August 11th
Water Bearer
Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius conjunct moon

Rabbit Rabbit something I say on the First of Month for LUCK & we are going to need ALL the LUCK we can get for August….
today’s LUCKY Full Moon Astrology Chart WINNER Is Elaina Morrisson 
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We just had that POWERFUL Triple Threat Conjunction of MARS, URANUS & North Node Rahu at 18 Degrees of Taurus rocking our world, did you FEEL it where you are? Let me know in the comments if anything happened in YOUR WORLD from this most powerful transit of the year & I did a Video about this, I will link below….I woke up this morning & felt like watching the morning news to see if anything came of that Major CONJUNCTION & there were deadly FLOODS in Kentucky & this ties into this 9 Star Ki 5 MOIST STAR Year, we’re in for all of 2022, I predicted back in February that we would have floods & Mudslides & here we are, it could get even worse in AUGUST as we enter a 5 Soil Star Month in a 5 Soil Star Year, also known as the HURRICANE Aspect & there’s fear of NUCLEAR explosions with this 9 Star KI Combination, you can find my full 9 star ki report on this channel & check it out, 9 Star Ki is a fascinating astrology system….

And Lo & Behold LIGHTNING, ruled by URANUS has started tons of WILDFIRES all over the PNW where I live, so much so that we have a FIRE WARNING telling us to get ready & be prepared & letting us know the levels of Evacuation orders, scary times, but hopefully we’ve seen the WORST of this Triple Conjunction Transit, but Astrological Transits don’t just affect us for ONE DAY, it sets a whole chain reaction into play & all these signs coming together in TAURUS EARTH sign is a major WAKE UP / AWAKENING to the reality that our EARTH is in CRISIS,
we are feeling it now & humans can’t really survive these extreme temperatures, this HEATWAVE our planet has been in, shows that when temperatures go up into the 100 Plus degrees range, we don’t do so well, it really highlights how FRAGILE we are as a SPECIES, like boiling frogs, we’ve had so much extinction in our world in the last decade & we may not be far off ourselves….I’m seeing a Future of CLIMATE REFUGEES or some say CLIMAGRATION, we might all want to get RVs to become more MOBILE when you look at Floods & Fires taking people’s homes, but then there’s also severe DROUGHT in our world that might make some places uninhabitable in this next decade, I cannot believe LAKE MEAD is nearly out of WATER, the Great Salt Lake in Utah is drying up, all over the WEST we’re in dire consequences Drought…
And as I record this we are still in this POWERFUL LIONSGATE PORTAL….this is a time that historically signified a celebration as the Sirius Star would RISE, opening an energetic gateway & the NILE RIVER would fill with WATER & the Egyptians had Spiritual Rituals to ensure the WATERS

would return because they knew that WATER IS WEALTH…..You may be feeling this ENERGY RISING now, too as we get closer to that 08/08 Lionsgate Day & I am doing a couple of events for this Lionsgate Portal, this THURSDAY at Unity of Bend, I will be talking more in depth about what LIONSGATE Is & how to use this energy to MANIFEST everything you want & then this SATURDAY I will be teaching my REIKI for Abundance Class at Unity, there’s still room & the sign up is in a link below, I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE!!! This is your LAST CHANCE to take a Reiki Class from me in 2022 b/c my Harvest Moon Reiki class is already FULL w/ a waitlist, but Unity has a great big space, room for everyone, so get in here!
Monday 08/08 Lionsgate Day, I will have a FREE LIVE right here on YOUTUBE for a distance Reiki Activation & ISIS Meditation for Abundance & I also recorded a magical Lionsgate Binaural Healing Soundtrack with Distance REIKI, I ‘ll link below, I’ve been using this recording myself for Massages & Reiki sessions & it is at this high Vibrational 888 Hertz it is really powerful, I feel it in my chest & my HEART Chakra OPENING when I listen to it, which is what we intended but it’s surprising how much I can really FEEL the Heart EXPANSION!!! if you’v listened to it, I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments, we are new to this REIKI Sound recording stuff, I slept with it on & I had the most LUCID, Spiritual Dreams of my life, got to see my MOM & then when I’ve used it in my Massage & Reiki Sessions, my clients are going to other realms as well… I feel like saying, “I’ll be your flight

attendant as we prepare for Liftoff…. please remain on the massage table as you voyage on to visit other worlds….”
I’ve had several clients experience Profound VISIONS during their sessions this month, not a normal month at the office, there is some SUPERNATURAL ENERGY afoot right now!!!
I did a whole report on Lionsgate already with that Sirius Star in Cancer, Leo 16 degrees, MOON in the GALACTIC Center but I forgot to mention that SUN in LEO IS TRINE CHIRON in ARIES the wounded warrior healer on that LIONSGATE Day this is an OPPORTUNITY to HEAL so our wounds may be coming up to be healed, as RUMI said the WOUND is the Place where the Light ENTERS YOU…Take time for SELFCARE & DEEP Healing!!!

This AQUARIUS FULL MOON ties in so nicely with that Lionsgate Imagery of the Lionsgate River WATERS Rising because Aquarius IS the WATER BEARER sign, many people think Aquarius is a Water sign, but it is a Fixed AIR SIGN, it only holds the WATER Chalice, it is not a water sign…We will discover soon in our World how VITAL WATER truly Is to our very existence as we’re running out of water now & where I live in the High Desert there’s so much mismanagement of this precious resource, we have a Golf Course Resort right now trying to get 6 MILLION GALLONS of WATER a DAY just to water GRASS while in other news, people’s WELLS are DRYING UP, we are running out of WATER here & I am starting to think Central Oregon is not inhabitable. where to NEXT?!?! Where is the UTOPIAN place to LIVE as our world faces this existential crisis? I’d love your ideas, where do you think the best place will

be to live, I think a saw a show that said it would be VERMONT….
As I mentioned in my last report, we’re really IN the FIXED SIGNS this month with Sun in LEO, Moon in Aquarius & so much still going on in that TAURUS Scorpio AXIS, get to know your FIXED Signs in your Chart that is where you will be feeling it all right now…Fixed signs rule the MIDDLE of Seasons, we’re in the Middle of Summer, Fixed signs can meet you in the MIDDLE, they like that Middle Road, they see clouds from both sides now, as Joni Mitchell would say, they love to MEDIATE but they’re also STUBBORN b/c they are FIXED or shall we say FIXATED??? Let me know if you are a FIXED sign Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius….

Heads Up, MARS will RETROGRADE next month so August is the time to complete you AMBITIOUS ENDEAVORS, GET IT DONE, MAKE IT ALL HAPPEN BEFORE THE SLOW DOWN, WE HAVE SO MANY PLANETS RETROGRADE going into FALL Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Mars, Chiron & Mercury goes Retrograde this September, do you see why I’ve been using this SUMMER as the time to MAKE HAY while the SUN SHINES?!?! This is what I love about Astrology, it helps you plan your life to get things accomplished when the ENERGY SUPPORTS what you’re doing!!!! August is this little RESPITE before things get REALLY CRAZY ASTROLOGICALLY this FALL with all these retrogrades & a return of the ECLIPSE PORTAL on that Scorpio & Taurus axis, oy vey, I am a Scorpio but this Axis of DEATH, TRANSFORMATION< REBIRTH is all too much for me even, I don’t know how you all are handling it,

it’s been an INTENSE YEAR & this FALL the intensity DIAL GOES UP even more!!!!


You just want to do things your OWN Way, reminds of Frank Sinatra’s song, “I did it MY WAY!!!” Sure Sun in LEO can be a little self centered, MY WAY or the HIGHWAY but now it’s in this Diamond Making PRESSURE SQUARE with the Stubborn TAURUS BULL who says, “I don’t think SO!!!” Squares can bring CONFLICTS…. don’t mess with the BULL or you may get the HORNS… This is an AGRESSIVE Square of Forceful Fiery LEO trying to move a MOUNTAIN that is Taurus the BULL,STRUGGLE, OBSTACLES, FRUSTRATION

AVOID CONFLICT once again I’ll say it, DO NOT ENGAGE with /CRAZY….. This is Unexpected EGO OUTBURSTS Leo rules over our EGO & Uranus is Unexpected…. as you can imagine, there may be Relationship Tensions with this FULL MOON & even FRIENDSHIP Conflicts as Aquarius rules the 11th house of FRIENDSHIPS, so go EASY this Full Moon, be mindful with your WORDS some things you can’t take back once they are said!!!! & when you combine it with that Trine to CHIRON maybe this Sun Square Uranus CONFLICT brings an OPPORTUNITY to HEAL your deepest WOUNDS, so use this energy to go deeper, don’t just try to “GET OVER IT.” if you have an issue, “Get INTO IT!!!” Explore it, let the Light of this FULL MOON SHINE a LIGHT on something that needs to CHANGE, get clear about what you want in your relationships & friendships

& maybe start with JOURNALING it this MOON instead of erupting in a fight about it…
URANUS is the natural Ruler of AQUARIUS & it has this “other worldly / Alien” energy to it, so this could be a good Full Moon for Meditation, Channeling, or a Full Moon Night Hike, going out into nature & trying to LISTEN to Spirit…maybe you will encounter some Higher Wisdom coming through….AQUARIUS also CRAVES Emotional FREEDOM, you might want some Alone time this Moon, take a Moon Bath…


KEYNOTE: The skill and courage necessary to bring under control the destructive potential of carelessness, karmic “visitations.”

Forest fires may be caused by human carelessness, by lightning or by the by-products of modern technology. Every individual — at least once in his lifetime, if not repeatedly — may perhaps have to face spectacular reactions to seemingly insignificant acts. These are to be considered means to test his strength, ingenuity or emotional stability. Every faculty at his disposal must be made use of — emotional, mental, physical. He needs faith in himself and in superior Powers. This Symbol shows man in action in a crucial and potentially devastating situation. There is need for a total mobilization of energy and a deep sense of INDOMITABLE,

there’s a WORD for you….impossible to subdue or defeat, that’s INTENSE, that’s Sun in Leo Square URANUS in TAURUS, impossible to Subdue or Defeat & I’m not loving that as it relates to WILDFIRE. WELL CRAP, have your “To GO Bags at the Ready” this Full Moon, we all may be EVACUATING from our LIVES. This Sabian Symbol bummed

me out so much, I had to look to the next degree to see if it might just get any better? don’t worry, I think IT WILL GET BETTER!!!


KEYNOTE: The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts. The individual who has gone courageously with indomitable spirit through his crucial crisis receives, as it were, a deep spiritual blessing from the Soul-realm: “Mission accomplished. Peace be with you.” And in this blessing a secret prophecy of what is yet to come may be seen by the perspicacious and spiritually sensitive mind of the recipient. Every real spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia or destruction. The Divine is totally “present” in the heart of all true victories.

A White dove always signifies peace and victory.

PHEW let’s just pray for more White Doves of PEACE & less Fires to put out….

Thank you so much for watching, as usual I am going to add an Energy Clearing & Distance REIKI to this Video, we’ll need it this MOON!

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