Sun, Moon & Mars are all Aligning at 13 Degrees of LIBRA causing a Powerful NEW MOON CONJUNCTION on 10/6 Libra new moon & Sun & Mars will be traveling together in Libra all month & depending what house your Libra is, there can be a lot of ENERGY brewing here & sometimes all that MARS energy amplifies by the powerful Yang SUN Father & the Emotional MOON Mother, all combined & bubbling up can cause TENSION & ANGER in our Relationships, LIBRA, so just knowing that this aspect is happening can help you not “ACT” on this Rage energy, just let the feelings come up & observe them without acting on them…

We may see more incidences of VIOLENCE w/ this aspect or an ERUPTION of some sort & it’s a good day to just stay home & scream into your pillow…
Mars Conjunct Sun & Moon can also be a VOLATILE energy where Mistakes & Accidents can occur, this is not a good moon for Taking Risks of any kind, I would not want to be skydiving, rock climbing or even traveling on October 6th.
Mars in Libra is opposite that incredibly Powerful Chiron in Aries now & it’s a balancing act between Mars who rules our AMBITION & desire to forge ahead in life & Chiron insisting we HEAL our Deepest Wounds & this has us a walking a Tight Rope over a steep cliff, like I have seen them doing at Smith Rock & this aspect can invoke a lot of FEAR…..
I do Astrological Consultations for some Business Owners & they truly appreciate knowing when to move forward on a project & when to NOT & this would be a Do Not Launch moment right here, anything started with this volatile energy could feel cursed b/c this is such a maleficent energy…

This conjunction reminds me of a toddler about to have a TANTRUM, it’s all just TOO MUCH Energy & Intensity coming in for us all right now & it’s time for this toddler to take a NAP & quit fighting their tired…. So many of us are EXHAUSTED from being RESILIENT for the past 2 years during all these transformations & sometimes we need to pull our energy back IN & this is that time & the Sabian Symbol resonates with this Message, too!

SABIAN SYMBOL for 14 degrees b/c it is a late 13 degree, this is the energy of what we are “stepping into…”
IN THE HEAT OF THE NOON HOUR A MAN TAKES A SIESTA. KEYNOTE: The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity.

At an emotional level we are not able to sustain constant activity. There must be rest periods, siestas or coffee breaks, during which the individual withdraws within his own sphere of selfhood, not only for physical relaxation but for allowing the strange, but evidently necessary play of dream fantasies. Social structuring cannot be maintained healthfully without breaks, in whatever climate. The BODY needs quiet and relaxation from nervous tension This symbol emphasizes the need for DEEP RELAXATION & a need to allow the functions of body and psyche to “digest,” free from external pressures, the complex experiences of social influences and particularly of business.

I LOVE this Sabian Symbol for this New Moon in LIBRA the Sign of BALANCE, I am personally craving a SIESTA going into this FALL, it seems like every one I know has just been working so hard this YEAR & we are all needing some DEEP REST & REJUVENATION this SEASON!!! Self Care, NAPS, DOWN TIME! Time to UNPLUG, go within, daydream, start getting more SLEEP, get OFF Social Media, stop watching the News, take some time OFF of all the external Voices & find inspiration by giving yourself a real break!

This is also a time to NOURISH yourself, take your supplements, drinking more herbal teas, less coffee, SELF CARE, SELF CARE, SELF CARE, I plan to take some deep rest on my Infrared Biomat more this lunar cycle & just DO NOTHING b/c for now, I have ENOUGH.
I was just plucking all the new growth & flowers off my tomato plants so that ALL the tomatoes I already have will have a chance of ripening & I thought that was so symbolic for this Harvest season, it is time to focus on what we already have growing & making sure that it ripens & NOT take on “new” buds at this time!
Then add in Mercury who is Retrograde is also in Libra close by this alignment affecting our communications in RELATIONSHIPS….
I am really not that worried about this particular Mercury Retrograde b/c Mercury will be Trine Jupiter this month & conjunct 2 most auspicious STARS SPICA & ARCTURIUS, could this be a LUCKY Mercury Retrograde afterall? I guess that’s why I wasn’t as worried to be printing & mailing my Bend Health Guide during this one! If you want to know more about the lucky Spica Star, I just talked about it in my Pisces Full Moon report…This star is blessing us with it’s vibrant light amidst all the CHAOS that is going on, it is a sign of HOPE & RENEWAL!!!
We have MAJOR Eclipses coming this November/December that I will talk more about soon & we are already “SOAKING in the Energy” of this Ecliptic Evolution that is coming….Huge Changes on the HORIZON for us ALL, a Collective Consciousness Rebirth that is going to take A LOT OF TIME for us all to PROCESS…
ON September 26th the Schuman Resonance Frequency Spiked to levels that have never been recorded in history & there have Magnetic Geo Storms 
happening that have Weather Scientists just scratching their heads, bizarre other worldly storms shifting our frequency to such high levels, some of the symptoms you might be experiencing from this are INSOMNIA, Headaches, JAW Clenching, Ears Ringing, Irritability, feeling out of it or out of body, CRAZY DREAMS & we may see Aurora Borealis this Season the likes we have never experienced before, something is BREWING & it’s about to

TRANSFORM our WORLD in ways we have never experienced before & I for one am glad I signed up for this assignment now, it’s about to get INTERESTING!!! All of this potent energy coming at us can make it a little hard to focus on the everyday mundane tasks at hand like paying bills, grocery shopping, organizing your sock drawers, it all so seems so lower level & insignificant these days doesn’t it amidst Planetary Transformations…This is NOT a good time to MAKE any DECISIONS but you will probably be OBSESSING about a bunch of

DECISIONS, like Libra tipping the Scales, write out PROS & CONS lists & just allow yourself TIME & SPACE to think things through
& don’t make any rash decisions as you most likely WILL REGRET them later on….It’s time to CLEAN Up your MENTAL CLUTTER & be MINDFUL about the information you are allowing in, there will be lots of FEAR spreading like WILDFIRE this Season, for me, I am spending LESS time on Social Media & TV where we are just bombarded with negative information w/out much choice about what we are taking in. Instead I am spending my precious free TIME on YOUTUBE more, where I can Consciously CHOOSE my MEDIUM & find MY TEACHERS who are spreading LOVE, Higher Vibrational thinking & an Awareness of what is really going on these days, such as the 5th Dimensional Higher Planes of existence we are moving into, this can be a very POSITIVE TIME if you are MORE CONSCIOUS about the IDEAS your are CONSUMING & what STORIES you are TELLING yourself, we can see QUANTUM LEAP Manifestations happening for many of us now, greater abundance than we have ever known is available to us now, IF we get into the right mind frames. OR we can see complete psychological breakdowns, severe depression, even suicides caused by all the negativity people are consuming right now….So choose your MEDIA CAREFULLY & thoughtfully for the sake of your Mental Health this season!!!

Some of the 8 Planets Retrograde will Station Direct this October & after our New Moon Nap, we can finally start moving Forward again later this month, the biggest power player planets will be Pluto Stations Direct on 10/06

Saturn Stations Direct on 10/10
Jupiter Stations Direct on 10/17
Same day Mercury goes Direct 10/17
When these powerful planets station direct, their energy can be felt stronger & it is like a giant cargo truck making a very slow U-turn & we are backed up in traffic just waiting….you can still expect delays until the energy catches up w/ the new directions we will be heading into…. Pam Gregory just did an amazing Astrological Deep Dive into how PLUTO will be aspecting America’s 2nd House of Finances this month & It is SPOOKY, I will put a link to it below…

Neptune will be Retrograde still until December
Uranus will still be Retrograde until JANUARY, 
which is interesting for that final Saturn Uranus Square in December, as I have been saying it’s like Saturn & Uranus keep entering the Boxing Match this year to battle it out, Saturn being Rules, Restrictions & Lessons & Uranus being Freedom, Nature & Wild Rebellion & now it seems Saturn has the advantage in this final Square off of 2021…Those of us who are FIXED SIGNS Taurus, Leo, Scorpio & Aquarius have been feeling this SATURN SQUARE URANUS all year as tension & UNDER PRESSURE!!! No matter what, even if you’re not a fixed SUN sign, you probably have some planets in those 4 Fixed signs, so wherever you have planets you will be feeling the PRESSURE for the rest of the year but most strongly when that SQUARE is EXACT on December 24th
On October 8th we enter the 6 METAL STAR in the 9 Star Ki in a 6 Metal Year & our Minds are on our MONEY & our Money is on our Mind. October is all about stepping into our own power & receiving the rewards that are rightfully due, in this 2nd Metal Harvest month, there is nothing we have “TO DO” to receive that which is owed to us, but to LET THINGS COME TO US & if you can align with the truly

prosperous energy of this Metal Star, you will reap rewards. This is a great month to balance your books & invoice for any money due in your business. I have been receiving more PASSIVE INCOME from multiple income streams in these harvest months & it is really amazing when you plant seeds, like selling Infrared Biomats, my massage clients lay on my mat while getting their massage & they simply fall in love with it & the Infrared Biomats just sell themselves, there is nothing I have to do to make it happen, it is like the TAO, it just happens, less effort you will have more effects, I love it!!!

2 Mountains stand close together & enjoy each other’s stillness, to be still in the presence of another is a sign of true comfort.
Regular periods of rest are essential to one’s wellbeing. The most relaxed person may not be one who sleeps twelve hours a day but the one who knows how to grab a nap while cruising at 600 miles per hour at 35,000 feet. Learning to act when it is time to act and to be still when it is wise to be still is the key to obtaining the peace of mind that helps you stay alert when clear focus is needed.
Consider your spine, which serves as a switchboard for all the nerves of the body that mediate movement. When the spine is kept flexible and healthy through proper rest and relaxation, active movement can be undertaken without strain. When the spine is held erect in a balanced sitting posture, the inner balancing of meditation can take place.
Treat your vitality as if it were a candle in the wind: protect it as though it were the only light in a dark forest on a moonless night. Do not suffocate it with your ambitions or worries.
Call a time out. Relax, take your shoes off, and sit a spell. Let go of thinking. Meditate on just being. Peace & Good Fortune awaits the one who lets go…
Take your NAP!!!