I wrote a book! My Reiki for Abundance Book is now available on Amazon, Kindle & soon to be Audible! You can receive a Free (signed) Copy when you attend any of my REIKI Classes or purchase it on Amazon!

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B3FBQXCZ/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_30J8QYHD86SYQEXMDD7G: Reiki for Abundance Book

Reiki for Abundance: Overcome burnout by aligning with a higher energy to receive all that you desire.

Reiki Disclaimer:

I had a student who told me her life had changed so much after taking my Reiki class that I should have a disclaimer, so here it is.


A Reiki healing session may increase your energy levels.
Taking a Reiki class will change your life forever and there’s no going back.

A Reiki attunement may shift your perspective emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and even financially, for the better!
Reiki may accelerate your Soul’s divine purpose. Reiki may improve your life in ways you weren’t ready for.

Higher level Reiki Attunements may speed up your Soul’s karmic lessons and evolution.

Expect Miracles with Reiki!

Here is an excerpt from my book to peak your interest…

Reiki for Abundance

“We teach best, what we want to learn”

Richard Bach

I’ve seen Reiki bring miracles for myself, my clients and my students. Reiki can bring miracles for your life, too. My intention is to teach you how to align with this radiant energy to manifest all that you desire using the healing powers of Reiki. This traditional Usui Reiki healing system is passed down from Ascended Masters, enlightened beings of love and light, in a lineage that is celebrating 100 years in 2022.

You might be drawn to this book because Reiki is calling you. If so, you might be experiencing burnout, exhaustion or wanting more meaning in your life. This book will show you the way to use Reiki to regain your vitality and receive greater abundance in your life. This Reiki energy is your birthright.

Anyone can receive Reiki for their own healing any time without any proper training. This life force energy known as Reiki is always available for you to access for your own divine healing. If you have ever hurt yourself and immediately put your hand on the area of pain, then you have healed yourself with Reiki. When a child falls down and their parent immediately places their hands on their injury, holding the area to comfort their child, they are giving Reiki, too. This is healing energy we all have access to in the palms of our hands. We learn the very first time we hurt ourselves how to give and receive Reiki energy to heal ourselves with our hands.

This book contains Reiki. If you were drawn to read this Reiki book, the universe may be nudging you to take in this Reiki energy. Receive it and let it transform your life. Take a moment now to breathe it in, as we begin. Even if you never receive a Reiki session or take a Reiki class you will be receiving Reiki as you read or listen to this book. Let this Reiki energy be for your highest healing good. There is nothing you have to do to get this energy. You’re already soaking in it. It is an effortless process. Your higher mind knows how to tap into this Reiki to get just the right amount. Take it in and let it heal you.