Tuesday May 7th 8:21

(Full Moon 05/23/24)

(with this cinnamon I do blow..)

This New SUPERMOON in Taurus is a MANIFESTING Moon that is both EXCITING & TUMULTOUS!!!

We’ve been so through so much astrologically this year & once again we’re feeling a Powerful SHIFT in the Energy, time to get out your surfboard & ride the WAVES of CHANGE. 

Are you feeling an ENERGETIC SHIFT?!?! 

We have the LUCKIEST Transits of the Year this month with a SUN JUPITER CAZIMI, Jupiter conjunct Venus in TAURUS giving us an opportunity to MANIFEST our deepest desires, this is Exciting but we also have an INTENSE PLUTO Retrograde, it will be the Best of Times & the most intense times.

Something bigger is happening right now that we can’t even comprehend, the energy is RISING & Expanding after that Jupiter Uranus conjunction Massive changes are ahead for our WORLD but this SHIFT in the energy is asking us to say PRESENT & BE the PEACE we want to see in the World, Thich Nhat Hanh says Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves with everything we do, when you’re conscious of every breath & every step we take, we can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. We need only to be awake & alive in this present moment to choose PEACE.”

This is moment in time to rise above our FEARS, Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future so the more we tap into the right Here & NOW holding a state of PEACE & Gratitude, the more you can keep your ENERGETIC VIBRATION Higher & keep your FAITH that everything will be okay when you stay in this present moment, ALL IS WELL. 

MARS IN ARIES April 30th- June 9th.

Mars is the natural ruler of Aries the WARRIOR,  Mars empowers Aries with power, strength, courage, energy & resilience. Aries are ambitious, fearless leaders who embrace challenges as opportunities. This will be a strong cup of coffee for getting things DONE & I am grateful for that after the Eclipse Portal, Mercury Retrograde month had me feeling scattered. We can return to setting GOALS & accomplishing our day to day duties. Mars in Aries loves to exercise & play competitive sports, we will feel more physically ACTIVE now.

Mars in Aries fuels ANGER as we enter this more YANG Dominant energy of Spring with it’s RISING UP, Revolutionary, Protest movements that we’re seeing.. I worry that Mars in Aries will fuel the fires of War.  When Mars enters Aries it’s like a superpower for fighting battles & winning, but are there any real winners in a WAR? I’m afraid we will see more violence with Mars in Aries. 


Venus in Taurus can balance this energy with a Promise of PEACE swooping in like the White Dove of Peace. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, when she enters Taurus on 04/29 she is right at home, Taurus rules over the 2nd House of Wealth & Possessions so this is the best month all year to Make Money & Buy things, beautiful things, like your DREAM HOME & May is the best month to sell a home. Venus rules over Love & Money & getting what you want, so tell me what you want in the comments & I will send Distance Reiki for you to Manifest it because this is a Manifesting New Moon, make sure you spend some time setting your Seeds of Intention, Asking the Universe for what you want, then Believing it is coming & by the time we have the Taurus Full Moon on November 15th you may just have what you desire b/c that is how manifesting with the Lunar Cycles works, you set your intentions on the New Moon, this month it’s a TAURUS New Moon & it’s not like your intention is going to be delivered to your front porch the next day, like an Amazon package, it takes time for seeds to germinate, so give it until November when this Taurus New Moon comes back around as the Taurus Full Moon, that’s when you have the best chance of reaping this reward. I have been manifesting with the Moon since the 90s when I used to do powerful moon circles gathered with other goddesses, this Moon Magic truly works when you align with the energy of these astrological cycles, people always tell me “I’m Lucky” but it’s not Luck, it’s energetic Alignment, knowing when it’s the best time to manifest Love & Money, it’s the Taurus New Moon with Venus in Taurus, this is your moment to get what you Desire!!! 

If you desire LOVE we made a Reiki infused sound healing for LOVE & 2 of my clients are actually getting married this Summer, they credit falling in love from listening to that LOVE Music!!! 

If you desire WEALTH we did a Reiki infused Wealth DNA Activation sound healing that has also had some MIRACULOUS results. Money is ENERGY & it responds to the energetic vibration of Abundance by listening to this Wealth Frequency Music you align with the frequency of Money, so money naturally shows up!  I will link both of these below, it takes a solid 21 days of listening in a row to make the energetic shift in your subconscious but give it a try this New Moon cycle & see! 

Venus in Taurus is decadent & Fun Loving, if you want to have the best experience eating out at a fancy restaurant, go with a Venus in Taurus, they will order Dessert First & they have mastery over ordering the most delicious things to eat!  This is a time to indulge in the finer things in life, invest in buying art, beauty products, jewelry, luxurious foods & treat yourself to some new clothes but do not OVERSPEND or go into Debt buying things you don’t need because that is the downside to Venus in Taurus, you feel like you deserve to have everything you want & sure you do but if you can’t afford it, don’t overindulge! Venus in Taurus brings PEACE while Mars in Aries brings WAR so we may break even here, what will happen in our world?

Venus will Square PLUTO on May Day bringing conflicts, challenges & obstacles that force us to make a change showing up in our love life, there could be infidelity, break ups & fighting. This Square affects all things Taurus & Aquarius, the economy, resources,  food stability, there may be food scarcity due to weather conditions, storms ruining crops, in business we will see fierce competition, there will be conflicts in communities & dynamic shifts in the collective consciousness where some people are rising above the chaos & others are falling prey to negative situations, there is a chasm here between the haves & have nots. Later this month Venus will conjunct Jupiter & Uranus re-triggering all the feels of that Jupiter Uranus conjunction this time saying, “Without LOVE in the Dream it’ll never come true!” Focus on doing what you LOVE!!! I will cover these powerful transits more in my May Full Moon forecast.

SUN & MOON WILL BOTH CONJUNCT URANUS & JUPITER LIGHTING UP this SHIFT in Consciousness that started on the Uranus Jupiter conjunction.

Sun conjuncts Uranus on May 13th 

only constant in life is change, Everything changes and nothing remains still, you cannot step twice into the same stream, HERACLITUS We have to learn to adapt to changing circumstances this month. There is a craving for EXCITEMENT, to break away, find FREEDOM, this is a good day for a Ferris Bueller day off. Uranus is the planet of QUANTUM LEAPS when the Sun Lights up Uranus we can connect to a higher vibrational energy so this is a good day for ENERGY work, to MANIFEST something BIG! Uranus also rules over LIGHTNING Storms, electrical accidents, Internet outages, so be careful working on anything to do with electricity or wires on this day. Uranus in Taurus rules over geomagnetic storms, earthquakes, floodings & strange weather patterns so we may experience that, too.

SUN CONJUNCT JUPITER in Taurus May 18th is one of the LUCKIEST TRANSITS EVER for MANIFESTING MONEY, EXPANDING your Business & getting what you want when you ASK, BELIEVE & RECEIVE especially if you’re a TAURUS, go ahead & buy that Lottery ticket Taurus, this is your last chance to WIN It!  Jupiter is the KING that GRANTS WISHES & he has been in Taurus for a long time now, he’s going to be heading into GEMINI at the end of this month, so if you’re a TAURUS & you haven’t ASKED for what you want, this is your LAST CHANCE to put in your request with King Jupiter & if you’re a GEMINI start thinking about what you WANT because you’re next in line!  Scorpios also have an opportunity to MANIFEST with that Jupiter in Taurus opposition! 

You only get this JUPITER in your SIGN opportunity to MANIFEST your Deepest desires once every 12 years, make sure you take some time to get clear about what it is you really want out of this one precious life! 

No matter what your sign, we will all be feeling Optimistic on this Sun Conjunct Jupiter day, there is HOPE for the FUTURE now, there will be opportunities abounding to GROW Forth, this is an excellent time to LAUNCH a new business, to buy your dream home, to EXPAND your REACH in some way, anything you BEGIN under this influence will be successful, if you’re really lucky, you may even receive a FINANCIAL WINDFALL! The only thing to worry about is OVERCOMMITTING to too many projects under this influence, it makes you believe you can do anything but you might not be able to do it all later on, so be mindful about saying YES to too many things, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

PLUTO in Aquarius goes RETROGRADE MAY 2nd & lasts through October 11th I have so much to say about this, I am going to do a separate transit reading on this one!  Pluto was SQUARING our Scorpio Full Moon at 2 degrees predicting all those STORMS that came, now Pluto stations retrograde becoming so powerful, asking us to RECLAIM our Power, to RECOVER from our Trauma, this is a time for SOUL RETRIEVAL, to Recover LOST Things, LOST People, to Reconnect with family, friends or old relations for Reconcilation & this influence always bring up PAST LIFE experiences, maybe you meet someone from a past life or you dream about your past life, have you ever had a past life experience? I will unpack all of this more in my separate report. 

Mars Sextile Pluto on May 3rd

Mars empowered in Aries in a positive sextile with Pluto the Great TRANSFORMER gives us a SURGE of ENERGY to make a change & get our tasks done in a brilliant way. I am grateful for this transit b/c I have so much work to do right now! If you’re moving your home, changing jobs or starting a new project this is the energy that supports you to get it all done, this is a Red Bull Transit that gives us Wings not just to finish our tasks but to Transform ourselves in the process, it’s that rare FLOW STATE where you can hyperfocus all of your attention to complete a project, you might call it “BEING IN THE ZONE” If you have something really important to do or a presentation to give, pick this day, it will be a magical time of SYNCHRONICITY & Creativity, too. Let’s do this!  

Saturn in Pisces in a Semi SQUARE to Pluto in Aquarius this is what I like to call a “CRUNCHY” Transit, crunchy means things may be HARD for us right now, like you’re working harder to get less results, Saturn brings Lessons & Pluto forces us to make a Change when they’re in a Square we may be faced to look at our life realistically, what is working, what is not & then LET GO of something that isn’t working, it could be a relationship, a job or a living situation. Squares bring conflicts, obstacles & difficulties that force us to make a major change, what CHANGE do you need to make? Leave it in the comments & I will send you some distance Reiki b/c we’re all going to need energetic SUPPORT this May.

The most optimistic outcome from a Saturn Pluto Square would be a proactive RE_ORGANIZATION of some kind, figuring out how to work smarter not harder, clean up our desktop, getting clarity about your Work / Life Schedule, focus on time management & your routines to maximize profits. Saturn teaches us to work hard with determination & GRIT while Pluto in Aquarius wants us to INNOVATE our path forward with a higher vibration that is so outside the box CREATIVE. 

Be open minded about what shows up to guide you this month, even watching this video right now, you have an urge to EVOLVE, to overcome your old negative, limiting beliefs that may be blocking your true path ahead, to SHIFT into a state of RECEIVING more, to connect & align with something better this new moon cycle.

We have our work cut out for us this month, it’s going to be busy but be sure to schedule in some time to DO NOTHING, too, we will need our REST!!!!


KEYNOTE: The cleansing of the ego-consciousness.

Traditional teachings concerning man’s nature are reconciled with youthful enthusiasm that sees in every problem the “good” and the “bad.” The symbol suggests that the real enemy is within the mind; it is the ego and its attachment to possessions. The mind is shown as a “bag,” now empty and needing to be aired in the sunlight. But the “window” must first be opened and the bag emptied.  Like “cleansing the doors of perception” what is to be cleansed is the container of perceptual images — i.e. the ego mind. The Keyword is PURIFICATION.


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