January 25th celebrates Chinese New Year of the Rat with the New Moon Aquarius.  This begins a whole new 12 year cycle as the Rat is the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac.  This year is a great time to launch a new business or project as it favors new beginnings and new possibilities. Yang Metal element supports expansion, growth and making more money and it is an especially well aspected year for making money in Health & Wellness businesses! 

All the animals were competing to be first in line in the Chinese Zodiac & Rat got first place by riding on the back of an Ox until they got near the finish line & then he leaped off the Ox’s back and into first place (also funny because this is a LEAP Year!) This year will bring lots of competition in business with an element of deceit or trickster shenanigans, so pay attention and watch your back! 

Rats are considered favorable for business, abundance and fertility because a rat can always find food (opportunities) and they have lots of babies. Yang metal is good for prosperity, making money and keeping it. It is an especially good year for accumulating personal wealth, if you are an Ox, Dragon or Monkey. Health and Wellness will be in focus as Yang Metal Element lends itself to self care, eating healthy, exercise and sleeping better.

A Rat year is also an auspicious time to Tidy Up your home or do Feng Shui to improve the Chi of your home because Rats are very focused on their dwelling places.

2020 is blessed with an auspicious Immortal Peach Blossom aspect, which is Spring’s gift after an especially hard Winter, it promises luck, love, fertility, joy and abundance all year. Anything started in a Peach Blossom year, such as a relationship, friendship or new business, will be forever blessed by this powerful aspect.  This is a great year to promote your business in Bend Health Guide Spring Edition & reap the rewards of a very lucky year!