Are you Feeling this HUGE Energetic SHIFT as all these planets moved from that Earthy Taurus into this AIRY Gemini? Who are my GEMINI friends having their Solar Returns this month? I love you Geminis but you do drive me crazy when you change your mind every 5 minutes, I always think of Geminis like walking a dog when suddenly it sees “SQUIRREL!” & runs off in another direction chasing a Squirrel, that is how we might feel this month, hard to stay on course as ALL the planets move into Gemini Sun, Moon, Venus, Jupiter & Mercury ushering in a BRAND NEW DIRECTION with new paths opening up all around us.

I have so many brand new Subscribers here, thank you so much for being here, I appreciate you,  I feel like I should introduce myself again, I am Terie, a Reiki Master Teacher, I’ve been offering healings, Astrology readings, energy clearings, space clearings & teaching Reiki for 24 years now & I’ve gathered up all this wisdom that I love to share.

Every new moon is a chance to BEGIN AGAIN & this New Moon GEMINI happening Thursday June 6th we may want to take a close, Mercury in Gemini look at our life & ask “What needs to CHANGE so things can get even BETTER?!” because GEMINIs LOVE CHANGE especially if it’s a kind of SELF HELP, Inner Healing change, time to get rid of your BAD HABITS that are keeping you small, what is your worst HABIT that is limiting you? Leave it in the comments & I will send you distance REIKI to overcome it! 

I think of gardening, you plant your seeds of intentions, then something sprouts & the growth cycle begins, there’s hope for what’s to come but then you look again & there’s all these WEEDS or grasses showing up in your garden & you have to go pull them out to protect the things you want to grow, so this is a Fertile Moon cycle but with Fertility comes some WEEDS, I love the Dandelions, I leave them for the pollinators but Cheet Grass has got to go, so spend some time deciding what stays & what goes this moon cycle.

Or maybe you need to add in some Healthy Habits, like MOVEMENT, we could all use more Movement, movement is medicine! This GEMINI season brings brand NEW GOALS but remember to include a higher power when you’re making your big plans, Pluto Retrograde says “ask your Ancestors, your Guides & Guardians if you’re on the right path.” & the Sabian Symbol for this moon highlights this at the end of this reading. 

This is the most FERTILE MOON of 2024, use this energy to get pregnant or do something CREATIVE, something NEW wants to be BORN now!  Things are speeding up now & we’re in a Faster GROWTH Cycle with an increase in LIGHT in the Northern Hemisphere & the ENERGY continues to RISE as we inch closer to this powerful SUMMER SOLSTICE happening on the month’s Full Moon in Capricorn June 21st when I teach my Reiki for Abundance class at the Lookout Lodge in Bend, I can’t wait for this!

This New Moon we have so many Powerful, truly life altering, aspects bringing us a WORLD of CHANGE & there’s so much to cover that I’ve decided I am going to break it all up into more “Bite Sized” Transit recordings so I don’t OVERWHELM you with it all b/c “overwhelm” & too much information seems to be a problem so many of us are facing right now. So in this video I will briefly tell you about all the transits that will affect us including a magical SABIAN SYMBOL & then I will record each transit separately, let me know if you like this format better with more bite sized transits.

Here’s the quickie low down of what’s to come this month:

SUN & MOON CONJUNCT VENUS Exactly at 16 degrees of Gemini on this New Moon day this is a Heart OPENING Lunar Cycle that has us feeling all the feels as the DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY continues to get stronger as Venus gets BRIGHTER as Evening Star making this the most FERTILE MOON of 2024, learn more about this Venus Star Pattern of LOVE & how it will affect the Wars & this Election year in my separate Venus, Sun, Moon Conjunction reading. 

JUPITER entered Gemini now TRINING PLUTO in Aquarius this transit is asking us, no FORCING us to make a CHANGE, I talked about this in my Full Moon Sagittarius Reading & I have so much to say about this still, this transit will be making an impact that is felt for the next few months to come & this brings about HEALING of ourselves & then ultimately we can Heal our World.

MARS in ARIES coming into that critical 29 degrees  an empowered WARRIOR has just conjunct Chiron the Wounded Warrior Healer will this bring more WAR or will a Spiritual Warrior Leader rise to POWER who can save us? Mars in Aries brings more violence, more fiery YANG energy heating up it’s unbelievable how destructive this war is right now, Mars moves onto Taurus on JUNE 9th where fire moves to earth I pray this will calm these wars. The only positive thing that can come of Mars in Aries right now is that maybe NEW LEADERS will RISE to POWER, please be a WOMAN!!! I feel like we need Women to Rise into Leadership roles right now combined with Venus empowered.

Neptune in Pisces at that critical 29 degrees is in a HARMONIOUS sextile to Jupiter this is a HOPEFUL, Idealistic, Optimistic Transit that brings us good news this month with 2 White Buffalos being born a GOOD OMEN that we can cling to in these difficult times, I will unpack that Lakota Prophecy in a separate little reading. Neptune will move onto Aries eventually & I am just savoring this Mystical, Magical Neptune in Pisces, where Neptune feels right at home in the OCEAN, this would be a good month to be on a BEACH feeling at peace, wishing for better times ahead! I am cautiously optimistic that we will see some changes for the better this month as we COLLECTIVELY AWAKEN to a higher state of being connected to more LOVE, it seems impossible now, but this transit asks us to keep the FAITH & HOPE for a better future to come.

We can all collectively call in this BETTER WORLD by aligning to a higher energy, so try not to get caught up in fear, negativity, bad things on the news, if you feel powerless to make a change, get out in NATURE, open your HEART, raise your energetic vibration, do some EARTHING & connect with Nature Spirits as this is the Sabian Symbol. 


KEYNOTE: Attunement to the potency of invisible forces, of nature. Oooh I love that this Sabian Symbol says ATTUNEMENT as I’m doing so many Reiki Attunements this month in all my Reiki classes, I’m going to be teaching a Master Reiki class this Sunday just before this New Moon! Sunset is that magical golden hour. In the light of personal fulfillment there’s a life giving contact with natural forces that are active any time growth processes take place, but our individualized mind is too focused on setting goals to be able to realize a presence of invisible forces in our realm These invisible energies & nature forces act as a guiding, balancing & harmonizing factors like the endocrine system does in our body, this is a time to attune to higher vibrational chakra energy Prana & an increased solar energy. At sunset or when the body energy is weakened by illness, fasting or sensory deprivation it’s easier to perceive “nature spirits”  This is an invitation to open your mind to the possibility of approaching life in a more intuitive manner. REPOTENTIALIZATION “becoming like a little child full of wonder.” ooooh I LOVE this, whenever I am teaching intuition to my Reiki students I always say get in your child in the sandbox mode, remember how in touch we were with nature spirits, spirit guides & maybe even imaginary friends when we were younger? Did you have an imaginary friend as a child? Or maybe you can see your GUIDES or GUARDIAN Angels.

 I had this absolutely beautiful Angel that came to me as a child, I called her JANA, I am sure she is still with me but I can’t see her in the same way I did when I was a child. She was so TALL with with long, flowing Red Hair & sparkling green eyes, she seemed CELTIC in nature, I talked to her all the time, my mom would set a place at the table for Jana to eat dinner with us, my brothers teased me over this. 

When I had my Akashic records read, this first thing this Psychic said to me as she looked up above my head, she said “You have a guardian who is TALL as the Redwood Trees.” & I knew this woman had gifts, she could see my imaginary friend. 

I hope you include some Nature Spirits, guides, guardians or invisible pranic energy in your big PLANS this New Moon, thanks for watching & I will see you next time.