursts out of the ground with strong, creative force like a flower blooming out of concrete, the energy of lush green sprouts of grass that shoot up from the ground in early Spring. This bright Kelly Green is the color of 3 Wood Star you can wear this color this year to become inspired to make positive changes & grow your business, grow your children or grow food on a farm, we will all be craving to GROW something new & exciting in this 3 wood star year that gives us a greater VISION, a glimpse of something BETTER to come & we overcome our fears of the future now & our adventurous spirit finally returns.

There are some pitfalls in a 3 Wood Star year to beware of. If your Wood element is out of balance, your vision may be clouded. You may get depressed or procrastinate to the point of frustration & self doubt for not being able to move forward or even see a future at all. Or you may push too hard trying to force growth that becomes like over fertilizing our tree until it withers or you could become obsessively fixated in your pursuits even if it’s not working out. This can lead to fear of failure if you can’t grow forth & achieve your goals as quickly as you’d like to. 

Another imbalance of a 3 Wood Star year is when your anger gets out of control & it’s limiting your progress. There can be RESISTANCE to your growth forward this year, too, resistance is like kryptonite to the beautiful young tree that wants to grow forward, resistance kills your dreams, so you may need to do some kind of energy clearing to remove whatever resistance is blocking you so that you can achieve momentum to grow forth in 2024.  I’m offering 9 Star Ki Readings that include distance Reiki & an energy clearing to clear your path forward, link is in description below. 

The organs associated with 3 Wood Star are the Liver and the Gallbladder. The Liver oversees our planning and execution capabilities, while the Gallbladder is in charge of decision-making.

Do you ever wake up at 3AM in the morning? This is the hour of STRATEGIC PLANNING & it is ruled by the Liver & the Wood Element. The hours between 11pm through 3AM are ruled by the Wood Element & the Liver, it includes the energy we use to make big decisions, so you may wake up during this time knowing what to do next to handle a situation.

It comes from our Ancestors, the ones who WON the WARS by getting up at 3 AM to “Plan their Attack” if you were going to have a surprise attack on your enemy before dawn, you would have to rally the troops & plan your attack just before 3 AM the Wood / Liver hour. We are the descendants of the ones who WON the War of course that’s why we are here, so we are hard wired to wake up around 3 AM & plan our attack, figure out our day, I like to keep a notebook by my bed, so if I wake up with a brilliant plan or sometimes it’s a grocery list, I can jot it down & go back to sleep. 

Speaking of WAR, the 3 WOOD STAR is known as the WARRIOR & indeed this fast growing tree has an angry, warring energy about so I fear we will see more tensions & battles ahead under this influence but then by 2025 when we move into the 2 Earth Star it should calm down…  

When anger is channeled properly it can be a useful force that pushes us forward in our pursuits like fighting for justice, we will see lots of this with the combination of the 3 Wood Star & the LIBRA Eclipse portal combined. . Properly acknowledging and channeling our anger into positive changes can be beneficial if we can control it & balance it out with forgiveness and understanding, to aspire to a state of divine benevolence & KINDNESS. This year we may want to give back our time & service to the common good & serving our community without benefit to the self, becomes the ultimate goal for supreme growth.

When you tap into this boundless energy of a 3 Tree Year, you may take on more than you think you can handle, like a tree rising up to grow taller than it ever thought it could, you will rise to meet the occasion but remember a Tree can only grow as tall as it’s roots dig deep, so stay ROOTED & Grounded with lots of earthing, nature therapy, yin yoga &  remember to nourish your root system with healthy foods, all work and no play can be common place in a 3 wood star but it’s not healthy so take time off because you may be having some growing pains this year.

3 Wood stars are really good at starting something new, but not always good at finishing their projects, so be careful that you’re not starting too many things without giving yourself the time to complete each new project. So often when we’re traveling through a 3 Wood Star we get inspired & want to do multiple things but then we may fail & not complete any of it, so just take on ONE thing at a time. 

In 2025 we will have a major slow down energetically so don’t commit to so many things that take you years to complete, try to focus on what you can do this year alone. 

We will all have more progress this year & finally feel like we have a clear VISION for our future! We will be able to make plans for our future and execute them with determination and efficiency. Our sense of divine purpose in this moment for this life is clearer now that it has been in years. There is also flexibility to this energetic action as this Spring tree is very buoyant & it can grow past obstacles and react accordingly to any changing circumstances.

How to nourish & support yourself during this time of rapid change that comes with a 3 Fast Growing Tree Star:

DRINK lots of WATER trees need water, water will become a focus this year as we are in unprecedented drought but we will all be craving more water under this 3 Tree star.

Even listening to the sounds of water will nourish your wood element, we did a water sounds recording for 11/11 I will link it in the description. 

Get more exercise than usual this fast growing tree energy has a YANG Rising energy that can fuel our growth but it can also feel like you’ve had too much coffee & exercise, especially out in nature like hiking will be one of the best ways to balance that aggressive Yang energy. 

Earthing with bare feet in the soil or gardening can also nourish your roots. Growing food in your yard can be a great way to resonate with this growth cycle. 

Wearing the colors of trees, I love to wear a kelly green shirt with brown pants, feels like being a tree, colors of water will feed our wood energy like my favorite Turquoise any blue will do. 

READ more books this year! Wood elements love to learn, so tap into your wood element by reading more or take a class just for fun to learn something new. 

Consume foods & drinks that nourish your liver like artichoke, olive oil, sauerkraut, oatmeal & my fave Coffee, yes coffee is actually good for your liver! Avoid too much alcohol, sugar or processed foods.

Want to learn how to MANIFEST Money, Love or maybe your dream home in this 3 Wood Star Year? You’re in luck b/c WOOD Element is one of the most resourceful elements we have, making 2024 one of our best opportunities to make our dreams come true & the way to do it may surprise you….you’ve got to QUIT TRYING & release your resistance so that you can ALLOW good things to come to you naturally! 

A Spring Tree doesn’t “TRY” to GROW it just allows nature to take it’s course & before you know it, it’s growing….So do less efforting & focus on more ALLOWING this year! 

Releasing your resistance will allow you to receive what the universe is already trying to give you. How do you release resistance, first you have to figure out what your resistance is & you can try some automatic writing with a journal, where you simply ask yourself what is blocking me from having all that I desire & see what pops up, is it fear of change? do you have a fear of having money & why? Do you have a limiting story that you got from your parents?

If you feel like you need to reprogram your brain to get into the receiving mode, we did a fun video called “Making money while you sleep” where you can reprogram your brain to overcome resistance. Or like I mentioned before you may want to try an energy clearing if you’re feeling really stuck. Once you clear all the resistance to your growth you will see there is nothing that you need to do to grow more abundance, love & all the good things you want to call in, you can simply be like that Spring Tree & GROW tall & branch out & become bigger than you could have ever imagined!