It’s all about FORCING us to MAKE Deep, Internal CHANGES & if the retrogrades don’t get ya, then the Taurus Scorpio Eclipse Portal WILL, we are all headed into some Changing times ahead….ARE YOU FEELING it?! What is changing for you, leave a comment, I’d love to know how this is showing up in your life. 

If you want to know WHERE these RETROGRADES are showing up for YOU, I am doing a 

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If you’ve been watching my Astrology Videos for awhile now, you know, I told you this FALL was going to be a tough time & NOW here we are….I hope you used the Summer to “Prepare yourself in some way” b/c this is CRAZY….. 

We’ve had some FAILURE to LAUNCH issues with Nasa having troubles launching & now Jeff Beso’s Rocket CRASHES after Liftoff, for as much as these guys love SPACE you’d think they’d  care about Planetary Retrogrades, but we can all be feeling this FAILURE to LAUNCH this month & even trying to record this Video, I had obstacle over obstacle & so I’m inside my house b/c the SMOKE in Central Oregon is UNHEALTHY today & I’ve GANESH the God who helps you OVERCOME Obstacles b/c of course he puts them there, he’s so SATURN! & 

 my shirt is unraveling, I think we’re all unraveling right now…..We may have more unraveling to come this FALL as it’s not going to get any easier anytime soon, but the show must go on despite Retrogrades, so I will show you how you can handle each & every Planetary Retrograde we are under right now….

I think of the story of the ANT & the Grasshopper, the Ant worked hard all Summer to prepare for the changing season & to have enough food & resources for Winter while the Grasshopper just played & enjoyed his life & honestly, this year, I’m not sure it matters, I don’t know if that ANT really did get ahead for all that hard work with inflation taking any gains aways & a Global Economic Recession looming the likes we may never have seen before…. maybe the Grasshopper had the right idea, just ENJOY your life b/c who knows what tomorrow brings at this rate…
Let’s go through ALL these Retrogrades because so many friends keep asking me, “what’s going ON right now?” 

PLUTO UR& it won’t station direct until October 08th, so we’ve been soaking in this Powerful Transformative energy for awhile now.  Pluto rules over our Past Lives &  Ancestors, so you may be meeting people now that feel like you’ve known them in some way. This is an excellent time to do Ancestral Healing, what did your ancestors survive & how is this still affecting you today? For me, my ancestors were forced to move, first from Prussia which is no longer a country, then to Dresden, which was blown up & I still have this Migratory sense of “I need to move somewhere better, safer, more prosperous…” My mother had this ancestral tug, too, so we moved a lot & I am trying to heal this instead of moving again, but when there are wildfires raging in your backyard, you can’t help but think about moving your home! 

PLUTO means Wealth in Greek & Pluto is the God of the Underworld, where our Earth’s Minerals Wealth is stored, so this is a time where we are finding treasures from the underworld come to the surface now & I find it fascinating with this drought that we are seeing beautiful rock sculptures coming to the surface to be discovered & appreciated now. Pluto rules over Scorpio so a Pluto retrograde relates to all those Scorpio things like POWER, CONTROL, Possessions, Obsessions, SEX & SECRETS  & we maybe struggling with all of these issues during this retrograde as we are forced to look at ourselves & then make a change….

SATURN went Retrograde on JUNE 4th  This is Big Karmic Lessons, You will REAP what you SOW, there will be Rewards but alos Retributions as Saturn is going way back because he forgot to get JUSTICE for some Wrong Doings that happened awhile ago & we are seeing this now w/ Trumps whole cabinet getting in legal trouble…

Ssturn can also return to REWARD GOOD KARMA, I think of Saturn Retrograde like Santa Claus coming, are you on the nice list or the naughty list? Will you be getting a PONY or Coal? Saturn also demands you to get your life together, Saturn is the ruler of FATE & DESTINY so your life path may suddenly align you with your greater purpose but you will definitely need to do the heavy lifting & hard work to SUCCEED & Saturn Retrograde is here to teach you a powerful LESSON for your SOUL’s 

GROWTH & there will be no skipping class this time! Where is SATURN showing up for YOU? I have Saturn in my 10th House of Career a strong Saturn placement, I am very connected to this LORD of KARMA & I have found that chanting to SHIVA helps me release some of the intensity of Saturn as Shiva is deeply connected with Saturn, so if you have INTENSE SATURN Placement, try chanting OM NAMA SHIVAYA about a million times!~ 

JUPITER went Retrograde JULY 28th in Aries he will go all the way back to Pisces, where he loves to be probably b/c he forgot to give that windfall to the Water Sign, good news for Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces, your wish may come true afterall!!!!…Jupiter stations direct November 23rd, then starts heading back toward Aries & the party is over for the Water signs, so make your wishes & hope they come true before 11/23rd Water Signs

Jupiter the planet of Expansion is the KING who grants wishes, this is a time for us all to be thinking more about what it is we really want & how in the heck will we GET IT?!?! Your best chance to MANIFEST it will be on the Jupiter Trine Venus happening on 11/15, I did a whole video about this magical transit & we get one more LUCKY Chance this year, so make the best of that day. Jupiter Retrograde in Aries is asking us to believe in ourselves & when it transitions into Pisces it is asking us “what are we willing to LET GO OF to have everything we want?” What is blocking us? Is it an emotion like FEAR, feeling unworthy or is it a physical block like CLUTTER, either way you could benefit greatly from an ENERGY CLEARING or SPACE Clearing between now & November 23rd to make way for everything you want to find you. 

URANUS in Taurus went Retrograde Aug. 24, to Saturday, Jan. 22, 2023.

Uranus in Taurus has been causing chaos for years now, related to our current state of  Earth Crisis, if you don’t know what that is, it’s the historical DRAUGHT, Wildfires, Floods, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, Famine, Food Supply Issues, Mass Extinctions of animals, Temperatures rising, you know all the things  & Uranus is the Great Awakener trying to WAKE US UP to this EARTH CATASTROPHE still everyone is just looking down on their phones to see the latest TikTok craze, so now Uranus is going BACK to try to get our attention again & Uranus will shake things up in all things Taurus, like a bull in a china shop, Uranus will be affecting the harvest, food supplies, EARTHQUAKES & most of all Uranus will be trying our patience, something Taurus has lots of but not all of us do….

CHIRON in Aries the wounded warrior healer is making a Chiron return for anyone born between 1969 through 1976 & asking us to heal our deepest wounds & transform them into our deepest gifts & this healing business is something that many of us would like to put off until later & Chiron Retrograde is saying STOP everything & HEAL now, so there may be some kind of Healing Crisis coming up that you simply cannot ignore, like a stage 4 Cancer diagnosis, combined with Uranus, Chiron is saying Wake up & HEALER HEAL THYSELF, the time is NOW.

NEPTUNE in Pisces Confusion / Delusion & stay away from drugs & alcohol!

NORTH & SOUTN NODES OF THE MOON on that TAURUS / Scorpio Axis are RETROGRADE & this Fall we will enter that Eclipse Portal again that relates to DEATH, Transformation & REBIRTH making life especially difficult for FIXED signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius but we ALL have those signs somewhere in our chart & you can find WHERE  those signs are & you can bet that is where you are UNDER PRESSURE right now, for me Taurus is in my 10th house of Career & Scorpio is in my 4th house of home & family & I have definitely had a year of Work/Life Balance issues & working from home there is this muddled line between my work & my home life…

Everybody’s favorite Mercury Retrograde

Mercury has a 116-day cycle that begins with a conjunction with the Sun that we have on 09/23 this year, this is Mercury’s Solar Return or shall we say Birthday as it begins ANEW, at this time Mercury brings us fresh new ideas if you take the time to align with the Energy of this conjunction, I talk more about this in my Autumn Equinox reaxing …. It is a celestial moment where the Sun, Mercury and Earth are aligned & it occurs in the middle of Mercury’s retrograde period, Gifted Astrologer Dane Rudhyar named this half of Mercury’s cycle Promethean, for the mythological titan who stole the fire of the gods and gave it as a gift to humanity. We can find GREAT Inspiration during this particular Mercury Retrograde if we take the time to Align with Mercury who is going from Libra back into Virgo now…. Then Mercury turns direct fifteen days after this Sun conjunction, and about a week later Mercury reaches its greatest distance from the Sun in it’s Quicksilver fashion, Mercury begins moving quicker than the Sun until it reaches superior conjunction Mercury is at the far side of the Sun which feels like a Mercury equivalent to a FULL MOON & this is the intense Mercury cycle we are in right now, shifting thought patterns, distractions, overwhelm, do your best to take time off & away from anything that is distracting you so you can hyperfocus on what’s really important right now, UNPLUG, Tap in, Tune in, get yourself connected to Mercury’s higher messages now. 

So there are 4 PHASES in Mercury’s Cycle : Promethean Retrograde, Promethean Direct, Epimethean-Direct & Epimethean Retrograde & I am sure I have lost some of you now, but this is a FASCINATING aspect to look at in your chart as it will determine how your MIND works best & what you are here to do in the world! Do you know what phase of Mercury you were born in? It is a fascinating study, I am in the Promethean Direct category in good company with Joni Mitchell & the Dalai Lama I can instigate CHANGES in the world & I see things differently than most,  if you want to know what phase of Mercury you were born in, you can get your astrology chart done by me & request to know your Mercury placement.

Last but certainly NOT Least! VESTA, she may be an Asteroid, but this Vesta Retrogade is not a little thing!It represents DIVINE FEMININE ENERGY rising & it rules over the Harvest, food supplies & our Survival Issues. In ancient Rome, Vesta was Saturn’s daughter and one of the three Vestal Virgins who were in charge of keeping the sacred burning fires that protected the city from strife, in this time WOMEN were empowered & revered for it was women who kept the sacred flame alive, even if it was a man was at the top of the hierarchy.”  In our chart VESTA represents our FIRE WITHIN & we can tap into this FIRE  for our own Healing, INSPIRATION, Creativity & indeed for our own SURVIVAL, find your VESTA in your chart & you will find your way to SHINE BRIGHTLY…So Vesta Retrograde wants us to RECLAIM our SACRED FIRES that we might have lost in the last 2 years, what was it you wanted to do with this one precious life again? How will you keep your FIRES burning for your own SURVIVAL depends on it!!! My Vesta is in Scorpio in my 3rd House of Communication & I have a deep desire to WRITE more….Where is VESTA LIGHTING A FIRE this retrograde for YOU? What Inspiration do you need to RE_Ignite? Where will you Shine BRIGHT like your very survival depends on? You can find out where VESTA is in your chart when you sign up for my RETROGRADE Reading on my Kimimi Healing Arts website or just Email me your birthdate, time & location to get started at kimimihealingarts@kimimihealingarts